Our Process

Being a part of a large enterprise company, a startup founder, or a small business owner, you may face issues like limited engineering resources, missed deadlines, low code quality, and communication chaos.

Securely post your project

To start, simply post your project, it’s free. To keep our conversation secure, you can accept our standard mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), suggest your own NDA, or go without one.

Once your project is posted, our AI assistant reviews the information and offers you to schedule a strategy session with one of our tech account managers. This session helps usto learn more about your business, prepare the project specification, and establish a relationship.

Assigning Relevant Dev Team

After the project specification is ready, our AI assistant assigns you with the most relevant dev team from our private community, based on the team relevant expertise and availability. After that, we approve and sign the scope of work.To secure the process, every client is supported by one of our account managers and a tech project manager.

Setting up your project

We get started by setting up your DevTeamSpace dashboard, so you can receive daily updates. In addition to that, we use a Trello board, a private BitBucket/GitHub code repository, and a Slack channel for better transparency and control.

Automated progress updates

Our smart DevTeamSpace dashboard acts as an AI assistant.It reminds the dev team to post daily updates about your project progress. With our assistance, you are notified every time an update is posted to the dashboard. You can read and respond to an update via email or on the dashboard. The update is very short (2-4 lines of text) and shows:

  • What has been done during the day
  • Any roadblocks the dev team hit
  • Overall progress percentage

Project release and support

Once the project is finished, we continue the support/new features development if needed. If you don’t plan to update the product, we provide you with the documentation and transfer all the necessary data, so you can plan the updates with or without us.

With DevTeamSpace, you can have multiple projects running simultaneously, without compromising the quality or speed.

We follow a specific set of standards to deliver the best results for our clients.

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