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What can be done with Ruby On Rails?


ROR was created using Model View Controller architecture that helps with development by dividing an app‘s function into separate parts in order to allow for improved user interfaces.


Large libraries make everyday programming tasks like session management a breeze with ROR. There are modules to help with just about every common aspect of programming too, making ROR a great choice for developers.


Unlike other frameworks, Ruby on Rails doesn‘t use XML configuration files. Instead, programmers are able to specify configuration parameters using simple programming conventions.


Ruby on Rails is packed full of great development tools that not only help to make projects easier to develop but also better apps in general. Take for example Active Record, which is Ruby on Rails‘ Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) feature. It acts as an interface between tables in a database and the ROR program that interprets/manipulates the data, making the whole process faster and more efficient.

To help with debugging code, ROR records detailed error logs to help make coding easier for even the top ROR programmers. The main drawback to using ROR is that it requires a good base knowledge of the underlying framework in order allow a developer the power to truly customize a project. Many ROR developers for hire who lack the appropriate knowledge have found themselves unable to complete apps to the standards that their project managers require. If you are looking to hire ROR developers for a large or complicated project then you would be well advised to employ the services of a large development team such as DevTeamSpace. We have all the experience and expertise needed to make your app a glowing success.

Benefits of Ruby On Rails

It’s easy

With its huge libraries and a vast range of tools and plugins, ROR is a powerful choice for developers throughout the USA and elsewhere. Granted the framework does require programmers to have a good level of background knowledge, but this is something any project manager should insist on from their developers anyway.

It’s Simple

Provided you have a good ROR developer or dev team working for you, Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework for your project. It utilizes the Convention over Configuration (CoC), and the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principles, all of which help developers save time by reducing the amount of code that needs to be written.


ROR is designed to be a flexible framework. With it, a good development team has an enormous amount of power at their fingertips, like the ability to migrate databases to any other platform with ease. ROR is also created in such a way as to make the construction of apps more intuitive to how programmers code, something which is an enormous help to us developers.

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Nic Poulos

  • Bowery Capital

DevTeamSpace team is proactive, drawing on operating experience to understand not only your vision but also its purpose; they are skilled, making the right judgment calls and iterating quickly; and they get customer service, providing honest counsel on cost-benefit and real-time process transparency. I highly recommend DTS and look forward to working with them again!

Jonathon Nostrant

  • Hardware Startup

We're a hardware company and have to have top experts across all fields related to IoT. DevTeam.Space's approach was extremely appealing to us – they were able to connect expert-level dev teams for our AWS server, mobile applications, and firmware within days. Having these teams following the same structured process and supported by the AI-powered system allowed us to progress much faster. If you're looking for high-end dev resources try DevTeam.Space!

Rahul Thathoo

  • MyTime

DevTeam.Space has been a great support to us. We needed help with frontend specific projects for a big release. They came on board, with almost no time taken in ramping up with our code base, and were able to deliver on time! For fast, effective service, contact DevTeam.Space.

Jason Jou

  • SenStay

We had 5 projects and 3 different development teams across multiple tech stacks. One dashboard to navigate all the projects, two project managers, daily updates directly from developers, blockers tracking, and daily stand-up calls have created a productive atmosphere and helped us to move much quicker. If you’re looking for high-end software outsourcing services and developers for hire - look no further.

Tony Amos

  • Principis Capital

Working with DevTeam.Space was a positive and professional experience from the start. They had all the tools in place to support Agile Scrum project management, communicated status daily via the dashboard, delivered their Sprints on time, and stayed on top of project blockers. I look forward to working with them again!

Ria Mehta

  • Marketing Director at SkillRail

DevTeam has been a true pleasure to work with. They are always available, willing to help, and so dedicated to making their customers happy. I appreciate all the hard work they put into all the projects we’ve hired them for. I will continuously use their services due to their high quality of work and their genuine team.

Jeff Mortensen

DevTeam Space took over a derailed project for us in the middle of development. Very quickly they cleaned it up and were able to get us to the finish line FAST with very little bugs or other issues to work out. The DevTeam Space team also took the time to really understand our business concept. They gave us valuable feedback and suggestions along the way to improve the customer experience. We have worked with many app developers over the past few years. We were pleasantly surprised how quick, efficient, and engaged the DevTeam Space group is! We highly recommend!

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CEO, Electrical Product Startup

“For a developer to pick up a legacy system code, understand it, and run with it that quickly was pretty impressive.”

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“I’m a small business, so I appreciate the time that they prepare and dedicate to me.”

Founding Engineer, Sonar

“They're really receptive to feedback.”

Chief Technical Officer, MyTime

“As far as finishing stuff in time, DevTeamSpace was amazing.”

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