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Many businesses need to create dynamic web applications with a range of functionalities in order for them to beat the competition. Dynamic web apps have many interactive features and so allow companies to provide a whole range of hirings. Businesses need to launch their dynamic web apps quickly to get an advantage. Web frameworks that help businesses to quickly develop and launch such web apps are popular. AngularJS is such an open-source web framework. You will need the right AngularJS developers for the success of your software project. The fast-moving and competitive nature of the software development landscape can make hiring such developers hard. The right AngularJS developer job description template can make your hiring process easier.

Web frameworks like AngularJS expedite the software development process. Naturally, AngularJS enjoys high popularity. The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 states that AngularJS is the 9th most popular web framework. The popularity of AngularJS can make it hard for you to hire competent developers with this skill. An expert AngularJS developer earns a high salary in regions like New York, highlighting the demand for this skill.

Our AngularJS developer job description template can help. Use it to post a job for your AngularJS projects to hire the right developer.

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AngularJS Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Create an effective job advertisement by first introducing your company. Take this opportunity to provide factual yet exciting information about your company. Developers today have many choices, and they prefer companies that provide both growth opportunities and high salaries. Focus on the growth-oriented nature of your company. Provide detailed information on the organizational environment, work culture, and career development initiatives in your company. Explain your compensation and benefit plans. Demonstrate a willingness to negotiate the salary when required. In summary, create a compelling story about why an AngularJS expert should work in your company.

Job Description for AngularJS Developer Jobs

We are a growing and innovative company looking for an expert AngularJS developer to join our team. You will work on both development and maintenance projects in our company.

Your work will involve understanding our business requirements and developing new web applications using AngularJS. You will maintain existing web apps, and you will enhance them to incorporate new features.

As a software engineer in our team, you will work closely with our project managers, business analysts, software architects, developers, testers, and DevOps engineers. You will communicate proactively with the relevant project stakeholders.

We continuously review the effectiveness of our teams, software development methodologies, processes, and tools. As an innovative company, we undertake continuous improvement initiatives. You will work with our larger team to provide improved ideas. When relevant, you will also actively participate in such improvement initiatives.

Responsibilities of a Software Developer with AngularJS Skills

You need an AngularJS developer to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Understanding the business requirements by working with business analysts;
  • Gaining sufficient understanding of technical solutions from software architects;
  • Understanding the user interface design from UI designers;
  • Working with the testing and DevOps teams to understand the testing and “Continuous Integration” (CI)/”Continuous Delivery” (CD) environments;
  • Creating well-documented technical specifications for AngularJS modules;
  • Developing AngularJS applications that deliver the desired functional and non-functional requirements (NFRs);
  • Collaborating with other developers, tester, and DevOps engineers to ensure thorough testing and smooth deployment of web apps;
  • Maintaining and enhancing existing web applications;
  • Communicating with relevant project stakeholders, which includes status reporting;
  • Participating in continuous improvement initiatives.

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AngularJS Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

Look for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology when hiring an AngularJS developer. You need the following skills and competencies in such a web developer:

A AngularJS Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Primary Skills of an AngularJS Developer Including Front-end Developer Skills

    Hire an AngularJS developer that has the following skills:
    • Deep knowledge of AngularJS;
    • Sound knowledge of JavaScript and the experience of working as a JavaScript developer;
    • In-depth expertise in HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3;
    • The experience of creating single-page applications;
    • Thorough knowledge of the latest front-end technologies;
    • Sufficient familiarity with Ajax;
    • Robust knowledge of Node.js;
    • Deep knowledge of popular JavaScript frameworks;
    • Good experience in popular libraries like jQuery;
    • The knowledge of how to bootstrap an AngularJS application;
    • Several years of experience in client-side programming;
    • Experience in running unit tests for AngularJS applications using unit testing tools like Karma and Jasmine;
    • Familiarity with tools like Grunt and Gulp;
    • Robust work experience in Git and similar version-control tools;
    • Sufficient experience in creating a dynamic webpage;
    • Good familiarity with popular frameworks like ReactJS.
  2. Backend Development Skills That an AngularJS Software Developer Needs

    Look for the following back-end development skills in an AngularJS developer:
    • The experience of working as a full-stack developer and developing web hirings;
    • Deep knowledge of architectural patterns like MVC since this is important for back-end developers;
    • Sufficient familiarity with cloud computing platforms like popular “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) platforms;
    • Robust knowledge in relational database management systems like Oracle, MySQL, etc.;
    • In-depth knowledge of document databases like MongoDB;
    • Comprehensive experience in developing RESTful APIs;
    • Deep knowledge of identifying and mitigating application security vulnerabilities;
    • The ability to create scalable web apps that offer high performance.
  3. Software engineering skills that you should include in an AngularJS developer job description

    You need the following software engineering skills in an AngularJS developer:
    • Deep knowledge of software development lifecycle;
    • In-depth understanding of development and project management methodologies like Agile;
    • Code review skills;
    • Software defect prevention skills;
    • Robust knowledge of software development best practices and coding guidelines.
  4. Competencies That an AngularJS Developer needs

    You need the following competencies in an AngularJS developer:
    • Passion for excellence: You want to offer the best user experience to your clients, and the developer should work on this passionately;
    • Commitment: You need an AngularJS developer that’s fully committed to meeting your project scope, quality, schedule, and budget objectives;
    • Teamwork: The software developer you hire needs to work collaboratively with your larger team;
    • Communication skills: You need a programmer that communicates effectively with all project stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I Use Python Along With AngularJS in My Web Application Development Project?

You can use AngularJS for building a dynamic web application. For that application, you likely use RESTful APIs. You can certainly use Python to build those RESTful APIs. Therefore, you can use AngularJS along with Python.

AngularJS uses JavaScript, a dynamically-typed language. This allows AngularJS to offer flexibility. However, you can encounter variable type-related errors in dynamically-typed languages. You need developers with significant code review expertise to detect and eliminate such errors.

You need both the client-side and server-side software in your dynamic web app. A full-stack developer can do both. Therefore, you should look for a full-stack developer for your AngularJS project.

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