Our Process

Getting Started

To start, simply request a project quote. Once your request is posted, you can schedule a strategy session with one of our tech specialists. This session helps us learn more about your project, and provide you with a quote.

How We Assign Relevant Top Dev Teams

  • After your request is posted, a relevant development team is automatically selected from our exclusive community. Our project managers oversee the entire process and you communicate with real humans at every step.

  • You can successfully work with us by hiring just one developer or a whole team. If you want, we can share with you the experience of specific developers, projects we've done before, and even code examples.

  • Each of our development teams consists of 10 to 50 developers and has a specific expertise. For example, some of dev teams are focused only on native mobile application development for iOS and Android and have completed more than 100 projects. Other teams are focused on DevOps for AWS, others on Ruby on Rails web projects, etc.

  • Our community has over 60 dev teams (more than 1,200 developers in total) and we have high-level experts in all major technology stacks and industries.

  • The process of becoming a part of our exclusive talent community is very strict. We approve only the best of the best. We test skills across a variety of competencies:
    • – Specific technical expertise
    • – Code quality
    • – Completed projects
    • – Communication skills
    • – Work ethic
    • – And more

We approve fewer than 1% of development teams who apply to become a part of our exclusive talent community.

Setting Up Your Project

80% of project success depends on project management. We guarantee your project success by applying our unique AI-powered project management process.

  • We set up your DevTeam.Space dashboard, so you can receive daily updates. Next, we start a private Trello/Pivotal Tracker board, a BitBucket/GitHub code repository, and a Slack channel for quick communication.

  • We apply agile processes to both the software development and the business side of the project. We always split the project into phases and 1- to 4-week sprints. We bill our clients on the same schedule, so you pay only for the upcoming sprint. Should you ever need to, you can pause the work at any time.

  • Our AI-assistant reminds the dev team to provide an update about your project progress daily. You can read and respond to an update via email or directly on the dashboard. It's a short, high-level update and shows:
    • – What has been done during the day
    • – Any project roadblocks
    • – Project progress by percentage

  • Our system is integrated with the most popular software development and business tools. We independently measure interactions across these channels between the dev teams and client's teams, and conduct weekly code reviews. With this data, we can easily predict your project success probability and see when and where to make adjustments and prevent issues.

  • Once the project is finished, we can continue to support it and build new features if needed. However, if you prefer to end the project, we provide you with the documentation and transfer all the necessary data, so you can continue updating the project with or without us.

Scaling Up

While working with single-expertise dev shops or hiring individuals on mass-market platforms, you may find that neither have the expertise you need; plus it's difficult to scale the process.

At DevTeam.Space, we bring experts from diverse technology fields under one umbrella. For example, your project may require mobile, AWS, or firmware experts. Not to worry. With us, you can have all of these experts joining your project in a matter of days and sometimes hours!

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