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Apple consistently enjoys the reputation of being an innovative company. The company launched many successful hardware platforms like Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. that deliver great performance. It also provides a rich software development ecosystem, and developers can use that to deliver user experiences. Swift, a modern programming language is a powerful example of this. Application developers use it to create apps for multiple Apple platforms like iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Organizations developing such apps consistently try to find competent Swift developers. Swift developers are in high demand though, and finding experienced professionals can be hard. You should still be able to find them if you use the right Swift developer job description template.

Apple platforms enjoy great popularity. For example, A Statista report shows that iOS consistently held a significant share of the mobile operating systems’ market. This report shows that iOS held a 24.82% market share in July 2020. iOS apps that deliver a great user experience play a significant part in this.

While iOS developers earlier used Objective-C, Apple created Swift in 2014. The powerful features of this compiled programming language help developers significantly in iOS development projects. Swift has acquired considerable popularity, and the Tiobe index for Swift demonstrates that.

Businesses clearly recognize the value of Swift, and the rush to hire Swift programmers is on. You might find it hard to hire an app developer with years of experience in Swift.

Utilize our Swift developer job description template to start your hiring process. This will help you to hire a full-time Swift developer with sufficient expertise.

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Swift Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Start your Swift developer job advertisement with the right note by introducing your organization. Provide an exciting yet factual introduction of your company that demonstrates the growth-oriented environment of your company. Utilize this opportunity to explain how a smart Swift developer will find your company the ideal place for career growth. Provide adequate information about compensation, benefits, organizational culture, and career development opportunities you provide.

Job Description of a Swift Developer

We are a growing company looking for an expert Swift developer. Your job will involve developing new iOS and OS X applications. You will build applications for mobile devices as well as computers, and you will maintain them too. Apart from developing such applications, integration with back-end hirings will form a part of your job.

You will work closely with other software engineers, testers, DevOps engineers, business analysts, and project managers. Many of our projects have strategic importance, therefore, you need a deep commitment to quality, client value, and collaboration.

Responsibilities of a Swift Developer

You will need a Swift developer to fulfill several responsibilities including the following:
  • Interacting with business analysts and other project stakeholders to understand project requirements;
  • Working closely with the project manager and software architect to understand the technical solution;
  • Design technical specifications for iOS applications and applications for other Apple platforms;
  • Develop mobile applications and applications for other Apple platforms using Swift;
  • Collaborate with designers to ensure that the code works in line with the UI design;
  • Work with the testing and DevOps teams for smooth testing and deployment of these applications;
  • Maintain the applications and resolve defects;
  • Enhance these applications based on requests for new features;
  • Improve the performance, scalability, availability, and reliability based on client feedback;
  • Communicate with project stakeholders including status reporting;
  • Provide suggestions for improving the project’s technical environment and processes for development, testing, and deployment.

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Swift Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

You need the following skills and competencies in a Swift developer:

A Swift Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Swift Programming Language Skills

    You need a software developer with Swift skills, look for a developer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information technology. You need the following skills in a Swift developer:
    • In-depth expertise in Swift;
    • Good experience with the Swift SDK and front-end development;
    • Robust knowledge of the Xcode IDE;
    • Solid familiarity with the Swift ecosystem;
    • The ability to use Cocoa and Cocoa touch APIs;
    • Sound knowledge of the popular frameworks like Core Data and Core Animation;
    • The experience of using popular iOS frameworks;
    • Deep knowledge of the characteristics and limitations of Swift;
    • In-depth understanding of concepts like memory-management and multi-threading;
    • Sufficient understanding of Objective-C;
    • In-depth understanding of the Human Interface Guidelines, the collection of UI design principles and guidelines used on Apples’ platforms;
    • Robust knowledge of the Apple Push Notifications hiring (APNS);
    • Good familiarity with code versioning tools like SVN, Git, or Mercurial;
    • Years of experience in code review;
    • In-depth understanding of software defect prevention best practices;
    • Deep knowledge of the software development lifecycle and methodologies like Agile.
  2. Back-end development skills

    You need the following back-end development skills when you hire a senior iOS developer or a Swift developer:
  3. Other skills that a senior iOS developer or Swift developer should have

    You need the following additional skills in a senior iOS developer or an experienced Swift developer:
    • Deep knowledge in the iOS platform and other popular Apple platforms;
    • In-depth knowledge of your target operating system;
    • Sound understanding of testing frameworks and processes used on various Apple platforms;
    • Performance tuning skills;
    • The knowledge of how to improve the responsiveness of an application;
    • Robust experience in working with DevOps engineers;
    • Good familiarity with “Continuous Integration”/”Continuous Delivery” (CI/CD) environments and the knowledge of how to use them effectively;
    • Robust understanding of how to publish apps in the Apple App Store;
    • The knowledge of new technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), etc. if you need them.
  4. Competencies that you need in a Swift developer

    You need the following competencies in a Swift developer:
    • A passion for excellence;
    • Teamwork and collaboration;
    • Problem-solving skills;
    • Communication skills;
    • The ability to see the big picture;
    • A commitment to meet deadlines.

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1. Can I Use an iOS Developer Job Description to Hire a Swift Developer?

While Swift is very popular in the iOS development space, it has other utilities too. If you want a Swift developer to work on other platforms, then you should use a Swift developer job description.

You can easily find Swift interview questions on the Internet since many such repositories exist. There are also guides to hire iOS developers that can help you.

Native Android development requires Java or Kotlin skills. Near-native mobile development involves frameworks like React Native based on JavaScript. These languages are different from Swift. We recommend you hire Swift developers instead of cross-skilling Android developers.

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