Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevTeam.Space?

DevTeam.Space is a community of field-expert development teams supported by a AI-powered agile process.

We pair you with the most relevant development teams, based on your tech stack and project specification, and help to manage your project with our AI-powered agile process.

This unique approach helps us build world-class software applications in the most efficient way, delivering the highest ROI to our clients. Businesses rely on DevTeam.Space for their most innovative projects.

DevTeam.Space is most suited for businesses that don't want to handle product development by themselves and are looking for a reliable long-term product development partner.

Usually, these projects consist of building both mobile and web apps, require serious back-end architecture, security expertise, and need other experts to be connected to the project on a per-request basis. Read more about our process here our process.

Our development teams have helped thousands of startups and well-established businesses to solve their tech challenges. Whether you’re looking for a complete development team or just a single developer, we can help!

Over the years, we’ve discovered that our service works best for businesses with long-term complex projects. Usually, these projects require building both mobile and web apps, need serious architecture and security expertise, and require other experts to be connected to the project on a per-request basis. Thanks to our AI-powered process, it's easy for us to manage such projects and scale your dev team up and down should you decide to alter your project.

In addition to this, our exclusive community consists of field-expert software development teams. Each dev team specializes in a specific tech stack or product type. We assign the most relevant development team to your project.

This allows us to undertake software development projects of any size and complexity as well as giving our clients maximum return on their investment at zero risk.

Learn more about DevTeam.Space’s AI-powered process.

It’s difficult to find a reliable software development partner who has a solid development process, understands your business needs, and who can consistently produce high-quality code. Here is how we solve these problems for you:

  • We eliminate the headache of having to search for world-class developers with the required expertise. At DevTeam.Space, we have an invite-only community of top field-expert development teams. This allows us to pair you with engineers and project managers who are experts in your required tech stack and product type.
  • As you may already know, developers account for only 20% of a project's success. The other 80% is down to how they work as a team and the project management process. That's where our AI-powered agile software development process and tools become a real gamechanger.
  • We assign dedicated account and project managers to your project. They start by helping you align your development goals with your overall marketing and business strategy to ensure the best results. Throughout the project, they manage estimates, timelines, daily and weekly communication. In addition to this, you will also receive daily bite-sized project updates that include roadblock tracking, as well as weekly performance reports.

Having this process in place allows us to monitor and adjust the development team and our client team's performance on a daily and weekly basis. As a result, we always keep our clients happy by delivering the highest quality software applications in the most efficient way, ensuring the highest possible ROI.

At DevTeam.Space, we are on a mission to make the software development process drastically more efficient and transparent for businesses around the world. No matter whether you are a growing startup or a multinational company that's looking for a reliable software development partner, we want to help you improve your development process.

A world-class development process requires world-class teams that are experts in their chosen field. That's why we rigorously follow a strict vetting process when selecting our partners. Only those dev teams that are able to reach our high standards of excellence are invited to join our community to help us create the world's most innovative products for our clients.

Once aboard, teams can rely on us to be a trusted partner. We help all our teams find challenging and meaningful projects. Want to become a part of our exclusive dev team community? Apply now

Our vetted community of field expert development teams has built thousands of Web, mobile, blockchain, data-engineering, and IoT projects. We are experienced in all the major tech stacks including NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, iOS/Android, Java, Python, PHP, .NET, and others. No matter how complex or revolutionary your project is, we have the process, the developers, and the experience to successfully complete it.

We have a strict vetting process. We evaluate each dev team based on their communication skills, development experience, referrals, and past project feedback. However, our process does not stop there. After a new dev team is accepted, we continue to rate their performance on every single project. This ensures that our clients work only with top-rater developers, those that consistently perform at the highest level. You can read about our dev team vetting and continuous performance tracking processes on this page.

Our dev teams are from Canada, US and Europe. However, we don't have a specific preference where dev teams come from. Our focus is to find and hire only the most skilled field-expert dev teams, no matter where they come from. Want to become a part of our exclusive dev team community? Apply now

Your company's private data security is our highest priority. We never reveal any confidential information to our dev teams unless you, the client, have approved it first. In addition, we always offer our clients the option of us signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA), prior to them sharing any information with us.

Our unique blockchain technology protects your intellectual property by securing your code with “proof of work” hash signatures. If our clients are not experienced in intellectual property protection, we always provide them with plenty of advice and guidance.

Throughout the product development process, we always operate according to the highest security standards. Once the project is finished, we make sure to transfer all the necessary information and documentation to the client, upon request.

Companies sometimes wish to retain one or more of our developers. This option and terms are up for discussion based on each particular case.

Once the project roll-out is approved, we sign a "work-for-hire" master agreement, which includes two crucial statements 1. The client owns all intellectual property (IP) from day one 2. Development teams do not get paid before successfully completing all assigned tasks to the client's satisfaction. This is done on a weekly basis. We hold your payment securely at DevTeam.Space until you approve its release.

Once we start working on your project, your account manager guides you at every step and oversees the development process. You receive daily updates and weekly AI-powered performance reports. Every week, we review the completed work and approve the tasks for the upcoming weekly sprint with you. This way, you keep your hand on the pulse of the project.

On a larger scale, we split the project into phases, where each phase lasts from 3 to 6 months. At the end of each phase, we make sure to allocate additional time to clean up the code base, bugs, and to re-align the product development activities with your business and marketing KPIs.

This approach allows us to support your product growth on an ongoing basis, delivering the best results.

Client FAQ

"After you submit a project request, your dedicated tech account manager will then contact you to assess your needs in detail and answer any questions. Don't worry if you have never submitted a product outline before. We're happy to provide you with all the necessary guidance and sample project specification templates that you'll need.

Our goal is to learn as much as possible about your product development needs and to understand how your project goals are connected to your business KPIs and marketing activities. Getting all these project details helps your account manager assign the most relevant development team to your project and structure the process for maximum ROI.

We can sign an NDA if needed."

Next, a team of field-expert engineers is assigned to your project according to your product specifications. Once approved, we take care of the legal details, set up the process and get started. Our AI-powered agile process ensures a consistent delivery on your project's weekly sprints. It is completely transparent and provides you with daily/weekly updates, stand-up calls, and roadblock tracking.

You can read more about our AI-powered process on Our Process page.

You can review our development teams' profiles, by request, after submitting your project. Simply mention that you wish to do this to your dedicated account manager. You don’t have to share any sensitive information and it’s free to post a project on our platform. Submit your project to get started!

As a bare minimum, we need a detailed outline of your project tasks for the first weekly sprint. We can plan other weekly sprints during the process. However, for the best results, it's always best to have a detailed project specification for the first phase of the project (from 3 to 6 months). Don't worry if you don't have the project specification. Your dedicated account manager will provide you with a project specification template. You will be able to use it as a checklist when preparing the project specification. We can offer you an elaboration phase (3 to 5 business days) where we write the full project specifications for you.

Our experienced tech account managers will review your project specification and ask any additional questions should there be anything else we need. If you have a specific set of requirements and already know what kind of developers you will need, this will make the process even faster. Submit your project to get started!

Both our clients and the dev teams are bounded by DevTeam.Space’s Terms of Service, which you accept when you sign up on our website. Once you post a project, you can opt to use our standard mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA) or we can sign an NDA provided by you to protect any sensitive information you share with us and our developers. Prior to starting the project, we require you to sign the DevTeam.Space master agreement that protects all parties.

You can submit payments via PayPal, send an ACH, or a wire transfer.

Based on our past project success rate, this is very unlikely. Our AI-powered agile software development process allows us to identify any potential issues or delays long before you (the client) could be affected by it. But, in the extremely rare case that you or the dev team do notice any potential issues, contact your account or project manager, who will immediately set up a process to fix them. You can read about how our AI-powered process works on Our Process page.

Another important point is that you can communicate any issues not only with your dedicated account manager but with your tech project managers or developers as well. This can be done via your communication channel and helps quickly resolve minor issues like providing information on time or discussing the interface adjustments etc.

You may apply for a discount when speaking to our account manager.

No, working outside of DevTeam.Space is strictly prohibited and may result in both parties being removed from DevTeam.Space as well as the initiation of legal action.

Development Team FAQs

We only share our developers’ and project managers’ personal details when a customer needs to review our service. However, developers’ identities are always fully protected.

Project scope can be continuously amended, as long as both the dev team and the client agree to those changes. However, this requires both parties to agree on the exact number of hours that will be spent on the updated scope of deliverables, etc.

You can read about all about our AI-powered process on Our Process page.

Development teams get paid only after successfully completing the tasks assigned to them. Once the client approves your work, DevTeam.Space will then transfer your payment. If you are based in the USA, you can be paid via Dwolla, wire or ACH transfer. If you are an international company, DevTeam.Space will send you your payment via PayPal, Transferwise, or Payoneer. We usually pay on a monthly basis.

DevTeam.Space’s policy is to keep a track of all the hours worked and actions performed by a team in the event of an issue.

Should a team encounter a problem at any point during the project, they immediately inform their DevTeam.Space account manager. We then do our best to resolve it. The more is the information provided to the project manager, the higher is the probability of it being resolved, something which is in the team's interest. Contact us if you have any other questions at [email protected]