Oxagile Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

Oxagile Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

As companies continue seeking new and innovative ways to expand computer vision and conquer more digital territory, employers have turned their attention to recruiting software engineers who have the skills needed to accompany them on their journey.

This is far from surprising, to say the least. Companies that wish to capitalize on the profitable power of the internet need to have the resources behind them to make it happen. For that reason, recruiters are hustling to secure talented software engineers who can form part of their wider project teams to take their initiatives to the next level.

In order to aid employers in their quest for top talent, several online platforms have come about. Platforms like Devteam.Space enable recruiters to accelerate their path to the software engineers that they need by combining work culture, skills, and qualifications to find the perfect match.

Now, we’ll go over Oxagile, another type of platform that recruiters can leverage to secure software engineers. We’ll take a look at who they are, what they do, and whether it’s a decent platform for employers to use.

What is Oxagile?

Oxagile (www.oxagile.com) is a fifteen-year-old outsourcing and software development company which is located at 77 Water Street, 8th floor, New York City, in the United States of America.

For over a decade, Oxagile has worked primarily in the North America and European market, collaborating on over 450 projects with companies that include promising startups, Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 customers. Among them, their partnerships include Google, Vodaphone, Kaltura, and Discovery Channel.

Due to their experience working on hundreds of companies, Oxagile offers web development services across multiple niches including healthcare, finance and banking, client acquisition, sports and fitness, eCommerce, and public safety, in addition to others.


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Oxagile LLC claims to deliver custom software development services to the companies with whom they collaborate.

With regard to exactly what they offer to clients, here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Mobile application development: Companies can contact Oxagile to build out mobile apps that seek to solve their business problems. The software company develops cross-platform, hybrid, and native applications that are fully functional on Android and iOS platforms. These services include all tasks related to user design (UX) that Oxagile will have to undertake.
  • Custom software development: Oxagile offers business consultancy on the creation of software solutions. This includes all stages within software development, including conceptualization, planning, prototyping, and implementation.
  • QA Automation: In an effort to assist companies in their productivity, Oxagile offers an in-house automation framework. With it, a company can check software functionality, APIs, and more.
  • Web Portal Development: Oxagile uses its software team to create mobile-friendly web portals that leverage much of the software that eCommerce platforms use. In doing so, they set-up, enable, and maintain important software functions such as secure payment portals and data protection services, connecting them to each company’s business domain.

As a service provider, Oxagile utilizes a wide range of technology:

  • Web and mobile development technology: In order to create web and mobile technology, Oxagile uses a number of software programming languages and frameworks. These include Java, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and PHP.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): At a time where AI (machine learning) is increasingly becoming a commonplace software resource for businesses, Oxagile offers a host of real-time AI-related technological services such as automated video archive classification for editors, AI-driven audience segmentation, UI & UX customization software, and more.
  • Big Data: For businesses who work with large quantities of data such as those who operate in the advertising, healthcare, e-learning, video streaming (VOD), and retail niches, Oxagile’s development team does everything from defining big data strategy to analytics and reporting.
  • Internet of Things(IoT): As part of their consultancy packaging, the Oxagile team provides counsel on IoT development across sectors including the agriculture, automotive, social media, marketing (Adtech), and healthcare industries.

The Pros & Cons of Oxagile

Having been on the market for over a decade, Oxagile has made a name for itself as a leading provider in software solutions with which companies can partner to get their projects completed.

That said, while some businesses may be ready to collaborate with Oxagile, others are hesitant to do so for legitimate reasons.

Let’s examine the main advantage and disadvantage for any company that wishes to work with Oxagile.


As mentioned previously, Oxagile is a world-renown company with a proven track record of success over the last fifteen years. Having worked with many leading companies offering counsel and software development services, they have built a solid reputation on the market. For that reason, some businesses gravitate towards them because they feel that they are guaranteed high-quality service.


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While Oxagile does have a clean reputation in the industry, it is undeniable that they are highly selective with the companies with whom they partner. Over the course of fifteen (15) years, Oxagile has only worked on 450 projects. On average, this means that per year, the company works on roughly 37 projects, a figure which rounds out to roughly two weeks per project. This implies that the company picks and chooses the clients with whom they would like to work, meaning that not every business that wishes to work with them will be given the opportunity to do so. This also suggests that Oxagile is in all likelihood on the higher end of the spectrum of competing businesses and the cost of their services. After all, if they only work on 37 projects a year, it is probably that each project promises a higher payout rate than if they were to do more projects.

In short, Oxagile’s tendency to be exclusive with the businesses with whom they partner coupled with the high cost of their services make it challenging for some companies to partner with them.

Luckily, there’s a way to solve that problem.

Oxagile vs Devteam.Space

Companies around the world are realizing that they can bypass the high fees charged by Oxagile while still securing top software talent by utilizing Devteam.Space as a platform.

Devteam.Space is a virtual space that connects businesses with top software professionals irrespective of their location.

Unlike Oxagile which has an exclusive business model that promotes selectivity when it comes to the businesses that they collaborate with, the only thing exclusive that Devteam.Space advocates for is the seclusive nature of the tech professionals who work with them.

The software engineers who form part of the community are one of a kind professionals who have competitive profiles which combine the best technical skills with project management proficiency to guarantee the success of a business’ project.

By ensuring a strict selection process within the community of tech professionals, Devteam.Space promises quality assurance as well as the ease with which companies will be able to complete their projects with the software engineers.

When companies outsource software engineers from Devteam.Space, they are securing top project managers who are skilled in the agile process methodology. In doing so, they access multi-disciplinary professionals who streamline processes throughout a company’s product development cycle in order to ensure smooth workflows.

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We also use an AI tool that facilitates easy integration of software team members in your workforce.

Devteam.Space AI technology divides the different phases of your software product cycle into singular blocks which culminate into milestones. These milestones are then linked directly to payments that reflect the amount that is due to each member of the team for the work that they have completed.

Needless to say, this makes it easier for companies and team members alike to visualize project workflows, track their progress, facilitate easy communication, and keep a record of payments.

Find out more about how you can use Devteam.Space to secure top talented software engineers and stay ahead of your competition today.

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