Cleveroad Review

Cleveroad Review

With the digital expansion, eCommerce, and online transactions reaching an all-time peak during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are all rallying to secure talented software professionals who have both the skills and profile needed to take on exciting new software projects.

After all, any company that wishes to take advantage of the rise in digital consumption has to have the software to do so, and that requires ensuring that they have adept and able tech engineers on their team to make their vision become a reality.

With the growing need for software engineers, now more than ever, employers are leveraging software development companies such as DevTeam.Space that allow them to connect with top talent to outsource and integrate them directly into their teams to work on their projects.

We’ll go over the services Cleveroad offer as well as provide a brief evaluation of them contrasting the company to specific business needs so that you can know whether this is the right fit for you.

I will also provide a comparison between Cleveroad and DevTeam.Space and explain how DevTeam.Space offers an efficient solution to limitations posed by Cleveroad.

We will end our discussion by providing you a link to contact us with your software development project requirements, should you agree with DevTeamSpace being the best option as your software development partner.

What is Cleveroad?

Cleveroad ( is a software company specializing in creating innovative and complex business-driven solutions for companies and private clients seeking assistance in both web development as well as mobile development.

To be concrete, the Cleveroad team focuses on offering full-service mobile solutions as well as web development insights for businesses that need to expand their digital presence.

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In comparison to other platforms that have a long trajectory in the industry, Cleveroad was founded in 2014, meaning that it has only been in operation for less than ten years.

That said, despite their status as a junior software service provider, they have worked with mega-brands such as Upwork, Virgin Atlantic, Good Firms, and IAOP, among others.

They are based in Ukraine with offices in Dnipro and Kharkiv respectively.

Founder and CEO Evgeniy Altynpara leads a 9-member team of software professionals who deliver the following services:

  • Mobile development: By leveraging their expertise, a business can build native mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating systems.
    • To do this, the company leverages a combination of programming languages, frameworks, and databases that are specific to each platform for application development.
    • These include Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, JUnit, ReactiveCocoa, Flutter, Alamofire, Firebase, SQLite, Coredata, and Realm. For both iOS and Android app solutions, companies can liaise with this mobile app development company to determine the best way forward.
  • Web development: In addition to mobile development, businesses can also get in touch with Cleveroad for web development solutions.
    • This software company promises to deliver responsive web designs and applications, offering solutions that allow businesses to scale throughout their growth. Much like the development of mobile applications, Cleveroad uses programming languages, databases, and frameworks to deliver these services.
    • Some of these are C#, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, NodeJS, and Ruby on Rails.
  • Startup-specific solutions: Additionally, Cleveroad also offers consultancy to startups on the way forward for their growth. This includes assisting them with everything from project discovery to implementation.
  • UI/UX Design:  Cleveroad portrays itself to be a modern software company that leverages cutting-edge practices within user design.
    • To be specific, they strive to deliver a native look and feel to the mobile application solutions that they deliver.
    • When it comes to web design, they emphasize combining the delivery with a technically-sound website with corporate-style software to ensure that there is uniformity between the message that your company wants to transmit and that which the website projects.

These include custom B2B and B2C apps as well as other types of advanced technologies.

The Pros & Cons of Cleveroad

Despite the relative novelty of their appearance on the market, Cleveroad has made a name for itself as a leader in web and mobile solutions development services. Understandably so, this makes it a contending partner for companies that need services within the software industry.

That said, as much as Cleveroad is synonymous with software development, some businesses would do their best to leverage other platforms to source the talent they need.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the main advantage and disadvantages of collaborating with Cleveroad on a software project.


Thanks to their newness, companies who wish to leverage expertise in modern and innovative solutions in technology may find Cleveroad to be the ideal solution.

Their team is composed of young professionals who are well-versed in modern technology. This is bolstered by the fact that the software development company bears certifications from Microsoft (Microsoft Certified Associate) and Amazon (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner), among others.

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Although Cleveroad is a certified software company with a young and exciting team, for businesses looking to outsource and embed software professionals directly into their workforce to deliver results on their projects, there is little-to-no assurance as to the quality of the individual members who Cleveroad leverages on collaborating projects.

According to the information that they have shared, Cleveroad has a total of 140 engineers. While the software company itself is certified, there is no guarantee that the 140 engineers with whom they work are held to the same standard as those who form Cleveroad’s executive management team.

For that reason, any company which partners with Cleveroad may not be satisfied with the results that the software business delivers.

In fact, some may even have the misfortune of assuming that when they contract Cleveroad, they are working directly with the management team when in fact one of the 140 software engineers that compose their team has been assigned to their project.

Luckily, there’s a way to get around this possible inconvenience.

Cleveroad vs. DevTeam.Space

While Cleveroad leaves the door open to possibilities of partnerships that may be less than favorable for businesses, DevTeam.Space has developed a business model and service delivery system that drastically minimizes the chances of something of this nature occurring.

While Cleveroad does not make any specific mention of the skills of their extended staff, DevTeam.Space utilizes a filtration system that guarantees that all software engineers and development experts who form part of our community share the high standards of delivery, technical skills, and workplace ethics that our collaborating companies expect from us.

On one hand, our member-vetted community comprises project managers who are all adept in the agile methodology. This process promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the totality of a software product’s lifecycle, leveraging the expert vision of the future product offered by the professional to create a stunning final product.

Needless to say, having a software engineer who has not only the technical skills to apply advanced technologies in your software solution but also the mindset and approach to project management needed to meet the future product’s functionality and overcome client’s business challenges is a valuable asset for the delivery process of your software business domain.

On the other hand, DevTeam.Space offers greater flexibility in the type of experts that you can contract through the platform. Unlike other platforms that center around freelance-based partnerships, DevTeam.Space grants you the opportunity to embed our software professionals into your project on a full-time basis.

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In doing so, you will be able to integrate them easily into your work culture and internal processes, a fact which this platform makes simpler with our AI-powered tool. A collaborative team communicates effectively and our AI-powered agile process ensures close communication and collaboration between developers working on your project.

Through the platform, you can leverage DevTeam.Space AI technology to easily segment your software product cycle into milestones.

For full-cycle projects, each milestone corresponds to a payment that you assign to the various professionals who form part of your software team. In doing so, not only do you visualize the duration and progress of your project over time, but you also get greater managerial ease when it comes to keeping track of rough cost estimations, payments, and due dates.

Having worked across a variety of industries and business domains, including fintech, IoT, healthcare, real estate, the social media network, and R&D operations (big data), the skilled IT people who form the development teams you can source via this platform are ready, willing, and able to deliver the solutions you need.

Whether you are based in the United States or anywhere in the world, you can get a development team to make software development easy for you. Discover more about how a DevTeam.Space will simplify recruiting talented software professionals with the skills and mindset needed to crush your software projects by filling out this quick project specifications form.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Cleveroad?

Cleveroad is a software development company with young professionals bearing certifications from Google and Amazon. It offers software solution consultancy and development hirings to startups and businesses based on the latest technologies.

Cleveroad offers developers with expertise in mobile development, web development, UX/UI design, etc, within the defined project scope.

Cleveroad has a team of 140 software engineers. However, apart from the top management team, it does not guarantee excellent technical skills and high work quality from all these developers compared to DevTeam.Space that has a thorough vetting process in place for all developers who join their dev teams.

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