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You can use DevTeam.Space Mobile App development services to either outsource your entire project or hire individual developers and manage them yourself.

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Get a dedicated tech account manager with mobile app development expertise managing a dedicated team of mobile app developers following our practice-proven Agile process.

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If you are a tech-experienced product manager and prefer to manage developers yourself, get our top mobile app developers assigned to your project.

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We can support you with DevOps engineers, backend developers, QA engineers, designers, and other experts needed to successfully develop your project.

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With DevTeam.Space's mobile development services, you can build a mobile app of any complexity, from prototyping to enterprise solutions.

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United States

All backend Android iOS Java Mobile Python

A mobile app for iOS and Android for over 1M users to enjoy!




United States

App Store iOS Mobile QA

An app to help 5M+ users create beautiful and professional photos with ease.



Booking App


All backend Design Mobile React React Native

A custom appointment scheduling iOS and Android app with calendar integration, live chat, and payments/payouts.


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DevTeam.Space built a custom web portal for a hedge fund. They handled a complex development project, remaining organized and professional throughout. They’re accessible and tackle any challenge. Customers can expect a quick and skilled development team.

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We manage the IT for an almost 100 year old international Not-For-Profit Foundation. Between our inhouse team and DevTeam.Space we made our deadline, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the end-users and management.


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New York, NY

DevTeam.Space rocks

We needed a new long-term product development partner to identify the issues, and ideally, take over the entire product. The performance of our shipping platform increased dramatically since DevTeam.Space stepped in. We plan to continue working with them on a long term basis.

Richard Chilton

Owner, Island Bargains

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are mobile app development services?

Mobile app development services include a range of activities related to mobile application design, development, testing, and deployment for various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Mobile app developers undertake a range of development services like UI/UX design, feature development (using popular mobile app development languages like Kotlin, Swift, and JavaScript), backend development (handling app hosting, data storage, and API integrations), functional and non-functional (security, scalability, performance, etc.) testing, deployment, and maintenance. Businesses leverage app development services from mobile app development companies like DevTeam.Space to create feature-rich, engaging, and scalable mobile app solutions.

You can either outsource your complete mobile app development project to DevTeam.Space, a leading mobile app development company, or outstaff mobile app developers or development teams from us to manage on your own. Our mobile app developers can undertake custom mobile or web app development of any complexity. So, whether you want to build a new native or hybrid mobile app or update and maintain an existing one, our developers have extensive experience undertaking successful mobile app development projects.

Mobile app development involves creating native mobile apps for specific operating systems, such as iOS and Android, and cross-platform apps that target multiple mobile devices using a single codebase. The key roles of mobile app developers include both frontend and backend development using the required frameworks (like SwiftUI, Native Android Kit, and Flutter) and tools (like Xcode, Android Studio, and VS Code). Mobile app developers test and publish mobile apps on app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store. Mobile app development includes building mobile solutions ranging from social media and gaming to enterprise, healthcare, and more. Mobile app development services focus on delivering a performant, secure, and engaging mobile app for users.

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Types of Mobile App Development Services

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Hire Mobile App Developers

DevTeam.Space offers a complete range of mobile app development services. Our developers have helped clients develop all kinds of modern native and hybrid mobile apps using all the major languages, frameworks, platforms, and other technologies.

You can either outsource your complete mobile app development project to our developers or hire a number of developers from DevTeam.Space and manage them yourself.

The tech stack you choose for your mobile app development project depends on your specific project requirements.

If you need help or wish to learn more about the services we offer, get in touch for a complimentary discovery call with one of our tech account managers by submitting your project request here.

Top Mobile App Development Languages, Frameworks, and Platforms

  1. SwiftUI
  2. Android SDK
  3. React Native
  4. Flutter
  5. Java
  6. JavaScript
  7. Python
  8. Ruby
  9. AWS
  10. Azure
  11. AI / ML
  12. Blockchain

The following are a few examples of the top mobile app development technologies that our developers use on a daily basis. Below, you can read about their benefits while finding out some interesting facts about them.

SwiftUI iOS App Development

SwiftUI was created by Apple to act as a powerful declarative framework to enable developers to build native user interfaces for Apple iOS. Our developers use it daily because it is the premiere programming language that is used to create Apple apps.

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Some of the key features of SwiftUI include:

  1. Thanks to Swift’s declarative syntax, developers are now able to define the UI look and function without having to provide a sequence of procedures.
  2. SwiftUI reliably produces a valid UI layout and is commended by our developers as being “fun to use”. This is developer speak for a big thumbs up.
  3. It offers good support for SwiftData, which is a framework that handles data persistence, including data modeling and querying.

If you are planning to build any kind of native Apple application then you will almost certainly need to include a Swift developer in your development team.

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Development

Developed by Google, Android SDK consists of a huge number of libraries and development tools that can be used to build Android applications. Again, our developers use it on a daily basis.

Some great features of Android SDK include:

  1. Android SDK is supported by Google, which, for any of you who has been living on another planet, also created and maintains the Android OS.
  2. The Android SDK platform provides a multitude of great build and debugging tools. There are too many to mention but examples include Android Debug Bridge, Systrace, and Android Studio, an IDE for Android application development.
  3. Google offers lots of API services that include Google Maps SDK, Sign-In, Pay, Fit, etc. These dramatically speed up development and help to reduce security errors and bugs.
  4. Android SDK offers an Android Emulator. This tool allows mobile app developers to create virtual Android devices in order to comprehensively test applications for different device configurations without having to use any actual physical Android device.

Our developers love Android SDK. Any chance to get help debugging code is welcomed by each and every developer on the planet. Bugs are time-consuming and often very frustrating to fix. One of our developers reminded us of a well-known developer joke, “We find the bug, we fix the bug, now we have two bugs, now we have three bugs…”

Due to its huge development community that has resulted in a wide range of tools and APIs, you will need a developer very knowledgeable in Android SDK if you wish to build either a native or a hybrid Android app.

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Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter is another Google framework that enables developers to build mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps. Thanks to its growing number of advantages as it develops, more and more of our clients are starting to use Flutter for their application development.

Some of the key advantages of Flutter include:

  1. Flutter supports cross-platform application development from a single codebase. This means our developers can reuse these code components to build applications on multiple operating systems. This saves both time and money.
  2. Flutter offers near-native app performance on most operating systems. This is because it piles directly to the machine code, including ARM or Intel machine code and JavaScript. The ability to generate an application that works on more than one OS, without much loss in performance, is one of the reasons that Flutter is becoming so popular.
  3. Flutter offers an extensive widget library to create complex user interfaces. Developers can customize these widgets to meet unique design needs. Some examples include Cupertino-iOS and Material Design libraries to build UI components for iOS and Android apps.

Note: We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting good developers who write clean code when undertaking hybrid application development, and any other development for that matter. Poorly coded hybrid apps are nothing less than a nightmare.

If you are planning to develop an application for more than one OS, then Flutter is most certainly worth considering.

Our developers recommend that you get professional guidance on this because, depending on the complexity of your project, undertaking hybrid application development vs. native app development may or may not be suitable for your needs.

Send us your project requirements via the button below and one of our account managers will get in touch to answer any questions that you might have.

React Native Mobile App Development

React Native is another hybrid application development framework. It was created by Meta to help developers build mobile applications for various platforms, including iOS and Android. Some of the key React Native features include the following:

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  1. Like Flutter, React Native offers near-native app performance compared to other hybrid app development technologies.
  2. React Native provides a core of platform-agnostic native components direct to the platform’s native building blocks. This saves time and increases reliability.
  3. React Native allows developers to leverage a vast collection of pre-built UI components that developers can readily customize to meet specific UI specifications. Developers can also utilize other JavaScript libraries and tools while developing apps with React Native. This makes React Native more developer-friendly.

Choosing a specific framework or platform for your mobile app project will depend on your choice of either a native or hybrid app, as well as feature specifications and other unique requirements.

If you have any questions, you can arrange a discovery call with one of our tech account managers by submitting your project request via the button below.

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