Vironit Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

Vironit Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

With the digital world expanding at an alarming rate, the quest for businesses to secure more virtual territory is at an all-time high.

In order to assist them on their journey to bigger profit yields online, employers are all scouting for top software engineers or development teams who have the skills needed to take on their projects.

With the demand for them rising, several platforms have come about which seek to simplify the challenge that employers face when recruiting developers. Some portals only allow recruiters to contract freelancers.

Others, like Devteam.Space, enable employers to contract expert developer teams that seamlessly integrate within the hiring company’s project team to get the job done.

Today, we’re going to turn our attention to Vironit, an entity that offers a similar type of service.

We’re going to break down who they are, what services they offer, and whether they are the best choice for a business looking for top software developers.

What is Vironit?

Vironit is a custom software development company that prides itself on creating bespoke software solutions for startups, small-to-medium businesses (SMES), and individual clients alike.


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To be concrete, they seek to offer software development services that fit within the agile methodology framework so that businesses can secure the flexible software solutions that they need.

In order to do this, they leverage user research of a business’ customers as well as teams trained in cross-functionality.

Ever since they were founded in St. Minsk, Belarus back in 2004, Vironit has always advertised themselves as a custom software development services provider. They handle projects ranging from business software, web-oriented solutions, and mobile apps.

Co-owners Maksim Osipau and Alexey Grakov lead a twenty-five (25) main member team comprising a CTO, Java, Unity, Android, .NET, and PHP developers in addition to a host of marketers and project managers who spearhead the different projects which the company agrees to work on. As of 2020, Vironit’s team has worked on over 600+ released projects across over 40 countries including the United States, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and the Netherlands, among others. These projects range across various niches such as real estate, ehealth, and more.

During this time, the companies with whom they have collaborated include Anatomy Next, Vero Visuals, Wimix LLC, and Baltic Partners.

As has been stated previously, Vironit identifies itself as a software development company. To be specific, they offer services in mobile app development, web development, enterprise development, IoT development, game development, AR/VR development (virtual and augmented reality), blockchain development, and dedicated developers. Here’s a breakdown of some of the main ones:

  • Mobile app development: One of the main services which Vironit offers lies in mobile app development. In order to meet the demands of the customers who they service, in addition to their 25-member team, Vironit also leverages the skills of an additional 110 software developers. A company that wishes to work with Vironit on a mobile application project can onboard their services at any point in time during the project. These include the ideation, development, and support stages respectively. They focus specifically on user design and experience when carrying out all of their services related to mobile apps. Vironit works with cross-platform mobile application development projects, including Android apps, iOS apps, and Hybrid apps, among others.
  • Web development: In addition to mobile development, Vironit also delivers solutions for web development for businesses that are interested in working with them. To be more specific, they create customized websites and web-based software applications. Their web development process involves prototyping, designing, building, and implementing digital projects which match the experiences which users hope to get from a business’ products. In short, this type of service covers web design, MVP and proof of concept, UI/UX design, content migration, E-Commerce websites, responsive websites, payment systems integrations, and other types of web apps.
  • Robotic process automation: With this type of service, Vironit seeks to boost how efficient a business’s processes and operations can be. Businesses across the medical, insurance, banking, and finance industries are using it to reduce costs as well as human error. Robotic process automation (RPA) focuses on five main processes, namely business analysis, business case discovery, proof of concept, implementation, and support.
  • Blockchain development: For businesses who are interested in blockchain adoption, Vironit uses IBM Hyperledger, mobile apps, and smart contracts to provide seamless integration into blockchain. Consequently, they offer smart contracts development, blockchain development, consultancy, cryptocurrency wallet development, and initial coin offering (ICO).
  • Game development: For businesses who are looking to leverage company expertise to release video games, Vironot offers game development services. These encompass all steps needed to bring your project to the market, including developing, fixing, and supporting games. They specialize in iOS, Android, PC, and VR games. For these types of projects, the majority of clients who have contracted Vironit to deliver these types of services are game development companies. However, they have also worked with startups, service, and digital companies to deliver game development solutions for them.
  • IoT development: When it comes to Internet of Things (IoT) software development, Vironit tries to bridge the gap between the needs of businesses in IoT and the solutions that they can secure. For that reason, they work to integrate IoT devices, cloud platforms, and gateways to deliver this type of ecosystem.
  • Enterprise software development: Additionally, Vironit offers business software solutions for large enterprises and businesses. Not only do they offer the creation of these applications but also their integration across operations to facilitate easier service management across key areas such as finance, production and automation, sales and marketing, and more.
  • Dedicated developers: In addition to the host of services mentioned previously, Vironit also allows companies to practice outsourcing of teams within their company to work directly on their software projects. More concretely, they can deploy as many as 30 developers to a given project within 1-2 weeks of having finalized the type of project you’d like to work on. Among the extended development team Vironit claims to have senior developers who have at least four years’ worth of experience in software development.

The Pros & Cons of Vironit

Having established themselves within the industry for the last several years, it is not surprising that many businesses turn to Vironit to deliver IT solutions. Needless to say, the track record that they have coupled with the experience of their team members makes them an attractive option for companies. That said, not all that glitters is gold. In as much as Vironit may be a recommendable company for select businesses, others may not find them to be particularly useful depending on the type of project they are working on. Let’s take a closer look at the main advantage and disadvantage that a professional collaboration with Vironit can bring to a partnering company.


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In a nutshell, Vironet has a solid reputation in the industry. With 600 hundred projects under their belt over the years, it is clear that the company gets their work done. This is bolstered by the fact that they have been awarded a spot among Feedspot’s top 50 software development blogs in the world, recognized by LinkedIn Trust as one of the top 25 software development companies on their list, and by Clutch, appearing as one of the top 15 software development companies in Belarus. Needless to say, the experience that they have across industries makes them a company that has knowledge of the specific types of software solutions that can offer maximum ROI for businesses.


Having said that, there are several drawbacks to partnering with Vironit. The main disadvantage lies in the fact that businesses have no way of guaranteeing or vetting the quality of the developers who form part of the company’s extended development team. Vironit makes no explicit mention of the means through which they have obtained the software developers who are outsourced to work on client projects. There is no indication as to their skill level, the software projects that the individual members have worked on, their qualifications, or their experience working in project management. For that reason, there is no guarantee that the software engineers or development team who works on your project have the skillset needed to promise your project’s success. Undoubtedly, for some businesses, this is quite concerning. After all, the inability to prove the credentials of an individual raises the possibility that an unqualified tech professional can slip through the Vironit and form part of their team.

In addition to this, for some companies, Vironit’s fees may be outside of their budget. After having received so many accolades, it would not be surprising if Vironit’s onboarding fees are more exorbitant than other agencies and platforms which offer the same service. For that reason, businesses who partner with Vironit run the risk of paying lots of money for a development team that may very well be sketchy.

Luckily, there is a way to go around this problem and get a stellar, reputable development team without the expensive price tag.

Vironit vs Devteam.Space

Companies all over the world have realized that it is not necessary to pay astronomical prices to secure software developers. While agencies like Vironit claim to have several software professionals lying in wait for your project, you don’t have to settle for anything less than a team that has the right credentials to take on your project. There is a way to contract talented, skilled, qualified, and experienced software engineers without spending copious amounts of money on shady professionals.

For example, Devteam.Space is an IT company that facilitates these kinds of dream collaborations where clients get the results they want from proven experts without spending the kind of rates that other agencies charge. Our community is composed of software developers who are vetted based on a rigorous evaluation system prior to joining. This evaluation consists of reviewing their qualifications, experience, and knowledge not just of software engineering but also of project management. You can source professionals who are adept at Javascript, Nodejs (Node.js), and Reactjs (React.js), among others.

We believe that it is imperative that the members of our software hub have done training in project management in order to guarantee smooth assimilation into the different phases in which they find themselves when integrating into the company which outsources talent.

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In doing so, we seek to maintain the high standard that our clients expect from us when it comes to the technical skills and capabilities of the businesses who collaborate with us.

All our partnering companies can leverage a real-time development team that is not only trained in agile methodology but is supported by an AI management tool. through software integration, this technology allows the company to facilitate transparency and ease in business operations and guarantee success throughout the various phases of a business’ product development cycle.

Our Devteam.Space AI software breaks up the software product cycle into different phases, assigning different members of the team to various tasks and integrating payment schedules. That way, companies can keep track of workflows and set realistic deadlines regarding the completion of a project.

Devteam.Space is ready to assist you. Learn how you can crush your next software project with our development team today.

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