What can be done with Swift?

Create cutting-edge apps

Swift has been specifically designed to make app development faster and easier. It has a bunch of inbuilt features that make code easier to write and to check. This means that developers can now concentrate on writing the best code possible to make sure the final product is everything its project managers dreamed it could be.

Test parts of your code in real-time

Apple‘s Swift Playground allows developers to test isolated sections of code to see how they function. Another super developer friendly feature, it helps even the best coders quickly check their code to make sure that everything they have written works as it should.

Write apps not just for iOS but for Linux and Android too

By using Apple‘s pre-built binaries for Ubuntu, developers are able to create apps for Linux. Expert Swift developers are now able to work on the code server-side as well as the client-side since development can be accelerated through shared functionality etc.

Create any size app with ease

Whether you are a startup or a large company looking to create your own custom-made app, having the flexibility to add new features as you go along is a must. When creating the Swift language, Apple purposely built-in scalability. Thanks to the relative simplicity of its codebase Swift allows for additional developers for hire to be brought onboard quickly and without any trouble.

This feature has been a much welcome addition for our top DevTeamSpace Swift specialists. It has given them the flexibility to take on any additional features that our clients have chosen to add to the project at the last minute. Not only that, it helps us guarantee that we will never miss our agreed deadlines as we can simply hire more Swift developers as and when we need to.

Benefits of Swift

It’s easy

Swift uses type inference, meaning that developers don‘t need to add type annotations. Instead, a compiler recognizes what is being the inferred from the information being inputted. This is one feature that has made the job of the programmer so much easier, and of course, faster.

It’s Simple

Apple wanted Swift to be open source to try to make it “the major language for the next 20 years of programming in our industry”. Swift now has one of the most passionate and dedicated open source communities of any programming language, both in the USA and abroad. Swift claims a 40% increase in performance over its predecessor Objective-C.


IBM has supported Swift‘s integration into the cloud. It integrates with most existing backend technologies and helps to speed up development when used in both backend and frontend app development by facilitating extensive code sharing. For all our team here at DevTeamSpace, this is certainly music to our ears.