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DevTeam.Space is a vetted community of expert software development teams supported by an AI-powered Agile process. Top companies and startups rely on us to build and scale world-class software applications for Web and Mobile using the latest technologies like AI, Blockchain, and AR/VR

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Building a successful software product requires an expert development team. Leverage DevTeam.Space design and development services for Web, Mobile, IoT software products, and more. Whether a consumer-focused app or enterprise software, we can lead the entire development process from idea to delivery and long-term support.

Software Outsourcing

Get a team of software development experts supported by a dedicated tech account manager and our practice-proven Agile process.

Software Outstaffing

If you are a tech-experienced product manager and prefer to manage developers yourself, get our top software developers assigned to your project.

Supporting Specialist

We can support you with DevOps engineers, front-end developers, QA engineers, designers, and other experts needed to bring your software project to success.

From Prototype to Enterprise

With DevTeam.Space software development services, you can build a software application of any complexity, from prototyping to enterprise solutions.

Some of Our Software Projects

Keep It Simple Storage


Public Storage

United States

Android, AWS, B2B, Backend, Database Optimization, Design, DevOps, Enterprise, Frontend, Integration, iOS, Management Dashboard, Mobile, QA, Security, Software, Twilio, Web

A B2B2C solution with Web, Mobile, and IoT-connected applications to revolutionize the public storage industry.

Tolerance Induction Program Mobile App



United States

Health, HIPAA, Mobile, QA, React Native

A private Medical iOS and Android app that serves over 2,000 patients in Southern California.

Fitness App


Paying users

United States

Android, Android Kotlin, Health, iOS, Mobile, QA, Swift

A mobile fitness app for a famous YouTube blogger. 100K paying users within two weeks.


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Launch your dream software product with DevTeam.Space’s software development services, get long-term support, and scale it.

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Hire individual senior software developers or get a dedicated team of up to 25 software developers ready to start within 72h

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Expert Software Developers

Building a world-class software app in today’s world requires expert development services, not freelancers, and a state of the art development process.

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Risk-Free Hiring Trial

With over 350 successfully completed projects, we're proud to offer our clients a no-risk trial period.

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99%+ Success Rate

With a project success rate of over 99% since 2016, you can rely on our expert software development services to deliver outstanding results.

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Complimentary Support

Complimentary tech account manager and QA for new features will save you time, money, and enable to build a great software app.

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No hidden fees. Every task is approved by you as a product owner and displayed in invoices.

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DevTeam.Space built a custom web portal for a hedge fund. They handled a complex development project, remaining organized and professional throughout. They’re accessible and tackle any challenge. Customers can expect a quick and skilled development team.

Bryan Cutter

CIO, Hedge Fund Company


Talented, responsive and reasonable!

We manage the IT for an almost 100 year old international Not-For-Profit Foundation. Between our inhouse team and DevTeam.Space we made our deadline, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the end-users and management.


IT Director, Non-profit Organization

New York, NY

DevTeam.Space rocks

We needed a new long-term product development partner to identify the issues, and ideally, take over the entire product. The performance of our shipping platform increased dramatically since DevTeam.Space stepped in. We plan to continue working with them on a long term basis.

Richard Chilton

Owner, Island Bargains

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about DevTeam.Space. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

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1. What are Software Development Services?

Software development services is a term that refers to a range of activities involved with designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining software applications. Software application development includes web development, mobile application development, blockchain development, AI development, CMS development, etc. Software developers use a range of technologies, including programming languages (Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, etc.), frameworks (Node.js, .Net Core, Ruby on Rails, etc.), and tools (IDEs, CLIs, and version control tools) to build both the frontend and backend of desktop, mobile, and web applications. Software developers also work on database connectivity, application security, server-side logic, etc. Businesses leverage software development services from custom software development companies like DevTeam.Space to create dynamic, robust, and secure custom software solutions that meet their business objectives.

DevTeam.Space, one of the world’s leading software development services companies, allows businesses to either outsource their entire software development or outstaff our expert software developers and development teams and manage them in-house. Our software development team can undertake software development of any complexity using popular desktop, web, and mobile app development languages and frameworks, including Java, Swift, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Django, React Native, Flutter, and Laravel. So, whether you want to build a new custom software application or update and maintain an existing one, our developers have extensive experience building successful software development projects.

A software application development process involves requirements gathering, UI/UX design, feature development, backend integration, functional and non-functional testing, code deployment, and application maintenance. These applications run on desktop, web, cloud, or mobile devices. Software development ranges from simple one-page websites to complex enterprise applications. Custom software development services must meet unique business goals and satisfy the app’s user base. Software engineers and developers from any reputable software development services firm will be skilled in all the cutting-edge technologies to develop custom software development solutions. DevTeam.Space is one such example.

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Types of Software Development Services

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

To give you a bit of a taste of some of the software development technologies that our developers use daily, we have included a list of the top frameworks we use and why our developers like to use them below.

DevTeam.Space offers comprehensive development services that allow our clients to get the help they need at any stage throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from design and building to testing and maintenance.

DevTeam.Space is a community of expert software development teams. Each team is focused on a particular tech stack, programming language, or application type. None of our developers are freelancers. So you can hire true team players and manage all the needed software experts under one roof.

We offer high-quality software development services to clients from any industry to help them build world-class software products. These can be anything from dynamic mobile applications and web apps to machine learning systems, blockchain solutions, and other software applications.

You can choose to either outsource your entire software development project to DevTeam.Space or hire any number of expert developers from us and manage them yourself. Our software developers have expertise in all major software development programming languages, frameworks, and tools to undertake any set of project requirements.

The technology stack you choose for your software project will depend on your specific development requirements. If you need help understanding exactly what skills you will need, submit your project requirements here and get a complimentary discovery call with one of our software specialists.

Top Software Development Languages, Frameworks, and Technologies

  1. Python
  2. PHP
  3. AI / ML
  4. Node.js
  5. Swift
  6. Android Kotlin
  7. Ruby on Rails
  8. Express.js
  9. .Net Core
  10. Laravel
  11. Express.js
  12. Angular
  13. React
  14. Ruby
  15. JavaScript
  16. Blockchain
  17. Cloud


Python is a very popular, high-level programming language that our developers have built countless applications with. Python has a number of advantages including:

  1. Python offers a straightforward and simple syntax which makes it easier to learn and use, meaning it is less likely that developers will make mistakes.
  2. It includes built-in tools like syntax checkers, debuggers, and text editors. These are a huge bonus for any developer.
  3. Python has a huge number (200,000 and counting) of third-party packages, libraries, and frameworks that help speed up the development process and reduce errors.

Due to its versatility and its large number of support tools, Python is increasingly becoming the go-to choice for developers. It can be used for anything from basic apps to complex blockchain or AI/ML solutions.

PHP Software Development

Since its release back in 1995, PHP has become one of the most widely used and most loved programming languages in the world today.

You will have undoubtedly used a PHP-based application within the last day or two as PHP has not only been used to build websites like Facebook and Wikipedia but was also used to build WordPress, which according to W3Techs, was used to create ~40% of all websites in the world.

There are loads of reasons why developers love PHP. Here are a few examples:

  1. Provided you have good developers who write clean code, PHP offers a high degree of scalability without having to sacrifice performance.
  2. It is flexible and works on most operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.
  3. Large community support ensures lots of cutting-edge tools, all of which help developers streamline the development process while building bigger and better applications every time.

Ruby on Rails Software Development

Ruby on Rails, or Rails, is an application development framework known for its ease of use and modular design. Some of the key Rails features for software development include the following:

  1. Ruby on Rails follows a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture that separates the application’s data, business logic, and user interfaces into distinct layers. The MVC pattern helps developers with the maintenance and extensibility of complex application modules.
  2. The Rails framework is used with the Ruby programming language. Ruby is easy to understand with an English language-like syntax and a low learning curve for developers.
  3. Ruby on Rails provides several text files, including HTML files, Ruby code files, and YAML configuration files that developers can extensively modify to code custom software modules.
  4. Ruby on Rails offers robust database support, including SQL and NoSQL technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB. Rails framework also provides a database abstraction layer that helps developers with database interactions.

So those are a few examples of the top technologies our developers use daily.  Choosing a specific framework or platform for your software project will depend on your unique development requirements.

If you wish to learn more about DevTeam.Space’s software development services then you can arrange a complimentary discovery call with one of our experienced account managers by submitting your project request via the button below.

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