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Top 10 Expert Ruby On Rails Developers to Hire in 2020

Alex | Full-stack Developer and an Expert in Ruby

Dev team: Data Engineering, 12 developers, map-pin Europe

  • AWS
  • EC2
  • Heroku
  • MongoDB
  • Nginx
  • Node.Js
  • Rails API
  • React.Js
  • Redux
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL (MySQL / PostgreSQL)
  • AWS
  • EC2
  • + 10 more

With over 3 years of experience in Ruby and 5 years in JavaScript, Alex is a full-stack developer and an expert in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React.js+Redux and other frameworks, databases, unit testing, etc. He has worked on large open-source projects and has solid experience working with a wide variety of technologies.

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The hiring lead time with DevTeam.Space is very quick. As soon as you contact us with your project requirements, we will contact you with a shortlist of the most suitable developers in our community. Once you have chosen your new developer(s) or development team, we will set up the communication channels and everything else you need. As soon as you say the word, they will start working.

Ruby on Rails development is quicker than several other frameworks. This makes many entrepreneurs or project managers think that hiring mid-level developers will suffice.

Remember that Ruby is a dynamically-typed language. While this makes it a powerful and versatile language, it can also make debugging hard. Programming errors originating from incorrect variable types can be hard to debug, therefore, senior developers play a key part in Ruby on Rails development.

To guarantee the best return on your investment, make sure to hire one of our experts.

DevTeam.Space has always focused on quality. Our vetting process ensures that only the very best developers join our community. We at DevTeam.Space also consistently encourage our programmers to upgrade their skills meaning that you only get the best Ruby on Rails developers.
We provide both. Business requirements vary from client to client, and we recognize that. Some clients want to hire only individual programmers, whereas, other clients prefer a field-expert development team. That is why DevTeam.Space offers flexible onboarding and offboarding of developers and development teams.

How to Interview and Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

The creators of Ruby on Rails declared it an open-source framework in 2004, and it has gained considerable popularity since then. It’s a powerful framework that can help you do a lot very quickly.

For example, you can easily create a peer-to-peer video calling app like Skype using Ruby on Rails. You can also create modern apps using AngularJS on the frontend and Ruby on Rails on the back-end.

Its ease-of-use and popularity have prompted many programmers to learn Ruby on Rails over the years. You can certainly find lots of Ruby on Rails programmers out there today. This might give the impression that you can easily hire developers for a Rails project. In reality, hiring such developers is more complex.

The key to resolving this dilemma lies in carefully reviewing your project and business requirements. Before that, another key question demands your attention. How best to evaluate a Ruby on Rails developer? We suggest that you look for the following skills:

1. Ruby on Rails framework skills

In many ways, Ruby on Rails is quite different from other server-side web development frameworks. You are using this framework primarily to reduce the time and effort you need to build a web application.

Consider the focus on “convention over configuration” in Ruby on Rails. If you follow the naming conventions that the framework suggests, then you don’t need to write lengthy configuration-related code. This can save a lot of time for developers. However, programmers need to know the framework quite well to take advantage of its strengths.

Look for developers with the following skills:

  • Ruby on Rails framework;
  • Common libraries like Capybara, RSpec, and Resque;
  • Ruby syntax and its intricacies;
  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Server-side templating languages like Liquid;
  • Server-side CSS processing.

2. Other development skills associated with RoR application development

Effective Ruby on Rails programmers need to have a few more skills too. Look for the following sills:

  • JavaScript, which is a powerful programming language for front-end development;
  • HTML5 and CSS3;
  • The knowledge of concepts like “Model-View-Controller” (MVC), “Object Relational Management” (ORM) frameworks, etc.;
  • Minitest, a popular testing tool for Ruby.

Note: Depending on your business requirements, you could offer features that use cutting-edge technologies. You would then need to look for associated skills, which aren’t necessarily Ruby on Rails skills. For example, look for Python skills if you require “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) development. Here, we focus on Ruby on Rails and associated skills.

3. Other software development skills

A successful Ruby on Rails developer will need several other skills too, which are as follows:

A. Application security skills

You will likely process some form of sensitive data in your web app. Given the focus on data security and privacy these days, you would need to secure your app. Look for the following skills:

  • The ability to mitigate key application security vulnerabilities like injection, broken authentication, etc.;
  • The knowledge of tools and techniques like multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, etc.;
  • The skills to secure the 1st party APIs;
  • The knowledge of best practices related to coding.

A full-stack web developer or a mobile app developer must know lots about application security if your product is to be secure.

B. API development skills

You need RESTful API development skills when you hire Ruby on Rails developers. Note that we aren’t talking about 3rd party APIs here, rather, we are talking about developing your own 1st party APIs.

APIs help the front-end of your app to access the back-end using a consistent framework. You can also scale your development process with the help of APIs. “REST”, which stands for “Representational State Transfer”, is the de-facto standard for API development.

Hire Rails experts that can use appropriate tools for API development. They should be able to use modern databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. to create the backend. You will likely use a cloud platform, and they should be able to host APIs using it.

The Ruby developer you hire needs to secure the APIs they develop. Such a developer should know how to use tools and techniques like authentication tokens, encryption, digital signature, quotas, throttling, etc. for this. Knowledgeable developers should know how to design API endpoint URLs smartly, moreover, they should be able to formulate effective rules for API requests and responses.

C. The familiarity with cloud platforms

Look for developers that have familiarity with cloud platforms. Using a cloud platform can help you to focus on design and development instead of infrastructure management. Since you are developing a web application, you can use a “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) platform.

Popular PaaS platforms like AWS Elastic Beanstalk or Heroku manage the cloud infrastructure, networking, storage, operating system, middleware, and runtime environment. This enables you to focus on development.

Such reputed PaaS platforms typically offer robust DevOps tools. They help you to integrate APIs and scale your app. The good news is that most of the experienced Ruby on Rails developers know about these PaaS platforms.

D. The skills to deliver software development projects successfully

You need developers that know how to make your project a success. Look for the following skills:

  • Code review: Code review can catch many defects that testing can’t. Application security vulnerabilities are prominent examples.
  • Coding in alignment with the UI design: A successful programmer knows how to code in perfect alignment with the UI design.
  • Coding in line with the architectural decisions: Experienced programmers know that their code should align with the software architectural decisions in the project.
  • Collaboration: Effective programmers proactively collaborate with testers and DevOps engineers so that the project can have an effective CI/CD environment.

4. How to find the best Ruby on Rails developer?

Now that you know the skills you should look for, you need to start the hiring process.

Make no mistake! Ruby on Rails is an easy-to-use and versatile framework, however, web development using this framework isn’t necessarily easy. Of course, developing an eCommerce app could be easy. However, most projects tend to be more complex.

Your hiring decisions directly influence the success of your web application development project. Choose your hiring platform carefully.

1. Decide what kind of platform to hire Ruby on Rails developers

Freelancer sites are very popular for small projects. While they don’t focus exclusively on software development, these platforms have large networks of freelancers. You can hire Ruby on Rails developers on these platforms, moreover, you might even be able to negotiate a low rate.

These platforms don’t provide any project management support though. Freelancers try to earn more by working on multiple projects simultaneously which can cause delays and problems. Some deduct fees of up to 20% which can be demotivating to freelancers.

Alternatively, some freelancer platforms focus specifically on software development, and many have a developer vetting process. This is good news as you are more likely to get programmers of a higher quality.

Unfortunately, these platforms don’t provide any management support so you need to manage the risks associated with freelancers. Managing time zone differences can be hard even with full-time developers, and it’s certainly harder with part-time freelancers.

The best option is to hire a developer through a software development company such as DevTeam.Space. We can provide Ruby on Rails developers for your application development project.

Our efficient and transparent contracting processes can help your recruiter dramatically cut down the lead in time to onboarding a great developer. DevTeam.Sapce also implements technical, procedural, and physical safeguards to protect your sensitive data. For example, we make our developers sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA).

2. Interview the shortlisted candidates

After you choose a hiring platform, you need to interview the shortlisted candidates. Get someone with knowledge of Ruby on Rails if you don’t know this framework enough. You can also find interview questions from the Internet.

In addition to covering all the skill areas we have mentioned, you need to evaluate the project experience of the candidate. Check whether they have worked on complex projects and ask how they dealt with the complexities. You could ask them to show the apps they developed using the Rails framework.

Explain your project requirements and ask them to explain how they would approach the project. Don’t satisfy yourself with anything but comprehensive responses. Ask them to show tangible aspects of how they would achieve your project requirements.

3. Provide detailed information about your application development project

Information is the key to the success of any product development, and your developers need it too. Provide all the information relevant about the project, which includes requirements and design documents. You need to explain the roles and responsibilities, deliverables, and the technical environment clearly.

Give access to all the relevant tools like your GitHub repository. Explain your quality management processes, milestones, communication process, and the payment T&Cs. Introduce the developers you hire to your existing team and foster a spirit of collaboration. Establish accountability standards and measures.

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Ruby on Rails is a very promising framework, however, creating an app using it can often be complex. You should hire developers with all the relevant experience and skills.

Why not take a few minutes and fill our DevTeam.Space product specification form and a dedicated account manager will contact you to tell you more about our process and the expert Ruby on Rails developers in our DevTeam.Space community.

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