Intellectsoft Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

Intellectsoft Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

When it comes to digital evolution, it is difficult to think of a more stressful and nerve-wracking experience than sourcing dependable software and app developers.

These are professionals who form the backbone of your technology endeavors, holding the very success of your project in the palm of their hands. For that reason, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that your onboarding attempts to reel in the best possible candidate for the job.

In an effort to meet the increasing demand for software developers, tech-specific online platforms have sprung up. Portals like DevTeam.Space all make it possible for you to handle your developer recruitment initiatives online. The question remains, however, as to which one is ideal to secure the type of software engineer you need.

Let’s break down (or simply Intellectual), one of the many hubs where you can source tech engineers, to help you determine whether this is the type of platform that you should be using.

What is Intellectsoft?

Intellectsoft ( is a boutique software company and digital transformation consultancy (similar to a startup) found on the internet of things (IoT) that works chiefly with both Fortune 500 companies and enterprises to power-up their digital expansion with innovative, cutting-edge resources.

They offer a host of digital transformation services such as enterprise software development, IT consulting, UX design, UI design, software testing, and software teams that companies can outsource to tackle their tech projects.

The platform leverages a team extension model that involves studying a client’s development needs, methodologies, work culture, health care coverage in order to match them with expert software engineers.

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They operate internationally where they connect companies with high-quality software engineers. They boast engineers with the following profiles:

  • 76% have over five (5) years worth of experience in software development;
  • Roughly 80% of their development team members have at least a Master’s degree;
  • Collection attrition rate oscillating at 14%;
  • Target attrition rate calculated at around 12%.

As part of quality control, guarantees that their development team has mastery of the following key areas in software creation:

  • Software languages: Intellectsoft-approved teams dominate top software programming languages such as PHP, Rust, Scala, Kotlin, Python, Objective C, C/C++, C#, and Java, all of which are important to artificial intelligence, augmented reality, automation, big data, and the future of E-commerce.
  • Mobile app technology: This community connects you to software engineers that are well versed in markup languages like HTML5, programming languages like Javascript, frameworks like React as well as Xamarin, Blockchain technology, and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Depending on your needs, knowing how to handle mobile app development will guarantee your success moving forward.
  • Top frameworks: Intellectsoft software engineers are expert tech gurus in software like Firebase, JDBC/JPA, Hibernate, EJB, and Apache Camel, among others.
  • Database Management: In addition to these services listed above, the tech engineers at Intellectsoft know how to use tools like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL, and No SQL.
  • Cloud Management/Cloud computing: Software engineers who partner with Intellectsoft are adept at Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

The Pros & Cons of Intellectsoft

As is evidenced by the promises they make regarding their software team, Intellectsoft has a tendency to attract many businesses.

That said, despite the appeal that they offer, some companies will not find Intellectsoft as an ideal choice to outsource a software team.

Let’s take a closer look at the main pro and con associated with them:


Intellectsoft has both the ability and expertise to connect you with a fully-fleshed out development team that coincides with your needs while matching your work culture. In recruitment, as you know, it is not just about securing someone who has the knowledge. Rather, it’s also about teaming up with professionals who gel well with the type of image and environment that you and your staff promote. Needless to say, their willingness to go the extra mile and edge engineering solutions through candidates who pair excellently with your work culture make them a clear favorite when it comes to recruitment.


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Undoubtedly, for a partnering business, the most glaring drawback to collaborating with Intellectsoft is in the lack of assurance provided when it comes to the quality of the service they deliver. While the company has been in operation for over thirteen (13) years and served over 500 clients, it is difficult to find reviews on their services, be them positive or negative. Consequently, in as much as they claim to be a top provider in technology services, the inability to assess the company’s services by way of client reviews places the partnering business at a risk in terms of project completion.

Intellectsoft vs Devteam.Space

If you are looking for premium-quality software engineers who can take charge of mobile and web development, DevTam.Space has got you covered.

As much as Intellectsoft offers a slew of services to potential customers, the fact remains that it is difficult to source reviews that paint a picture of their customer service and proficiency in the services they offer. As a result, irrespective of how attractive their package may be, if you cannot get a clear estimate of how they perform when it comes to complex issues within projects, then they’re only as good as they are on paper.

DevTeam.Space picks up the mantle by offering guaranteed high-quality software development services with the ideal software engineers your company needs.

This goes for both strategic IT and system integration alike.

By offering greater flexibility, our software development companies leverage our worldwide community of developers to connect you to the best fit for your specific software needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Oslo, Minsk, tech hubs like the Silicon Valley in California, Palo Alto, New York, Ukraine, or any states in the United States,: you will find a developer who has the right profile that your business is looking for.

Unlike Intellectsoft which banks heavily on their software engineers’ academic background as a focal selling point, Devteam.Space attracts seasoned managers who have the know-how and industry experience to take full ownership of a software project and return it to the client when it’s done.

Our developers are equipped with in-depth training in agile methodology in order to drive high-quality results in a short period of time. Discover how Devteam.Space can help you today.

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Software engineers aren’t products with an infinite lifecycle that you leverage when you want.

You need to connect with top tech professionals today If you want to stay ahead of the pack and position your business where it needs to be.

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