Yalantis Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

Yalantis Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

As companies continue to seek innovative ways to position themselves both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, recruiters are all striving to secure talented software engineers who are willing to take on their projects.

This can only be expected from businesses. Any type of brand that wishes to establish a powerful presence online needs to have a team of professionals behind it, including tech experts who have the proficiency in select skills that companies are looking for.

In an effort to satisfy the need for talented software engineers, various platforms have sprung up which enable employers to outsource tech professionals for their projects. In turn, these employers are taking advantage of the opportunity to source these talented software engineers from platforms like Devspace.Team that match their company needs with the skills of the talent pool.

Let’s take a closer look at one such platform, namely Yalantis. We’ll go over what the portal is, what they do, and a short review of their performance.

What is Yalantis?

Yalantis is an outsourcing and educational Ukrainian development company within the software engineering niche that has been in existence for the last twelve (12) years.

To be more concrete, Yalantis is characterized by offering both customer technological solutions for businesses while simultaneously providing a learning platform named Yalantis Golang School for back-end developers.

Alexander Kholodov is the CEO of the software development company where he is supported by a Yalantis team comprising eight (8) leaders (himself included) who work together to lead the company’s web development, web app, and mobile solutions. All of these are available through the platform’s professionals who work to improve a customer’s user experience through technology branches such as customized UX design, among others.

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In short, their services center mainly around delivering software engineering and consultancy services to those businesses that need them. Although their two offices are based in Ukraine and Estonia respectively, they offer their services to clients all over the world such as those who reside in North America, South America, North Europe, West Europe, Asia, and Australia, among others.

Here’s a breakdown of the main services that they offer:

  • Platform Development: Yalantis leverages the knowledge of its team to build modular systems that clients can utilize to integrate into their own business operations and simplify how they run things.
  • Solution Design: The company also proposes designs for technical solutions that clients can take advantage of in order to resolve concrete problems that are affecting their business and preventing them from working optimally.
  • End-to-end Business Solutions: After analyzing a company’s specific needs, Yalantis prepares, designs, and implements all-in-one technological solutions that offer immediate solutions for all of the problems that a business is facing. This includes mobile app development across different platforms (Android apps, demand delivery apps, and other mobile applications).
  • Embedded Teams: In addition to the services mentioned previously, Yalantis also transplants software teams directly into a company’s work environment. They embed these teams into a given work structure, training them to follow a business’ procedures so that the work flow that is done aligns with the type of culture that is promoted at a given company.

They have partnered with companies such as Zillow, UBS, and KPMG, to name a few.

The Pros & Cons of Yalantis

With a track record of over twelve years in the industry, Yalantis is a company which is known for offering custom services within software engineering, being used quite often by businesses who need to outsource talented professionals.

That said, not all that glitters is gold. While Yalantis is a first-choice for some businesses, others are not as keen to partner with them for perfectly legitimate reasons.

Let’s go over the main advantage and disadvantage associated with working with Yalantis.


Yalantis is a company with a large trajectory of experience in the niche. As it stands, they have been operating for the last twelve years having accomplished an estimated 800 projects since their launch. Needless to say, their longevity in the industry, coupled with their high customer satisfaction rating (4.8/5), makes them a trustworthy name in the industry.

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In as much as Yalantis has a reputation for excellence, when you examine the number of projects which they conduct annually, they accomplish, on average, roughly 72. This works out to one or two projects a week. Needless to say, this constitutes a small number for such a fairly large team. Consequently, this implies that the company does not take on many projects at once, in all likelihood rejecting several requests from businesses who wish to collaborate with them. For that reason, if you apply to work with Yalantis, you may run the risk of not being selected.

While the notion of being rejected is unappealing for anyone, for businesses, it is encouraging to know that there is one platform that will never fail you.

Yalantis vs Devteam.Space

Devteam.Space is a virtual space that compensates for the selective nature of Yalantis by connecting high-quality talented software professionals with businesses who need them without placing any type of restriction on the number of collaborations that can be made through it.

Where Yalantis (and others like it such as Github) places a quota on how many companies can access their services, Devteam.Space offers limitless possibilities.

This digital platform arose in an effort to unite businesses all around the globe with software engineers who have the skills needed to undertake complex software projects and succeed time after time. The members of the quality are vetted based on a strict selection process that takes into account experience, skills, and qualifications, among other things in order to guarantee quality assurance. You can connect with a host of development teams who have expertise in skills such as Ruby on Rails, Java, Objective-C, Kotlin, Javascript, Behance, and more.

The software professionals which companies outsource are all leaders in project management who are skilled at the agile process methodology. Thanks to their capabilities in this area, these project managers are capable of streamlining business processes within the product development cycle to allow for more accuracy and better alignment of task functionalities with a company’s business growth.

Devspace.Team is an international, AI-powered service that touches every corner of the globe. From New York to Kiev or Dnipro (Ukraine) and back, any and everyone, irrespective of their place of residence, has the opportunity to leverage this platform.

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Here’s a brief summary of how this AI process tool works:

  • Devspace.Team breaks down the product development cycle into clearly marked steps that are directly related to the payments to which they correspond. As a result, both clients and team members are allowed to practice better project management by having complete access to the various segments of a project while promoting accountability across the totality of the project.
  • Makes the challenge of communicating across team members simpler.
  • Facilitates better visualization of the project so that all parties involved can make informed, timely decisions regarding the planning of tasks and each one’s expected completion date.

Whether you are a startup or seasoned business, into real estate or healthcare, or still finding your way, Devspace.Team has a home for you.

Learn how you can guarantee the success of your project with a software platform that connects you with talented tech engineers while promising you the very best in project management.

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