Hi, I'm Alexey, the CEO of DevTeam.Space.

I have spent my entire career building high-quality software products. From my first dev shop, to an ecommerce platform for clothing stores, then to a publishing platform serving over 30,000,000 online readers, and finally to DevTeam.Space, where our mission is to help companies and entrepreneurs build Web and Mobile products that work. Products that work efficiently and well.

I'm sure you know how frustrating and embarrassing it is when, even after months of work and thousands of dollars spent, you're still unhappy with your developers, and your mobile app or a website is buggy and slow. It kills you, not only financially, but also time wise; it may even kill your dream of making your project a reality.

The truth is… it's way harder to build online products these days than 10 years ago, and that there are so many unexperienced developers who say they know it all and at the end they can't deliver a properly working website or a mobile app leaving you with wasted time, money, emotions, and having to start all over.

I know, because I have been in this situation several times myself. I tried to do what everyone else was doing, but it didn't work for me either.

Finally, I found the way to succeed, and it was a GAME CHANGER for us, and for our clients. That's how DevTeam.Space was born. After using our system successfully for almost two years, we have been asked by many entrepreneurs and project managers to share our knowledge, so they, too,can apply it with their developers, and build websites and mobile apps faster, with fewer bugs, no frustration, and financial predictability.

As for us, our clients have total control over their project's progress; they don't have to make any long-term financial commitments, and they receive daily and weekly project progress monitoring data that allows them to adjust the process on the go. As a result, their projects are poised to succeed.

Today, we're offering free training that will show you exactly what you need to do to achieve the same results with your developers and online products.

If you're thinking you've already heard all there is to know about managing developers and building your online products, let me tell you – that's what we thought two years ago, too.

We were wrong.

Here's what is different, you and your developers need to follow a specific process and use specific tools for your project to succeed!

If you're fed up trying to figure out how to get your web or mobile app built, get access to our materials and find out what you MUST know about managing your project development.

Learn how you can finally get your developers working like a Swiss watch and enable them to deliver you an outstanding product!

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