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Hi, I'm Alexey, the CEO of DevTeam.Space.

I have spent my entire career building high-quality Web and Mobile products. From my first software development shop, to an ecommerce platform for clothing stores, then to a publishing platform serving over 26,000 online publishers, and finally to DevTeam.Space, where our mission is to make the software development processes drastically more reliable for entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

I'm sure you know how frustrating it is when, even after months of work and thousands of dollars spent, you're still unhappy with your developers, and your mobile app or a website is buggy and slow. It kills you, not only financially, but also time wise; it may even kill your dream of making your project a reality.

The truth is… it's way harder to build online products these days than 10 years ago, and that there are so many inexperienced developers who say they know it all and at the end they can't deliver a properly working website or a mobile app leaving you with wasted time, money, emotions, and having to start all over.

I know, because I have been in this situation several times myself. I tried to do what everyone else was doing, but it didn't work for me either.

Finally, I found the way to succeed, and it was a GAME CHANGER. That's how the DevTeam.Space was born. We’ve developed a data-driven agile software development process. After applying our process successfully to hundreds of projects, we have been asked by many entrepreneurs and project managers to share our knowledge, so they, too, can apply it internally to build software applications faster and minimize the risk of failure.

Today, we're offering a set of training materials free of charge!

And if you don’t have the developers to build your project, or you don’t want to learn all of it yourself, you can always hire the DevTeam.Space top-level experts. Take a look what Adventure Aide, the Airbnb competitor, has to say about working with us: