Why Top-Rated Dev Teams?

As an exclusive community, we apply a very strict process to vetting and on boarding only the best development teams. Less than 1% are accepted. However, our process does not stop there.

After we approve and educate developers and project managers to follow our data-driven agile process, we continue to rate their performance on every single project.

As a result, our clients end up working only with top-rated developers who consistently perform at the highest level.

Our Dev Teams are Trusted by the Best

The DevTeam.Space Vetting Process

General Form Application

Firstly, the dev teams apply to be reviewed via the general form. It helps us to review the general but important parameters necessary to select the dev teams for the next steps.

Development Skills Review

At this step, we review developers' overall skill sets, project examples, code quality, communication, expertise in a particular field and tech stacks, as well as other important parameters.

Project Management Skills Review

Developer quality contributes to only 20% of the project success. The other 80% relies on the team and their project management skills. All project managers submit additional information regarding their project/team management experience and expertise, communication skills, etc.

Video Interview

Only the dev teams whose developers and project managers pass the initial review process are accepted for the video interview. At this stage, we go over communication skills, and a specific set of questions related to the particular dev team.

Educational Materials

We require to both developers and project managers to review a set of educational materials about the DevTeamSpace platform and processes.

Test Task

Once the educational process is complete, the dev team completes one or more test tasks. This way we can see if their actions correlate with the submitted information.


Only if all the above stages are completed successfully do we approve the dev team, sign the necessary legal documents and start working on real projects. However, this is not the final stage of the process. Less than 1% of applicants successfully get to this stage.

The DevTeam.Space Rating Process

Overall Performance Score

After we accept the dev team into our exclusive community, we continue to rate their performance on every single project on a weekly basis. The Overall Performance Score is calculated on several specific metrics during each project.

Daily Updates

This metric helps us to define how well the dev team communicates daily project progress and if they deliver the updates on time.

Resoling Roadblocks

The metric allows us to compile a history of the dev teams' behavior in tough situations, when speed is extremely important. For example, we assess how quickly the dev team resolves an issue with 3rd party APIs or missing information in the project specification.

Pivotal Tracker Activity

We use Pivotal Tracker as one of the project management tools, and measure the dev teams' activities – regular task updates, performance, order and others.

DevTeamSpace Guidelines

This metric shows us how well the dev team is following our guidelines – both from our written materials and from the account managers.

Email Response Time

It's vital to respond as soon as possible; we aim for 15 minutes or less for the email response time. This way we can support an active conversation.

Slack Response Time

Slack is even more important than email for highly-integrated collaboration on complex projects. Our top-rated dev teams respond within 3 to 15 minutes!

Code Repository Activity

It's important to commit on a daily basis. This metric helps us to track this activity and rate the dev teams accordingly.

Code Quality

Code quality metric is one of the most important ones since it not only helps to keep the code structure clean, but also pushes the developers to consistently perform at the highest levels.

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