What Can Be Done With Android?


Android has sophisticated APIs that improve the stability and security of apps. Specific API‘s enable easier management of WebView objects that are responsible for displaying content within apps.


Android now allows developers to create adaptive launcher icons. These promise to change our user interface spaces forever as they support great new visual effects across different hardware models.


App developers can now enable their apps to select an appropriate category in which to be presented to users. This system is a great way to maximize your app’s exposure to new users. By grouping together similar apps based on categories, Android can ensure it targets the users who might be most interested in downloading them. Criteria can include everything from function to system resource usage.


The Android OS uses StrictMode detectors to help software engineers find bugs in their apps. Android 8.0 features three brand new StrictMode detectors that promise to make Android app development even easier by detecting things such as buffering and permission issues etc. Debugging their apps is an issue that has caused many Android developers for hire great headaches in the past. Fortunately, DevTeamSpace has a team of expert Android developers on hand who have years of experience in creating top-notch code that is completely bug-free for our clients.

Benefits of Android

It’s easy

As a celebrated open-source operating system, Android is the top choice for many app developers and specialists. Android has the largest market share of any mobile device operating system and as a result, gives app developers the best chance to grab the most number of users, both inside the USA and outside it as well.

It’s Simple

Expert Android developers have been quick to point out that a number of policies make it much simpler to develop apps for Android over rival‘s platforms such as Apple‘s iOS. Android doesn‘t require its staff to approve new applications and updates. This makes the whole process of publishing apps and patching them much faster and more painless. Android also has no restrictions on publishing beta and alpha versions of apps and so offers greater scope for developers.


With so many top Android programmers out there, it is easy for your company to hire Android developers who won‘t cost your project the earth. Alternatively, you can take the safest option and employ the services of professional app development team such as DevTeamSpace. By doing so, you will have the benefit of a team of dedicated engineers will be able to ensure that your project has all the resources and flexibility that it needs to be a success.

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