Our Process

At DevTeam.Space, we apply a data-driven agile process in all of our projects. It's a very sophisticated process we've put together over the years, and the one we are consistently improving based on daily project development data.

Our process is semi-automated. It allows us to deliver higher quality than a freelance platform or agency, yet at scale. We pride ourself on our expertise in integrating easily into any business environment, something which allows us to ramp up the development very quickly.

Historically, the DevTeam.Space approach works best for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a long-term serious development partner. We're best at building and scaling complex software projects which require high-end experts from different spheres (such as mobile, web, and server environment) to work together simultaneously. You can read more about our value proposition here.

Project Set Up

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    At the core of our process is our exclusive community of field-expert development teams. Each dev team has 10 to 50 developers and has a very specific expertise in a particular technology stack or an industry. All our developers are trained to follow our data-driven agile process and use our tools. You can read more about our top-rated dev teams here.

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    After you post a project request on our website, one of our in-house tech account managers will reach out to schedule a strategy session. If you don't have a solid process in place (which is often true even for enterprise-level businesses) we will guide you by providing you with a project specification template and all the necessary questions. Our goal is to learn as much as possible about your product development needs, review the current code base (if any), and learn how product development goals are connected to your marketing/business activities and deadlines. This helps our account manager determine which developers should be assigned to your project. We can sign NDA if needed.

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    The next step is to prepare the project roll-out, assign relevant developers, and to plan out the first weekly sprint. Usually, we assign multiple dev teams for one project.Thanks to our data-driven process, it's extremely easy to scale up and down your dev team as needed.

The first sprint is planned by our dev team and must be approved by you during a sprint kick-off call. Prior to starting development, we sign the master agreement. The agreement is structured as "work for hire", so that you own the intellectual property (IP) from day one.

Data-driven Development Process

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    Once the agreement is signed and the first sprint is approved, the account manager will set up the communication channel, code repository, dev server (if needed) and the project dashboard. After this, we will be ready to start.

We usually start sprints on Tuesday or Wednesday. If we started them on a Monday then we would end up deploying on Friday, which is not a good idea because of the weekend.

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    You will receive daily bite-sized product updates directly from developers. You can view them via your email or on your project dashboard. The update will also describe roadblocks (if any).

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    At the end of the weekly sprint, you receive a project performance report.

The report's data clearly shows the overall project performance by both the dev team and the client team. It comes with relevant comments so you can clearly see where the process is lagging behind and which improvements should be made. Weekly reports help to keep everyone accountable and ensure that DevTeam.Space’s high standards of quality and speed are always met.

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    In addition to that, you can communicate with your dev team on a daily basis in your dedicated project channel. This is usually done before 12 pm. The day before the sprint ends, we schedule a kick-off call for the next sprint where you will be required to approve the upcoming tasks. The cycle repeats.

Check our FAQ page in case you have any other questions.