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Top 10 Expert Java Developers to Hire in 2022

Andy | Android Developer


6 years of Android development, 2 of which as a team lead. Skillful with any part of Android development, including networking, databases,...

  • Android SDK
  • C#
  • Dagger
  • Groovy/Grails
  • Hibernate Python
  • Java
  • Java EE
  • Kotlin
  • OkHttp
  • Retrofit
  • RxJava
  • Spring
  • SQLite
  • Android SDK
  • C#
  • + 11 more

Denis | Android Developer


Experienced Android developer with strong expertise in Java for Android, Kotlin, OpenCV, Qt, C# with MS SQL Server. Modeling and...

  • Android SDK
  • C#
  • Dagger
  • Java
  • JDBC
  • OpenCV
  • Qt
  • RxJava
  • Android SDK
  • C#
  • + 6 more

Dimitry | Android / Java Developer


4 years experience in InfoSec, BI and SIEM. Certified SIEM system Security Capsule. Some experience in Android and Java development....

  • .Net
  • Android
  • BI
  • C#
  • Git
  • InfoSec
  • Java
  • JavaRX
  • Linq
  • MySQL
  • postgresql
  • SQL
  • WPF
  • .Net
  • Android
  • + 11 more

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DevTeam.Space can provide both Java development teams and individual Java programmers. Lots of businesses want a field expert development team since such teams are far more efficient and are less likely to make mistakes.

Hiring individual developers from multiple platforms and trying to integrate their work can be a difficult experience. Naturally, they want to hire a cohesive team. We recognize that the business requirements of our clients vary, therefore, we are flexible to meet any kind of requirements.

DevTeam.Space has a stringent vetting process. We assess the technical skills and project experience of developers meticulously before they are allowed to join our community. We also consistently encourage developers to upgrade their skills meaning that you will only get high-quality developers from our community.

DevTeam.Space has a client-focused hiring process that is designed to make onboarding developers or development teams as fast and straightforward as possible. Your dedicated account manager will be there to help you at every stage of the hiring process.

How to Interview and Hire Java Developers

Java emerged back in 1995, meaning it is now a well known and established language. Two-and-a-half decades later, it has built an army of software developers who can write with it.

This general-purpose programming language is class-based and object-oriented. Organizations of all sizes use this open-source programming language for a wide range of projects. They use it to develop desktop and mobile apps. Many businesses use it for web development, big data processing, embedded systems development, etc.

The “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) philosophy of Java allows for great portability. This statically-typed language with powerful memory management features enables coders to avoid many common programming errors.

Oracle claims that Java runs on 3 billion devices, and that’s not surprising. The language covers a wide spectrum in the software development landscape. Whether native Android development or using J2EE in an enterprise project, Java has made its mark.

Many observers compare Java with languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc. These other languages certainly have their strengths. However, Java remains the first choice whenever most organizations undertake a complex software development project.

Its versatility drives start-ups and technology giants alike to use Java. For example, Google uses Java in many of their most important projects.

The popularity of Java has resulted in many developers learning it. Therefore, you might think that you can easily hire Java developers. However, the demand for Java programmers is great too. As a recruiter, you might need to spend significant time and effort to hire them.

You need to choose which hiring platform to use. General-purpose freelancer platforms can help you to find Java developers.

The best option, however, is to choose a reputed software development company that can help you to hire full-time Java developers. If you are executing a complex app development project, then you will need full-time programmers. Software development companies might be more useful in this case.

You will need to interview Java programmers. We suggest that you look for the following skills:

1. Java development skills

Top Java developers should know the following:

  • Java programming language and its rich ecosystem;
  • Various software architectural patterns;
  • Object-oriented programming;
  • How to write reusable Java libraries;
  • The working of “Model-View-Controller” (MVC) pattern;
  • How JDBC works;
  • Popular frameworks to develop web applications, e.g. Spring Boot, Struts, Play, and Spark;
  • How concurrency works in Java;
  • Hibernate, the popular “Object-Relational Mapping” (ORM) tool for Java programming;
  • How to add Java code in HTML by using JSP;
  • Java GUI frameworks like Swing;
  • How Java servlets work;
  • How the “Java Virtual Machine” (JVM) works and what are its limitations;

Depending on your project requirements, you need to look for more specific skills. For example:

  • You might need skills in specific web development framework;
  • You could need full-stack web developers with CSS and HTML skills along with Java skills;
  • You need developers that know popular IDEs like Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA;
  • For developing a native Android app, you need coders with native Android development experience and familiarity with Android Studio.

2. Other skills that Java developers need

Best Java developers need a few more skills, which are as follows:

A. The knowledge of DevOps tools and practices

Java developers in the modern era of software development need to understand DevOps tools and practices very well. The tools could vary depending on projects, however, the underlying DevOps concepts are the same. You need Java programmers that know the importance of an effective CI/CD environment.

B. Familiarity with cloud platforms

You will likely use a cloud platform in your project. Cloud platforms eliminate the need for upfront investment in infrastructure, moreover, you don’t need to focus on infrastructure management.

Your project requirements will determine the cloud platform you use. For example, you will use “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) platforms AWS Elastic Beanstalk or Heroku to develop web applications. On the other hand, you will use a “Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service” (MBaaS) platform like AWS Amplify for developing mobile applications. You need a software developer with Java skills that also knows how to use these platforms.

C. The knowledge of developing secure applications

You might process sensitive information in your app and not just aggregate social media data. You need Java developers that know how to code secure applications. Look for the following skills:

  • How to proactively identify and mitigate key application security vulnerabilities like injection and broken authentication;
  • The knowledge of using tools and techniques like multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, etc.;
  • How to secure APIs.

D. The skills to develop 1st party APIs

You will likely develop 1st party APIs since they help the front-end of your application to access the back-end using a consistent framework. REST (Representational State Transfer) is the de-facto standard for API development, therefore, you need Java developers that know how to develop RESTful APIs.

Look for programmers that know how to use API development and documentation tools. They should know how to host APIs using cloud platforms. They need the skills to build the backend by using modern SQL and NoSQL databases.

Java programmers should know how to create effective rules for API requests and responses. They need to secure APIs using tools and techniques like authentication tokens, encryption, quotas, throttling, and secure gateways.

E. A background of succeeding in software development projects

The Java developers you hire should know how to succeed in a software development project. They need to know the following:

  • How to code in line with the architectural decisions in the project and why it’s important for developing web services;
  • Coding in alignment with the user interface design principles used in the project;
  • How to collaborate with testers and DevOps engineers to establish an effective CI/CD platform;
  • How to review code and find defects early in the lifecycle;
  • The importance of collaborating with the information security team for compliance and security testing.

3. How to find competent Java developers?

We have covered the skill requirements, therefore, let’s take the subsequent steps:

1. Choose a hiring platform to hire Java developers

Your choice of the hiring platform influences your project a great deal. Hiring the right kind of people will help ensure project success. On the other hand, hiring inexperienced Java programmers can cause significant deviations from your budget, schedule, and quality objectives.

Turning a troubled project around costs a lot. Choose your hiring platform carefully.

General-purpose freelancer sites can help you to hire Java developers. Their transparent and secure contracting processes can help. While you can get freelancers at a lower rate, you expose yourself to risks.

Freelancers work part-time on your project. They work remotely, and managing part-time remote freelancers can be hard. Freelancer platforms deduct up to 20% of their earnings, which can demotivate them.

Freelancer platforms specializing in software development are a better option. Their screening process ensures that only high-quality developers join their community. They don’t offer any project management support though. You will need to mitigate the risks of working with freelancers without support from the platform. Be 100% sure to sign an NDA.

The best option is to hire Java developers from software development companies such as DevTeam.Space. In addition to providing development services, we provide full-time developers who are experts in whatever tech stacks your project requires. You can onboard and offboard the developer whenever you like.

We also implement physical, technical, and procedural safeguards such as NDAs to secure your sensitive information.

2. Interview the shortlisted candidates

You have now chosen a hiring platform, now you need to interview the candidates. If you are a Java expert, then you can now interview them. Otherwise, you can ask an associate to interview the candidates. You can also find interview questions from websites like Stack Overflow, etc.

Cover all the skill areas that we have mentioned. Ask the candidates about the complex projects in their portfolio. Find out from them how they approached the complex problems thrown up during the development.

Explain your project requirements, and ask them how they would approach them. You should expect specific responses.

3. Provide relevant information about your application development project

Even top Java developers need relevant information to succeed in your project. Explain the business requirements and the architectural decisions, and provide the documents to the developer you hire. Introduce the developer to your team.

Explain the roles and responsibilities of the developer. Provide access to the technical environment of your project including your source code repository. Set up a communication process. Explain the project schedule and iterations. Describe your milestone review process and payment T&Cs.

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