Altexsoft Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

Altexsoft Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

At a time where digital expansion is exploding at astronomical growth rates, more and more businesses feel obliged to leverage the expertise of top software professionals.

Needless to say, having skilled tech engineers on any team will be crucial in a business’ ability to secure a powerful foothold in digital spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic and maximize the chances of their projects’ success. For that reason, it is not a shock that recruiters are all searching high and low for those software gurus who can assist them.

In an effort to capitalize on the growing need for software engineers, several platforms have emerged which enable employers to outsource talent. Some of these permit businesses to hire freelancers, in turn leaving the task of vetting possible candidates to the hiring professional. On the other hand, other portals, such as Devteam.Space, feature exclusive selection processes and features that significantly reduce the chances of unfavorable professional collaborations while guaranteeing the success of your project.

Today, we’re going to turn our attention to Altexsoft, a company that connects businesses with software talent. We will cover who they are, the services that they offer to employers, as well as a breakdown of why you should (or should not) use this platform, among other things.

What Type of Software Professional Should You Hire?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty related to AltexSoft and the services which they offer, let’s dive into the vast world of information technology and the different professional roles there. As you know, not all IT professionals do the same type of work. Therefore, knowing this information will be important in order for you to determine whether AltexSoft has the specific profile that you’re looking for.

To begin, let’s take a look at the different kinds of developers which exist.

What Kind of Developer Do You Need?

A software developer (also called a software programmer or a software engineer) is an IT professional who builds both software and systems for a client.

  1. Assuming that your project isn’t very complex (i.e a few landing pages), then it isn’t necessary for you to onboard a full-time software engineer. Instead, you ought to be able to get by with a part-time engineer who dedicates enough time to your project on a weekly basis to get it completed within the deadlines that you have specified. In doing so, you should aim for a software professional who has delivered projects which are similar to the one that you would like completed. In such cases, you may be required to purchase a landing page template. The developer will then implement it for you by establishing the corrections you need such as email forms and your domain name, among other things.
  2. On the other hand, if you deem your project to be more complex, then chances are you need a full-time developer. For example, a WordPress-based website may require you to hire a developer who has the necessary expertise in WordPress to undertake your project. In such cases, you will have to pay for a theme template. The developer will then tweak the backend section, set up the server, and do all other activities that are needed to guarantee a smooth completion of your project.
  3. Naturally, if your project is much more complex than a standard WordPress website or relies heavily on big data, then in all likelihood you need to onboard a development team comprising multiple personnel. While you may elect to personally scout for each professional within the team, it is better to hire a complete team like a development agency to get the job done. This type of team can create custom websites, like marketplaces. In such cases, they will use NodeJS for backend programming and Angular JS for any type of frontend work. Usually, WordPress will be the website builder of choice. Your development team will consist of a graphic designer, frontend and backend software development, and a DevOps specialist. Ensure that the members who form part of your team have experience in Javascript and Python, among other things.
  4. If you are working on a mobile application, your project is even more complex than most. In such cases, having a standard development team will not suffice. Instead, you ought to recruit a mobile development team. This will be a diverse group of professionals who will cover your every need. These will include web developers and mobile experienced designers (preferably those with skills in UX design), among others. Together, they will handle both your frontend and backend software needs. Depending on whether you will be developing a cross-platform solution (either on an iOS or Android platform), you will need to either expand your team or secure professionals who are specialized within a particular skill. Ensure that the mobile team is able to show you case studies of previous projects they worked on which were similar to yours.
  5. Finally, it may be incumbent upon you to use either a complex .NET or Java solution for any type of enterprise-level SaaS product that has an advanced software composition. These include software comprising more than one microservice as well as those which feature complex API integrations. In doing so, tasks related to data engineering, artificial intelligence integration, and blockchain may need to be done. In such cases, it is imperative that you hire software developers who have experience in these types of projects. To be more concrete, they ought to be familiar with server architectures, cyber-security, and high-availability systems.

In all likelihood, the type of project you will be undertaking will most likely fall under one of these mentioned above. For that reason, you should pay particular attention to the specific software profiles we have mentioned as it will save you both time and money when recruiting for your project.

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What Kind of Designer Do You Need?

A designer (also called a software designer) is someone who uses their creativity to build the look of customized software. Although we have touched on it previously, here’s a more comprehensive breakdown of the types of designers that fit well with certain types of projects.

  1. If you have a minor software project such as making websites for a web page or building web interfaces, then hiring a web designer will suffice. The same goes if you’re looking to build a website from scratch.
  2. If your primary goal is to build compelling visual images, then you can get the job done with a graphic designer. In short, graphic designers are people who beautify designs with colors, words, images, and other effects. If you want leaflets, logos, brochures, business cards, packages, invitations, or anything of the sort, then a graphic designer would be the perfect profile for the job.
  3. In addition to images, you may need animations. In a nutshell, an animation is simply an image or character that has been brought to life. Video games and movies (like Frozen and ToyStory) constitute some of the most common forms in which animations have made their way to the forefront of our lives. If your project centers around animated designs, then you ought to look for an animation designer who has both the skillset and experience in the type of work that you’d like to get done.
  4. If you are looking for elaborate types of animations that involve more complex software, then your best bet would be to hire a motion graphics designer. These professionals handle a multitude of video projects including storyboards, product demos, animated presentations, and more.
  5. As mentioned previously, when working on mobile apps, you need to hire a designer. That said, depending on the type of project you’re working on, you may need to hire either a UX or a UI designer. UX designers are those who use research, among other things, to construct a design that promotes the best type of customer experience possible. UI designers, on the other hand, are focused exclusively on the optimization of visual images to create compelling narratives. While they do ensure that the visual aspects of the website coincide with the needs of a user, they are less concerned with the complete user experience (like the user journey), instead, centering exclusively on the visual graphic side of things.

Needless to say, understanding the different roles that designers play within a project will be crucial in helping you secure the right profile for your needs.

Now, let’s get into AltexSoft.

What is AltexSoft?

AltexSoft (AltexSoft Inc) is a technology & solution consulting company operating specifically within the hospitality and travel industry respectively. To be more specific, they are an IT consulting firm that works directly with travel-tech startups, online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and all other worldwide businesses within the travel sector who want to use technology products in their operations.

As technology consulting partners, they were founded in 2007 in Carlsbad, California. Since then, they have gone on to establish five (5) offices all of which are located either in the United States (San Diego, Atlanta, Fremont) or in Ukraine (Kharkiv). They are the self-proclaimed number one employer in Ukraine among SMB IT-companies. Since their launch, they have worked on approximately 152 projects, all of which are within the travel and hospitality niches.

Evidently, their presence in both the U.S and Ukraine implies that the company works in both the U.S. and European markets. Some of the companies with whom they have collaborated include Cornerstone Information Systems, Bravo Store Systems, and Fareboom, to name a few.

As has been indicated, AltexSoft defines itself as a consulting company. Let’s examine the main areas where they offer this type of service in greater detail:

  • Technology consulting: As a consultancy company, AltexSoft seeks to provide solid recommendations for businesses to enhance the type of products and services which they offer. In this branch of consultancy, they specialize in enterprise architecture, performance improvements, and cloud consultancy respectively.

With enterprise architecture, they aim to foster system scalability by directing companies to the IT tools and software which they need to use in order to reduce expenditure on software.

When it comes to performance improvements, AltexSoft’s goal is to assess the effectiveness of how your business consumes system resources as well as the amount of time which you spend using them. Based on their findings, they then make recommendations so that you can improve the performance of your business across all operations. These may include automation-based solutions, among other things.

Finally, with regard to cloud consulting, the company provides guidance to businesses that are seeking to migrate their services to the cloud. To be specific, they provide advice on the type of cloud service provider which a company should use, in addition to other things.

  • Data Science & Machine Learning Consultancy: Data science and machine learning are two of the most sought after areas of expertise for businesses. Capitalizing on this need, AltexSoft has elected to offer services within data analytics in order to help businesses come one step closer to the kind of solutions they desire.

With regard to machine learning, AltexSoft is willing to use natural language processing to train your machine to develop chatbots, read images correctly, and use smart assistants. The company also leverages predictive analytics solutions by feeding your machine with batches of data. That way, your machine can say what the future may hold regarding a particular series of events.

AI Solutions for Industries: AltexSoft also assists businesses by securing them cutting-edge technology solutions and algorithms. By this, it means that they will take advantage of the latest in industry-specific artificial intelligence (AI) software to position the businesses they work with in the best possible way that they can.

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Business Intelligence: AltexSoft teaches businesses how they can incorporate analytics tools in their dashboards, custom indicators, and visualizations. That way, they streamline the speed at which they make data-driven decisions and power up their business operations.

  • UX/UI Consulting – Having outlined the roles that UX and UI play in how customers interact with a business, it is unsurprising that AltexSoft has elected to offer consultancy in this area of design experience. Businesses can get in touch with them for solutions that seek to enhance the experience clients have with their software solutions, cut back on costs, boost sales, and increase company credibility, among others.

To be more precise, their UX and UI consultancies all serve to boost the conversion rate of your company. By optimizing your products and brand image through stellar visuals and customer-centric experiences, they seek to leave no stone left unturned in their quest to make your products prime to hook in conversions at any point during a customer journey experience.

However, in conjunction with consultancy, here are some more services which AltexSoft offers the customers with whom they partner:

  • Digital Transformation: With digital transformation reaching its peak, AltexSoft continues to assist businesses in finding the best way to position themselves in digital spaces. In order to do this, they build cloud infrastructure, put in place mechanisms for data organization, complete experience and culture changes, and implement business model transformations that match the needs of the current digital market.
  • Travel technology practice: In order to align their services with the companies of the specific niches within which they operate, Altex also tailors solutions for travel technology that match the needs of the businesses with whom they work. For this, they utilize customer-focused technology and data-centric processes that seek to simplify how companies manage their operations.
  • Business Vertical: In addition to all of these, companies can also utilize AltexSoft’s expertise in multiple niches and sectors to build upon their own operations, if they feel the need to do so. The company professes to have experience in finance, healthcare, travel, marketing, media and entertainment, aviation and transportation, and Ecommerce and retail.

The Pros & Cons of AltexSoft

With over a decade on the market, AltexSoft has become a staple among software companies in the markets which they serve. Their track record and experience make them a common option for businesses who wish to work with a company that has their credentials.

Having said that, for some businesses, AltexSoft isn’t the best choice to work with.

Let’s examine the top advantage and disadvantage of their business to find out why.


As has been previously indicated, AltexSoft is a company which has years’ worth of experience working in the travel and hospitality niches. With over a decade of experience, there is no doubt that this company will be able to offer solid software advice for most businesses who operate in this industry. In addition to this, each individual member of the IT team which the company leverages has an average work experience estimating roughly 7.5 years. This means that not only does the agency have ample experience, but the specific members who form part of their team have also been working on similar projects for years. In addition to this, the company has expertise in other niches. For that reason, if you are looking to expand your business into a different industry or hoping to combine projects which are from different niches, you may find that AltexSoft may be able to assist you in determining the software solutions you need to effect the smooth handling of your project.


In as much as AltexSoft has a host of experienced professionals who form part of their team, businesses need to be aware of the fact that they are selective with the companies with whom they collaborate. Despite having been operational for over a decade, this company has only worked on 152 clients. This means that on average, AltexSoft works on roughly 11 projects a year. Some may attribute this to their willingness to work within a specific niche, hence the reason they pull in a smaller number of clients than most. However, this is unlikely since they also offer consultancy for other industries. Considering that they are the most sought after company of its kind in Ukraine, in all likelihood, they receive more than 11 applications a year. However, it would seem that they are more inclined to work on fewer projects annually. Consequently, logic would indicate that since they work on such few projects a year, it is probable that they are more expensive than other companies which offer a similar service. Depending on your budget, a partnership with AltexSoft may be too costly.

In a nutshell, AltexSoft’s desire to work on small batches of projects at a given time increases the chances that your project will be rejected. Besides, even if it isn’t rejected, in all likelihood, you will have to spend an exorbitant amount for a service that you can access elsewhere.

Here’s how you can secure high-quality software engineers for a fraction of the cost that AltexSoft would charge you.

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AltexSoft vs Devteam.Space

Businesses looking for software engineers have come to the realization that there is no need to meet the astronomical fees that companies like AltexSoft charge. Instead, they can contract software engineers who are equally as talented, experienced, and skilled through other platforms.

Devteam.Space is one such platform that enables these types of dream partnerships to come to a reality. We are a vetted community comprising expert development teams who are all supported by an AI agile process that makes managing professional collaborations as stress-free as it ought to be.

All tech experts who form part of this exclusive hub are unique in the sense that they have ample experience in software creation and have demonstrated technical skills while having the necessary training in project management that makes them the ideal candidates for any software project.

By guaranteeing a rigid select process, we guarantee that all members of our community meet the high standards that are expected of our partnering companies both in terms of technical skills as well as general project management capabilities.

Any company which collaborates with us is promised a top development team that is backed by the agile process methodology. This, combined with a powerful AI management tool, allows businesses to tap into multi-disciplinary professionals who have both the technical skills and tools needed to streamline a business’ operations and promote transparency throughout the entirety of a business’ product development cycle.

To be more concrete, the Devteam.Space AI technology which we use breaks down your software product cycle into distinct segments that are treated as milestones. Through the software, businesses can manage each milestone to facilitate better internal operations, among other things. For example, an employer can link payments to milestones in order to promote better project workflows and create tentative estimation dates that allow for smooth communication, easy data tracking, and more.

Learn more about how Devteam.Space can assist you coming out on top with a stellar development team today.

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