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DevTeam.Space is a vetted community of expert Web development teams supported by an AI-powered Agile process. Top companies and startups rely on us to build and scale world-class Web solutions. We can help you too.

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Expert developers from Europe and North America.

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Expert Web Developers,
Not Freelancers

Building a website in today’s world requires expert web developers, not freelancers. DevTeam.Space is a vetted community of web developers with world-class standards.

Major Web Languages,
Frameworks, and Tools

With our expert web teams, we provide development services using all major web languages and frameworks including PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Express, Django, Rails, Laravel, Angular, and more.

Clear Communication, Tasks,
and Payment Management

Get complimentary support from a dedicated tech account manager and our AI-powered Agile process with all the tools, notifications, and performance tracking needed to ensure your project’s success.

Web Outsourcing, Outstaffing, and More

You can use DevTeam.Space Web development services to either outsource your entire project or hire individual developers and manage them yourself.

Web Outsourcing

Get a dedicated tech account manager with web expertise managing a dedicated team of web developers following our practice-proven Agile process.

Web Outstaffing

If you are a tech-experienced product manager and prefer to manage developers yourself, get our top web developers assigned to your project.

Supporting Specialist

We can support you with DevOps engineers, front-end developers, QA engineers, designers, and other experts needed to bring your project to success.

From Prototype to Enterprise

With DevTeam.Space web development services, you can build a web application of any complexity, from prototyping to enterprise solutions.

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  • AWS
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Some of Our Web Projects

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Blockchain, Ethereum, Fintech, Javascript, React, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Trading, Truffle, Web

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Development Team

3 Developers
1 Project Manager, 1 Account Manager

Backend, Fintech, Frontend, Integration, Javascript, PHP, Web, WordPress


Development Team

1 WordPress Developer
1 Project Manager
All The Rooms

AWS, Backend, Database Optimization, Design, Frontend, Geolocation, Javascript, Marketplace, Node.js, QA, React, Real Estate, Web

All The Rooms

Development Team

2 Developers
1 Project Manager

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Launch your dream software product with DevTeam.Space’s web development services, get long-term support, and scale it.

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DevTeam.Space built a custom web portal for a hedge fund. They handled a complex development project, remaining organized and professional throughout. They’re accessible and tackle any challenge. Customers can expect a quick and skilled development team.

Bryan Cutter

CIO, Hedge Fund Company


Talented, responsive and reasonable!

We manage the IT for an almost 100 year old international Not-For-Profit Foundation. Between our inhouse team and DevTeam.Space we made our deadline, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the end-users and management.


IT Director, Non-profit Organization

New York, NY

DevTeam.Space rocks

We needed a new long-term product development partner to identify the issues, and ideally, take over the entire product. The performance of our shipping platform increased dramatically since DevTeam.Space stepped in. We plan to continue working with them on a long term basis.

Richard Chilton

Owner, Island Bargains

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Types of Web Development Services

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Aran Davies

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Hire Web Developers

DevTeam.Space offers a comprehensive range of web development services utilizing all of the most popular programming languages, frameworks, and platforms (see below). It goes without saying that which one you choose will depend on your unique web development requirements.

The great news is that our vast community of developers covers every technology stack, so no matter what your requirements, we have the experts that you need.

If you need help defining your requirements or finding expert web developers then simply request a complimentary call with one of our experienced tech account managers by submitting a request here.

To give you an idea of some of the web development technologies that we use on a daily basis, here are a few examples of the top technologies that we use to help our clients build their latest web applications.

Top 10 Web Development Technologies We Use

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Angular
  3. React
  4. Vue
  5. ASP.NET Core
  6. Django
  7. Express
  8. Laravel
  9. Node. js
  10. Spring
  11. Java
  12. Python
  13. PHP
  14. JavaScript

Ruby on Rails Web Development

Ruby on Rails (sometimes called Rails) is one of the most popular technologies that we use in web development today.

It is an open-source web application framework written in the Ruby programming language. It was created by David Heinemeier Hansson back in 2005.

One of the central reasons that it is so loved by developers is that Ruby on Rails is designed to simplify the process of developing web applications by providing a set of conventions and best practices. Here are a few more reasons.

The top advantages of Ruby on Rails include:

  1. Rails follows the MVC architectural pattern, which separates an application into three main components: the model, which represents the data and business logic; the view, which handles the presentation and user interface; and the controller, which manages user requests and interactions. The MVC pattern supports rapid, parallel development where modifications do not affect the whole model.
  2. Rails promotes sensible defaults and conventions, reducing the need for developers to always have to think about how to structure their applications. This convention-over-configuration approach helps developers write cleaner and more maintainable code.
  3. DRY is another great Rails feature that helps developers avoid having to write duplicate code by reusing existing code. Our developers love this.

Airbnb, GitHub, and Shopify are just a few examples of the great applications that have been created using Rails.

A few other very notable advantages of Rails include first-class community support, which has resulted in a huge number of Ruby on Rails applications, libraries, and snippets being made available to developers to help them quickly build in new functionality.

The other great feature is Rails’ standardized readability, a feature that makes it easy for any developer to review existing code quickly so that they can continue to build or maintain it with ease. If you are planning to use different developers to undertake the long-term maintenance of your code then this feature is very important indeed.

Angular Web Development

Angular or Angular.JS, is a popular open-source JavaScript framework for building dynamic web applications. It is maintained and developed by Google,  which means you can expect this framework to be around for a long time yet.

Angular is specifically designed to create single-page applications (SPAs). What our developers love is that it provides a powerful set of tools and features that allow them to develop performant web applications complete with a rich user interface and great functionality.

The most notable advantages of Angular include:

  1. Angular applications are built using components, which are self-contained, reusable units of code that encapsulate both the user interface and the logic associated with it. Components can be nested to create complex user interfaces.
  2. Angular offers two-way data binding, which means that changes in the user interface are automatically reflected in the application’s data model and vice versa. This simplifies the process of keeping the UI and data in sync.
  3. Angular uses a dependency injection system that allows developers to easily manage and inject dependencies (such as services and data) into components, making it more modular and testable.

React Web Development

The last web development technology that we are going to look at is React or React.js or ReactJS. Yes, just like Angular, that’s a lot of different names. We just call it React.

React is an open-source JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook (Meta) and a community of individual developers and companies. React is used for developing interactive and dynamic web applications, particularly for creating single-page applications (SPAs) and mobile applications.

The best features of React for web development include:

  1. React is centered around the concept of components. A component is a self-contained, reusable unit of code that represents a part of the user interface. Components can be composed and nested to build complex UI structures.
  2. React uses a virtual representation of the DOM (Document Object Model) to optimize the rendering process. Instead of directly manipulating the actual DOM, React computes changes in a virtual DOM and then efficiently updates the real DOM only where necessary. This leads to improved performance and faster updates.
  3. React encourages a declarative approach when building user interfaces. Developers describe what the UI should look like for a given state, and React takes care of updating the DOM to match that state. This simplifies UI development and makes it more predictable. This leads to faster and more dependable applications.

These are just a few examples of the technologies that DevTeam.Space developers use daily to help our clients build their web development projects.

Keep in mind that choosing a specific framework or platform for your web development project will depend on your specific project requirements. Nail these and you will have all the information you need to outline what professionals you will need in your development team and what skill set they will require.

If you need any help or wish to quickly access a whole community of great developers, then submit your project request via the button below and one of our dedicated account managers will be in touch to answer any questions that you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about DevTeam.Space. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

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1. What is web development, and why is it important for my business?

Web development refers to the process of creating, building, and maintaining websites and web applications. It encompasses various tasks, such as designing the user interface, coding the functionality, and optimizing for performance and security. Web development is essential for your business because it allows you to reach a global audience to showcase your products or services. A well-developed website can improve your brand's credibility and help you stay competitive in today’s digital age.

Front-end and back-end development are two distinct aspects of web development. Front-end development focuses on the user interface and user experience. It involves creating the visual elements of a website that users interact with, such as layouts, buttons, forms, and navigation. Front-end developers typically work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring the design to life.
Back-end development, on the other hand, deals with the server-side part of the website. Back-end developers are responsible for the functionality of the site, including server configuration, databases, and application logic. They work with server-side languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, or Node.js to handle data storage, user authentication, and other core functionalities. Both front-end and back-end development are crucial to creating a fully functional and user-friendly website. If one sucks, the other most certainly will too. Always hire great designers and developers.

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