Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

What is DevTeam.Space?

We are a service that helps companies find and use elite Software Development Teams to solve interim business challenges.

DevTeamSpace makes it easy for our users to post and execute short and long-term software development projects at direct price points. Projects can last a few days or a couple of months, and can lead to full-time work with the right match. DevTeamSpace connects businesses to high quality software development teams at a price point they can afford.

What is the value proposition to your clients?

We provide the world's best software development talent when you need them, and you pay only when you need them. We only allow vetted talent onto DevTeamSpace, and the necessary legal paperwork ensures satisfaction and confidentiality.

It allows us to deliver the best quality software for our clients, while diminishing the risks and cutting the time to market. Thousands of companies from startups to Fortune 500 rely on our dev teams for their most important projects.

What is the value proposition to your Elite Dev Teams?

We help some of the best software development teams to increase their presence in the US market and work on more interesting projects.

What types of projects do you do?

Our vetted network of development teams cover all the major and most popular tech platforms, like PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, iOS/Android. However, we have enough experience and variety in our talent pool to tackle almost any technology task.

DevTeam.Space is the most innovative
software development platform.

We are your one stop shop for any complexity software development
projects with a minimum hustle and maximum return on investment.
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