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DevTeam.Space is a vetted community of expert AI development teams supported by an AI-powered Agile process. Top companies and startups rely on us to build and scale world-class AI applications. We can help you too.

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AI Outsourcing, Outstaffing, and More

You can use DevTeam.Space AI development services to either outsource your entire project or hire individual developers and manage them yourself.

AI Outsourcing

Get a dedicated tech account manager with AI expertise managing a dedicated team of AI senior developers following our practice-proven Agile process.

AI Outstaffing

If you are a tech-experienced product manager and prefer to manage developers yourself, get our top AI developers assigned to your project.

Supporting Specialist

We can support you with DevOps engineers, front-end developers, QA engineers, designers, and other experts to help bring your project to success.

From Prototype to Enterprise

With DevTeam.Space AI development services, you can build an AI-powered application of any complexity, from prototyping to enterprise solutions.

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Some of Our AI Projects

Algo Trading Solution

Crypto Trading



Backend, Blockchain, DevOps, Fintech, Frontend, Javascript, Management Dashboard, Python, Trading, Web

A web-based trading terminal for the Asian market. User accounts start from $500K.

NEC - Face, Sex, Age, Video Emotion Recognition System

Computer Vision



AI, Backend, Image Recognition, ML, Python, TensorFlow

A set of computer vision tools to accurately identify people in the video stream and analyze their movements and emotions.

High-Speed Vehicle Identification System

Computer Vision

Neural Network


AI, Backend, Image Recognition, ML, Python, TensorFlow

A set of neural networks to search and identify car number plates in a video stream.


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Launching and Beyond

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Right provider for complex projects

DevTeam.Space built a custom web portal for a hedge fund. They handled a complex development project, remaining organized and professional throughout. They’re accessible and tackle any challenge. Customers can expect a quick and skilled development team.

Bryan Cutter

CIO, Hedge Fund Company


Talented, responsive and reasonable!

We manage the IT for an almost 100 year old international Not-For-Profit Foundation. Between our inhouse team and DevTeam.Space we made our deadline, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the end-users and management.


IT Director, Non-profit Organization

New York, NY

DevTeam.Space rocks

We needed a new long-term product development partner to identify the issues, and ideally, take over the entire product. The performance of our shipping platform increased dramatically since DevTeam.Space stepped in. We plan to continue working with them on a long term basis.

Richard Chilton

Owner, Island Bargains

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about DevTeam.Space. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

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1. What are AI development services?

The term AI development services refers to a range of activities relating to designing, implementing, and maintaining AI applications. Examples of AI development services include chatbot development, recommendation engine development, API development, robotic process automation, data analysis tasks, and more. AI developers also perform AI model testing, application quality assurance, deployment routines, and maintenance. To undertake these tasks, AI developers utilize a range of technologies including programming languages like Python language, frameworks like TensorFlow, supporting libraries like Sci-kitLearn, cloud services like IBM Watson and Amazon Web Services, etc. AI software development companies like DevTeam.Space offer expert developers with years of experience in AI and machine learning development to help businesses undertake complex AI development projects and build scalable, high-performance, and robust AI software solutions that meet their business objectives.

With DevTeam.Space, companies can either outsource their entire artificial intelligence software development project to our AI development teams, or hire a number of developers or development teams to manage on their own. Our AI developers have expertise in all the main AI development technologies, including the Python programming language, frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, cloud services like AWS SageMaker and Azure AI, etc. Whether you need to build a new AI application or update and maintain an existing one, our dedicated AI developers can help you with your AI development project.

DevTeam.Space is a leading AI development company that offers high-quality artificial intelligence developers with experience building a wide range of AI applications. Our AI developers are experts in AI software design, development, testing, and deployment using popular programming languages (Python and R), frameworks (TensorFlow and PyTorch), libraries (Keras and Theano), and all other major tools. Our AI developers also have experience in machine learning model development, fine-tuning, and evaluation. They have assisted clients with AI applications’ quality assurance, performance optimization, security audits, and monitoring. AI software development teams at DevTeam.Space have helped companies build innovative, secure AI solutions that have repeatedly outperformed in terms of our client’s expectations. We can help you too.

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Types of AI Development Services

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Hire Artificial Intelligence Developers

DevTeam.Space offers a wide range of AI development services that will allow you to undertake any kind of AI or ML project. Examples include chatbot development, product recommendation systems, AI-based mobile applications, machine learning model development, etc.

In our community of over 1200 developers, we have skilled AI engineers who cover all the major AI development technologies, programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and tools. We have helped clients develop AI applications in every industry segment including education, healthcare, finance, commerce, and others.

You can find some examples of the technologies that our developers love to use below or alternatively, head to our case studies page to check out some of our recent AI projects.

The specific technology stack you choose for your AI application project will depend on your project requirements.

If you need help finding the right AI developers then submit your project request here and get a complimentary discovery call with one of our tech account managers.

Top 10 AI Development Technologies

  1. Python
  2. AWS SageMaker
  3. Azure AI
  4. IBM Watson
  5. TensorFlow
  6. Keras
  7. Google AutoML
  8. Theano
  9. Caffe
  10. Deeplearning4j

Here are a few technologies that our AI engineers use on a daily basis with a brief explanation of why they love to use them.


Python is one of the most popular languages for AI and ML development as well as a huge range of other software development projects that include web and mobile applications.

Despite being started as a hobby project, today, Python is one of the most popular programming languages around the globe.

A few fun facts our developers love are that, in Python, underscores have memory power, Python is able to define infinite numbers, and when you type “import antigravity” into Python, it gives you an easter egg!

However, it is the following advantages that are the reason why our developers love to use Python to build powerful projects:

  1. Python has a huge number of supporting libraries that aid machine learning development. Examples include PyTorch, Keras, and NLTK, all of which help simplify machine learning model development and produce performant and reliable applications.
  2. Python is a portable language, meaning it can be used on a range of different platforms and operating systems including Linux, macOS, mobile OS, etc.
  3. Python offers a strong level of flexibility thanks to it allowing developers to choose between different programming styles, i.e. procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming.

AWS SageMaker

AWS SageMaker is another highly popular AI development tool that our developers use all the time. It is a fully managed artificial intelligence development service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud services provider.

The key advantages of using AWS SageMaker for AI development are as follows:

  1. Sheer size. AWS is the world’s leading cloud provider. As part of this offering, it has a huge number of tools and an almost infinite amount of processing and data storage capacity, both of which are essential for AI.
  2. AWS SageMaker offers its AutoML jobs tool that helps automatically train advanced AI models in SageMaker pipelines. This saves an enormous amount of time and money.
  3. Thanks to a huge development pool, AI developers have access to a large range of pre-built machine learning algorithms or models. Examples include regression, classification, dimensionality reduction, etc. AWS SageMaker also offers a UI-based model training tool called SageMaker JumpStart, which our developers find very handy indeed.

Azure AI

Microsoft Azure AI is a comprehensive AI development platform that is currently regarded as one of the world’s best places to develop AI and ML software solutions.

Here are some of the key features of Azure’s AI offering:

  1. Like AWS, developers can build, test, deploy, and maintain AI applications using Azure, all under one roof.
  2. Azure AI offers several low-code tools such as automated machine learning and a drag-and-drop interface. These cut down on development time and allow developers to concentrate on building and training the AI models.
  3. Azure now offers access to a wide range of powerful AI technologies that can be painlessly integrated into your application. Examples that our developers recently used include Azure Machine Learning, Azure AI Custom Vision, Azure Databricks, and Azure AI Bot Service.

In the battle to become the go-to AI cloud development platform, AWS and Azure are doing their very best to outdo each other. This is great news for developers. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, however, it might be fairer to put it like this. Which one you ultimately decide to use depends on your specific project requirements.

Choosing a specific framework or platform for your AI software project will depend on your unique application requirements.

If you have any questions or need help with your AI project, you only need to submit a project request via the button below and one of our account managers will get in touch to arrange a complimentary discovery call.

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