General FAQ

What is DevTeam.Space?

DevTeam.Space is a data-driven agile software development platform. We match you with the most suitable development teams and manage your project with our unique data-driven agile process. We deliver higher quality than a freelance platform or agency, yet at scale.

Our service is ideal for businesses with complex long-term projects. Usually, these projects require building both mobile and web apps, require serious back-end architecture and security expertise, and need other experts to be connected to the project on a per-request basis.

We’re flexible and are able to adapt to any development requirement(s) you might have. We can take complete control of creating your new product or can support your current product development efforts.

We’re great at code refactoring, Agile methodologies, cleaning backlogs, planning new features, building complex back-end systems, and at keeping our clients happy with daily automated progress updates and weekly performance reports.

Our development teams have helped 1,000x of startups and well-established businesses with their tech needs. So whether you’re looking for a great dev team or just a single developer, let’s talk and we’ll do our best for you.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that our service is the best suited to businesses with complex long term projects. Usually, these projects require building both mobile and web apps, require serious architecture and security expertise, and need other experts to be connected to the project on a per-request basis. These types of projects, depending on a client’s business stage, can easily be scaled from a team of 3 people to 100x engineers.

Such projects require a data-driven approach by design in order to keep up with the quality, speed, roadblocks tracking, and financial part of the product development. This is equally important for a growing Internet startup or an established business. And that’s where our data-driven agile process, top-rated developers, and account managers’ guidance deliver on the promise and help our clients build and scale multi-million dollar online products. Learn more about our data-driven process.

It’s difficult to find a reliable development partner with a solid development process, who offers high code quality, and has the necessary communication skills. Here is how we solve these problems for you:

  • We eliminate the headache of having to search for great developers by matching you with the world's top-rated* development teams from our exclusive network. We select the best match developers based on your project requirements, tech stack, and industry expertise.
  • Having only great developers doesn't guarantee success. For that reason, we support you with our unique data-driven agile software development process and tools.
  • We assign you a dedicated tech account and project managers. They manage estimates, timelines, daily communication, and weekly calls. In addition to that, you receive daily bite-size project updates with roadblock tracking, and weekly performance reports.

Having this process in place allows us to adjust the development team and the client team performance on a daily and weekly basis. As a result, our clients are always happy.

In fact, our process has a psychological foundation:

The product owner from a client side is a human being, not a company. And like every human being, the product owner is susceptible to psychological aspects. We have identified 6 different stages to the product owner’s state of mind during development:

  • Stage 1. Feeling good

    The product owner feels good. The project has started, everything seems to be going just fine. If colleagues ask him/her about the project, he/she might say something like, “It’s all good”.

  • Stage 2. Feeling not so good

    The product owner hasn’t really started to think about the project yet; he/she only feels uncomfortable about it. This may be caused by repeatedly delayed communication or long response times, or something else. At this point, there are no real negative thoughts in the product owner’s mind.

  • Stage 3. Thinking non-positively

    This stage occurs when the product owner starts thinking negatively about the overall project performance.

  • Stage 4. Sharing negative thoughts with colleagues

    After several days of negative thoughts, the product owner starts sharing his/her thoughts with colleagues, maybe during lunch time.

  • Stage 5. Sharing negative thoughts with the project manager on the dev team side.

    When it reaches a certain critical stage, the client’s product owner contacts the project manager and asks to fix the situation.

  • Stage 6. Arguing with developers on a call

    If all the previous stages haven’t been reversed, the product owner starts arguing directly with developers on a call. This may lead to relationship termination.

Each stage can last just a few hours or several weeks/months. It all depends on the particular project and the product owner’s personality.

At DevTeam.Space, using our data-driven approach, we continuously track project’s performance which allows us to identify a potential product owner’s mind stage. As a result, we quickly identify potential problems and resolve them. This leads to product owner’s returning back to stage #1 over and over again. Based on our historical product development records, this process is so efficient, it can last years.

At DevTeam.Space, we rigorously follow our unique development process. For those dev teams that reach our high standards of excellence, we invite them to join our community. After which, we train them on our unique data-driven agile process. Once aboard, they can rely on us to be a trusted partner and can expect to work on interesting projects.

You can apply to join our dev team community here.

Over the years, our vetted network of field expert development teams have built 1,000x of Web, mobile, blockchain, data-engineering, and IoT projects. We cover all the major and most popular tech stacks like NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, iOS/Android, Java, PHP, .NET, and others. However, we have enough experience and variety in our talent pool to tackle almost any technology task.

We evaluate each dev team based on their communication skills, development experience, referrals and past project feedback. However, our process does not stop there. After we approve and educate developers and project managers to follow our data-driven agile process, we continue to rate their performance on every single project. As a result, our clients end up working only with top-rated developers who consistently perform at the highest level. You can read about our process of dev team vetting and continuous performance tracking on this page.

Most of our dev teams are from Canada, US, Europe countries, and Russia. However, we don’t have a specific country preference, we “hunt” for the best skilled field-focused dev teams from around the world and it doesn’t matter which country they are from.

The security of your company's private data is our highest priority. We never reveal any information to our dev teams unless you, the client, have approved it first.

In addition to that, we offer our new or potential clients to sign a mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prior to sharing any information.

During the product development, we make sure to follow the highest security standards. If our clients are not experienced in intellectual property protection, we always provide our advice and guidance.

Usually, our developers submit the code on a daily basis, so you as a client can be sure you have it in your code repository.

Once the project is finished, we make sure to transfer all the necessary information and documentation to the client by request.

Companies sometimes wish to retain one or more of our developers. This option and terms are up for discussion based on each particular case.

We work on a “for hire” basis, so you own the intellectual property (IP) from day one. However, we only disburse money to our dev teams once you approve their work. This typically happens on a weekly basis throughout the project. Until the tasks are approved as successfully completed by you, we hold your payment securely. This provides you with the peace of mind.

Client FAQ

After you post a request on our platform, one of our in-house tech account managers will reach out to schedule a strategy session. If you don't have a solid process in place (which is often true even for enterprise-level businesses) we will guide you by providing you project specification templates and all the necessary questions.

Our goal is to learn as much as possible about your product development needs, review the current code base (if any), and learn how product development goals are connected to your marketing/business activities and deadlines. This helps our account manager determine which developers are best for your project. We can sign a mutual NDA at this stage if needed.

You can read about all the steps of our data-driven process on Our Process page.

You can always review developers’ profiles on request after submitting your project. You don’t have to share any sensitive information, and it’s free to post a project on our platform. Once the project is posted, one of our tech account managers will reach out to you and you can request to review relevant developers’ profiles. Submit your project to start the process.

We only need a detailed outline of your idea to start the ball rolling. Our professional tech account manager will review your information and ask you additional questions when needed. If you have a specific set of requirements and you already know what kind of developers do you need - this makes the process even easier. Submit your project to start the process.

Both clients and our dev teams are bound by DevTeam.Space’s Terms of Service, which you agree to when you sign up on our website. Once you post a project, you can opt to use our standard mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA) or we can sign your NDA to protect any sensitive information you share with us and our developers. Prior to starting the project, we require you to sign the DevTeam.Space master agreement that protects all parties.

You can submit payments via PayPal or send an ACH or a wire transfer.

Based on our historical project success rate, this is very unlikely. However, you can communicate any issues with your account manager, project manager, or developers directly.

Our data-driven agile software development process allows us to identify any potential issues or delays long before you (the client) notice it. But if you or the dev team do notice any potential issues then your account and project managers are there to help you fix them right away. You can read about all the steps of our data-driven process on Our Process page.

You may apply for a discount when speaking to our account manager.

No, working outside of DevTeam.Space is strictly prohibited and may result in both parties being removed from DevTeam.Space as well as initiation of legal action.

Development Team FAQs

We share developers and team project managers’ personal details only to customers when they review our service. However, the developers’ identities are protected.

Project scope can be continuously amended, as long as both the dev team and the client agree to these changes during development. This requires clarity on exactly how many hours should be spent and what the deliverables should be etc.

You can read about all the steps of our data-driven process on Our Process page.

Once the client approves your work, DevTeam.Space will send your payment. If you are US-based, you will be paid via Dwolla, wire or ACH transfer. If you are an international company, DevTeam.Space will send you payment via PayPal, Transferwise, or Payoneer. We usually pay on a monthly basis.

DevTeam.Space’s practice is to keep track of all hours worked and actions performed in the event that an issue arises.

Should you encounter a problem at any point during your project, let your DevTeam.Space account manager know immediately and we will do our best to resolve it. The more information you provide to your project manager, the more we can ensure a fair process that protects your interests.

Contact us if you have any other questions at mail@devteam.space