General FAQ

What is DevTeam.Space?

DevTeam.Space is a smart software development service powered by artificial intelligence. With the best dev teams and technologies, we deliver the highest quality at optimal cost, while supporting you with the best communication process you can find.

We’re flexible and fit any development need. So we can build a new product by being your complete dev team, or support your existing one. We’re great at code refactoring, Agile and Scrum methodologies, cleaning backlogs, planning new features, building complex back-end systems, and simply making you happy with daily automated progress updates.

Our development teams have helped 1,000x of startups and well established businesses with their tech needs. So whether you’re looking for a great dev team or just a single developer, let’s talk and we’ll do our best for you.

It’s extremely hard to find developers fast and at reasonable rates who are great at both code quality and communication. And you already know it. Here is how we solve that problem for you:

  • We eliminate the headache of searching for great developers by presenting you with the best of the best development teams from our exclusive network. We automatically select the best match based on your project specifications and requirements.
  • We support you with the best communication experience you can find. Every client has a project manager and a special project progress dashboard. It automatically sends you daily progress updates and roadblocks tracking directly from developers.
  • Simply put, with us you hire developers with 4–10 years of expertise for up to 4X less than a typical US agency. And we can start in 24 hours.

We help some of the best software development teams to increase their presence in the US market and work on more interesting projects.

Our vetted network of development teams cover all the major and most popular tech platforms, like PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, iOS/Android. However, we have enough experience and variety in our talent pool to tackle almost any technology task.

Our algorithm is designed to match the best dev team in our network with the companies that require their services. We evaluate the dev teams based on their communication skills, development experience, referrals and past project feedback, and match them with your project based on their availability, and relevant experience.

Maintaining your company's private data is our highest priority. We never reveal any information to our Elite Dev Teams unless you, the client, have approved it first.

This has certainly happened and we are happy to offer you full-time hires. We take a certain percentage of the developer’s first-year salary in exchange for you hiring them/him/her full time. The rate is highly favorable when compared to traditional recruiting firms.

We only disburse money to our Elite Dev Teams once you approve their work. This typically happens in several stages throughout the project. Until then, we hold your payment securely.

Client FAQ

One of our project managers will take it from there. We choose one or more development teams that fit your project and desired skills. Then we request additional information on your project, so our dev teams can prepare the timeline and estimate.

Just your idea in a written form is enough to start the conversation. Our experienced project managers will ask you all the necessary questions. If you can provide us with detailed specifications / mockups or wireframes etc. right away – that’s the best.

Both clients and dev teams are bound by the DevTeamSpace Terms of Service, which you agree to when you sign up on our site. Once you select a team for your project, you can opt to use our standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or your own to protect any sensitive information shared with your development team.

You can submit payment via PayPal or send a wire transfer.

In the unlikely case that you encounter an issue during a project, you should contact your DevTeamSpace project manager and provide as much information as possible. It’s hard to imagine this situation, though, because our dev teams prepare outstanding estimates and send daily updates. So both you and the dev team will notice any potential issues right away and your project managers are there to help you fix them as soon as possible.

You can apply for a discount when speaking with our project manager.

Yes, you can hire a developer as long as it adheres to the DevTeamSpace terms, meaning payment will be facilitated through us.

No, working outside of DevTeamSpace is strictly prohibited and may result in both parties being removed from DevTeamSpace.

Development Team FAQs

We send team descriptions and team manager’s personal details to customers when they review our service.

The project scope can be continuously edited, as long as both the dev team and the client agree to these edits during the engagement. There should be clarity on how hours should be spent, what the deliverables should look like, preferred methods of communication, etc. Send any edits to your project manager at DevTeamSpace.

Once the client confirms your work, DevTeamSpace will send you payment. If you are US-based, you will be paid via Dwolla, so be sure to sign up for an account so that we can easily transfer the funds directly to your bank account. If you are an international company, DevTeamSpace will send you payment via PayPal.

Some clients may explicitly ask you to track your work hours. The DevTeamSpace best practice is to keep track of all hours and action items in the event that an issue arises.

Should you encounter a problem at any point during your project, let the DevTeamSpace project manager know immediately and we will do our best to mediate and follow-up with the client. The more information you provide to your project manager, the more we can ensure a fair process that protects your interests.

After you complete the project scope, the client checks it and sends a payment after it has been tested successfully. You get your payment and start estimating a next milestone.

To contact us, feel free to use the live chat at the bottom right corner or email us at mail@devteam.space