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DevTeam.Space vetted community consists of expert software development teams from North America and Europe. Each development team has extensive expertise in a particular tech stack or product type. This means that you can use DevTeam.Space to hire and effortlessly manage expert developers for any of your software development needs.

All of our developers are trained to follow our unique AI-powered agile process.

We have a strict vetting process. After a new development team is accepted, we continue to assess its developers' performance on a daily basis as well as provide them with further training. This ensures that you work only with top-performing developers.

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The DevTeam.Space Vetting Process

Dev Team Skillset and Performance Review

During the first stage, we review development teams' overall skills, code quality, performance, experience in a particular field and tech stacks, as well as other important parameters. Only the best dev teams are considered for an interview.

Project Management Skills Review

Developers account for only 20% of a project's success. The other 80% is down to how they work as a team and to the quality of the project management process.

Video Interview

Once the dev teams pass their initial developers and project managers review, they are accepted for an in-depth video interview. At this stage, we go over communication skills and through a specific set of questions related to the particular dev team.

Test Project

After passing the interview, we familiarize dev teams with our unique AI-powered agile process and tools. After that, we assign the dev team a test project. This way we can evaluate the teams' skills and make sure they have what it takes to be a part of the DevTeam.Space network.


Only after successfully passing all of the stages above will a dev team be accepted. After signing all the necessary legal documents, we start them working on real projects. However, this is not the final stage.

Ongoing Performance Tracking

We continue to access and rate all of our developers' performance on a day to day basis.
Here are some of the criteria that we rate them by:

Overall Performance Score that is calculated based on the metrics outlined below.

Following the Guidelines Metric shows if a dev team is following DevTeam.Space's development process.

Roadblock Resolution Metric shows how well a dev team deals with problems, where speed is extremely important, e.g. resolving an issue with 3rd party APIs, missing key info within the project spec, etc.

Email and Chat Response Times. Our top-rated developers and project managers respond within 3-15 minutes via text channels. This helps to keep the communication progress lightning-fast.

Task Tracker Activity Metric measures the dev teams' activities – regular task updates, performance, order and more.

Daily Updates define how well dev teams communicate project progress and whether there are any roadblocks.

Code Repository Activity. Our developers are required to submit their code on a daily basis. Failing to do so affects their performance score.

Code Quality is a crucial metric. It helps to keep the code structure clean and pushes developers to consistently perform at the highest level.

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