Build Great Products With Our AI-Powered Agile Development Process

You can either fully integrate our developers into your product development processes, or follow our process outlined below.

Hiring expert developers and managing them are the two most difficult parts of building great online products.

At DevTeam.Space, we help businesses to efficiently overcome these two challenges by:

  1. Helping them to hire top developers from our invite-only vetted community of expert development teams and engineers.

  2. Helping them manage hired developers with our unique AI-powered agile process.

Our process consists of proprietary tools and a set of specific guidelines. It guides our clients as product owners step-by-step through the process to help them avoid major pitfalls and ensure project success.

Our AI-powered process helps to:

  • Split the product development into weekly software development cycles and tie it in with payments
  • Streamline and regulate communication
  • Track developers’ performance as a team, as well as individually
  • Receive daily bite-size updates as well as weekly performance reports
  • Identify roadblocks, so they can be resolved in a timely manner

Project Set-Up

  1. Tell Us About Your Challenge

    After you submit your project request, we'll reach out to you to schedule a discovery call with one of our tech account managers. Our goal is to learn as much as possible about your product development needs and to assign you with the most relevant developers. We can sign an NDA if needed.

  2. Hire Top Developers with Relevant Expertise

    Based on your request, your dedicated account manager will assign one or more developers who have the most relevant expertise. We will then prepare the project roll-out with a detailed estimate and project time-line.

  3. Get Outstanding Results with Zero Risk

    Once the project roll-out is approved, we sign a "work-for-hire" master agreement, which includes two crucial statements:

    1. The client owns all intellectual property (IP) from day one
    2. Developers will not get paid before successfully completing assigned tasks to the client's satisfaction. We hold your payment securely at DevTeam.Space until you approve its release.

    We then set up the first weekly agile sprint and get started.

Thanks to our AI-powered agile process, it's extremely easy to scale your dev team up and down should you decide to alter your project.

This allows us to undertake software development projects of any size and complexity while giving our clients maximum return on their investment.

AI-Powered Agile Process

You can fully integrate our developers into your product development processes, or follow our process outlined below.

  1. Getting the Ball Rolling

    When the first sprint is approved, your account manager sets up the communication channel, task manager, code repository, dev server, and the project dashboard, so that everything is ready to go.

  2. Crossing the Chasm With an Ongoing Progress Tracking

    From day one, you will receive daily bite-sized project updates directly from your dev team. You can read them via your project dashboard or via email.

    In addition to this, you can communicate with your dev team during regular stand-up calls and via your dedicated text project channel.

  3. Moving Forward With Everyone on the Same Page

    At the end of each weekly sprint, you'll receive a data-driven project performance report allowing you to monitor yours’ and the developers’ performance.

Weekly reports offer better insight and allow us to hold everyone accountable to ensure that our high standards of quality and speed are met. They include detailed comments to show you if and where the process might be lagging behind and what kind of improvements are needed.

On the final day of each weekly sprint, we schedule a call with you to discuss the completed tasks and to review the tasks for the upcoming sprint. This cycle is repeated throughout the project.

Submit your project and get a complimentary strategy session.