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Businesses use web applications to engage their customers, therefore, web apps are extremely important to their success. A business might also use a web application to facilitate a key business process. Organizations developing web applications need to focus on development. Cloud computing platforms like a “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) platform can help them. A startup can focus on software development while PaaS platforms take care of the cloud infrastructure, operating system, runtime, etc. Heroku, owned by Salesforce, is a popular PaaS platform. Businesses regularly look for a web developer with experience in Heroku. Hiring a Heroku developer can be hard so using the right job description template is a must.

Developing and deploying web applications quickly is important for businesses. However, provisioning and managing the infrastructure can take time. Organizations can’t focus sufficiently on software development when they spend time on infrastructure management. Cloud computing platforms like PaaS platforms can help. A PaaS platform like Heroku takes care of the cloud infrastructure, operating system, runtime environment, etc. Businesses using Heroku can focus on software development instead of infrastructure management. This makes PaaS platforms like Heroku and AWS very popular. A Gartner report shows the consistent popularity of Heroku. A software engineer that has experience in the Heroku platform can earn a high salary indeed, as such, lots of Heroku developers can be found in cities such as San Francisco, Dallas, and Louisville in the United States.

A Heroku developer is a high-demand job title, and hiring for such a job type can be hard. Use our Heroku developer job description template to kick-start the hiring process.

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Heroku Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Introduce your company to make a big impact at the beginning of your job ad. Provide an exciting introduction, however, make it factual. Focus on the growth-oriented nature of your company. This will make an impression on developers looking for exciting career opportunities. Explain the organizational climate and working environment in your company.

Talk about the skill development initiatives in your company and explain how you care about the growth of employees. Provide information about your compensation and benefits policies as well as any additional packages. Demonstrate a willingness to negotiate the right salary.

Heroku Developer Job Description

We are a growing company that’s looking for an expert full-time Heroku developer. Our web application development and maintenance projects use Heroku extensively, so your experience in the Heroku platform will be important to us. You will work on both development and maintenance projects.

Your software development skills, knowledge of Heroku, years of experience, and other competencies will help us to succeed in our business objectives. We have an existing software development team. You will work closely with other team members like project managers, software architects, business analysts, UI designers, testers, and DevOps engineers.

We routinely undertake process improvement initiatives. You will actively participate in such initiatives. Our continuous improvement journey encompasses methodologies, processes, tools, and people. You will come up with innovative ideas in these areas and be granted the freedom to implement them.

Responsibilities in a Heroku Developer Job

You will need a Heroku developer to take up the following responsibilities:
  • Understanding business requirements from business analysts;
  • Studying the solution architecture by working with the architect;
  • Understanding the UI design parameters from UI designers;
  • Developing technical specifications for web applications;
  • Coding web applications;
  • Working with testers and DevOps engineers for testing and deploying web applications on the Heroku platform;
  • Maintaining and enhancing existing web apps;
  • Communicating effectively with relevant project stakeholders;
  • Participating in process improvement initiatives.

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Heroku Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

You need a Heroku developer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields. Look for the following skills and competencies:

A Heroku Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Primary Skills of a Heroku Developer

    The primary skills of a Heroku developer are as follows:
    • Deep knowledge of the Heroku platform;
    • Knowledge of the programming language of your choice, which could be Java, JavaScript, Python, Scala, etc.;
    • The ability to code the front-end in line with the UI design;
    • Familiarity with HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3;
    • Excellent knowledge of Heroku add-ons and the Heroku Elements marketplace;
    • In-depth knowledge of using Heroku add-ons like Heroku Postgres, i.e., PostgreSQL on Heroku;
    • Sound knowledge of Docker;
    • Knowledge of popular libraries and frameworks of your choice, e.g., jQuery, Ruby on Rails, etc.;
    • Familiarity with tools like GitHub;
    • Years of experience in deploying web apps on the Heroku platform.
  2. Full-stack Developer Skills Like Node.js That a Heroku Developer Needs

    You need a full-stack developer when developing a web app, therefore, look for the following skills:
    • Good knowledge of popular architecture patterns like microhirings architecture;
    • Good knowledge of Node.js;
    • Deep knowledge of SQL;
    • PostgreSQL experience or the experience in other popular relational database management systems like MySQL;
    • Years of experience in document databases like MongoDB;
    • Sound knowledge of developing a RESTful API;
    • Proficiency in developing scalable web applications;
    • Years of experience in backend development.
  3. Software Engineering Skills That You Need in Heroku Developer Jobs

    You need the following software engineering skills in a Heroku developer:
    • Thorough knowledge of software development lifecycle concepts;
    • Familiarity with popular development methodologies like Agile;
    • Deep knowledge of web application security risks and mitigation measures;
    • Years of experience in delivering functionality while fulfilling non-functional requirements (NFRs) like availability, reliability, scalability, etc.;
    • Software defect prevention skills;
    • Code review skills;
    • In-depth knowledge of software development best practices, coding guidelines, etc.
  4. Competencies That a Software Developer Needs

    You need the following competencies when hiring a Heroku developer:
    • Passion for excellence: It’s important to deliver an excellent user experience;
    • Commitment: A firm commitment to the project schedule, cost, and quality objectives;
    • Teamwork: A Heroku developer needs to work collaboratively with the other team members;
    • Communication skills: You need a Heroku developer that can communicate effectively with all relevant project stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why Should I Consider Hiring a Software Engineer With Salesforce Heroku Experience?

Salesforce Heroku is a powerful “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) platform. You can significantly expedite your software development project by using it. A software engineer familiar with this platform will help. This is why you should include this role in your staffing plan.

Heroku supports both Node.js and Ruby on Rails. Your project requirements will determine the language, runtime environment, and framework you will use. You need a PaaS that supports a wide range of them, and Heroku does that.

JavaScript is a versatile language. PaaS platforms like Heroku or AWS will make software development using JavaScript easier too. However, JavaScript is a dynamically-typed language. You need experienced developers to avoid variable type-related coding errors, which are hard to find.

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