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The popularity of Android makes it extremely attractive for businesses. Most seek to launch Android apps to engage their clients, however, the marketplace for such apps is highly competitive. Consequently, making a mark in this space can be hard. Businesses need the right software development team to launch an Android app so that it will make a maximum impact. The demand for Android developers remains high. Hiring a competent Android app developer can be hard, however, an effective job description template will help.

Mobile applications enjoy high levels of popularity. Businesses understand this so reach out to their clients by launching a mobile app. Android holds the largest share of the mobile operating system market. An IDC report shows how the Android operating system has consistently held 85% or more of the mobile operating system market share since 2018. This report also projects the market share of Android to go up in the future. Naturally, Android development skills are in high demand. You might need to pay a high salary to get the best. The hiring might take time and you will need to post your job on several job boards so as to net the best ones.

Hiring a senior Android developer could take a long time. Use our Android developer job description template to create effective job ads and expedite the hiring process.

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Android Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Introduce your company effectively to ensure that you start your job advertisement in a way that will attract the best talent. Explain how your company focuses on growth and how it rewards excellence. Today’s developers value forward-looking companies. Provide enough information about your organizational climate, work culture, and professional development initiatives.

Explain your compensation and benefits policies as well as your plans. Demonstrate a willingness to negotiate the right salary for a competent software engineer. Present a compelling picture of your project so that developers feel that your company is where they want to work.

Android Developer Job Description

We are a growing company looking for an expert Android developer. You will need to bring Android development expertise, experience, and other value to our organization. Apart from developing new Android apps, you will also maintain existing apps.

You will work closely with our team which includes project managers, software architects, business analysts, UI designers, testers, and DevOps engineers. We regularly implement process improvement initiatives. In addition to app development, you will actively work in these initiatives including providing innovative ideas.

Responsibilities of an Android Developer

You need an Android developer to take up the following responsibilities:

  • Working with business analysts and architects to understand business requirements and technical solutions;
  • Understanding the UI design parameters from designers;
  • Understanding testing and deployment strategies and environments from testers and DevOps engineers;
  • Creating technical specifications and developing new Android apps;
  • Participating in the testing and deployment processes;
  • Maintaining existing apps and enhancing them with new features;
  • Communicating with relevant project stakeholders;
  • Participating in process improvement initiatives.

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Android Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

Look for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field when hiring an Android developer. You should look for the following skills and competencies:

A Android Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Primary Skills of an Android Developer

    You need the following primary skills in an Android developer:
    • Robust skills in programming languages like Java or Kotlin, depending on your project requirements;
    • Years of experience in Android Studio and Android SDK;
    • Familiarity with frameworks like Espresso for running a unit-test;
    • Familiarity with edge cases and general bug fixing;
    • Deep knowledge of “Material Design” guidelines for Android app UI design;
    • Sound knowledge of the Android platform;
    • In-depth knowledge of coding in line with the UI design;
    • Familiarity with the Android ecosystem tools, third-party libraries, APIs, etc.;
    • Sound knowledge of cloud platforms like “Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service” (MBaaS) platforms;
    • Robust knowledge of popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.;
    • Knowledge of integrating remote data from outside data sources into Android applications;
    • Software development experience in creating mobile application back-end and RESTful APIs;
    • Experience in developing high-quality mobile applications with high application performance, robustness, general reliability, usability, and scalability;
    • Skills to meet non-functional requirements (NFRs) and ship new features simultaneously;
    • Knowledge of modern mobile technologies and new technologies relevant to your project.
    Optionally, you might look for additional knowledge of JSON, iOS development, and mobile development using JavaScript.
  2. Other Skills and Competencies Needed in a Senior Android Developer

    You need the following other skills and competencies in a senior Android developer:
    • Deep knowledge of software development life cycle (SDLC);
    • Code review skills;
    • Teamwork since you need the Android developer to work in cross-functional teams;
    • Problem-solving skills;
    • Communication skills since these are important for the success of technical teams;
    • Commitment and passion for excellence.


Kotlin vs Java is an interesting debate, however, both languages have their own strengths. Kotlin is a more modern language and offers some advantages over Java. It involves a steep learning curve though. Java remains very popular. Your project requirements will determine your choice of technology.

If you prioritize user experience, performance, and security, then you need native Android development. Cross-platform development skills aren’t important in that case. If you prioritize cost savings and faster development, then developers need cross-platform development experience.

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