Blockchain Developer
Job Description Template

In the face of rising software development costs and security risks, companies across the world have found an ally in Blockchain. This multi-purpose technology possesses functionalities that permit immutability, high-level security, and transparency in software creation without the high production costs seen with other technologies. Since it is so popular, software engineers are now making an exerted effort to master it so that they can offer blockchain hirings to businesses. However, that makes the task of recruiters more difficult as they try to filter through more applicants to find out the right one for their specific project.

Currently, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of leveraging Blockchain in their software development operations. Based on stats shared by Research & Market, market predictions for Blockchain expect a CAGR growth rate of 79.6% between the period 2018 - 2022. This is all thanks to the fact that more and more businesses are continuing to see Blockchain as a primary need in their technology efforts. In order to capitalize on the power of Blockchain, it is imperative that recruiters create compelling job advertisements to secure the right Blockchain software developer for the job.

Base your own job advertisement on our Blockchain Developer job description template so you can maximize the chances of securing a top professional with the skills and attitude that’ll be the right fit for your company.

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Blockchain Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Kick-off your Blockchain developer job description with a powerful introduction offering relevant background information about your company. Orient the candidate about the industry in which your business operations as well as your target audience. State any important milestones that your company has achieved as well as any future goals that you hope your business to accomplish. Be sure to paint your business as an ideal place for a software developer to work at. Include all relevant perks that your company will offer the successful candidate, making mention of health care plans, compensation packages, or cool benefits that they will have exclusive access to. End this introduction with a reminder to the candidate that failure to apply to this job will result in them missing out on an incredible opportunity to form part of your team.

Job Description

Our software company is on the lookout for a legendary Senior Blockchain Developer who believes that they have both the soft and technical skills needed to lead our Blockchain technology expansion and guide it to success. In concrete terms, you will be our full-time Blockchain developer, responsible for overseeing all software engineering endeavors related to our Blockchain applications. As our in-house senior software developer for Blockchain, your expertise and skills will be vital in our ability to steer one of our company’s prime goals to success. Since your role is crucial to our business’ ability to meet our goals, we are poised to provide you with the support you need. This job title requires that you form part of a five (5) member development team. This team is made up of (1) Junior Blockchain Developer, one (1) Junior front-end developer, one (1) Junior backend developer, one (1) Chief Technology Officer, and yourself. All developers will report to you, and you, in turn, will report to the Chief Technology Officer.


  • Liaise directly with managers to identify and prioritize Blockchain technology needs of the company
  • Participate in periodic meetings with stakeholders to ensure coherence between the digital product design and its subsequent blockchain application
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors as well as the Chief Technology Officer in refining the design of the Blockchain technology
  • Build and implement application interfaces and features in accordance with Blockchain needs using the corresponding programming languages
  • Leverage the latest cryptography techniques to bolster up cybersecurity of Blockchain systems
  • Guarantee quality assurance on the preparation of data structures done by team members by following Blockchain protocols
  • Participate in the optimization of Blockchain software developments through recommending and implementing new software tools and technology
  • Troubleshoot Blockchain software difficulties and find viable solutions
  • Write top-quality multithreaded Blockchain code
  • Work directly with open source technologies to facilitate Blockchain software development
  • Strategize, plan, and distribute workflow regarding the project development and its distribution
  • Be current with the latest Blockchain trends and tendencies in the market
  • Oversee the coding, development, and all other work done by the junior developers on the team
  • Document blockchain software creation processes and ensure software security compliance
  • Research best practices to be adopted for Blockchain development

Technical Skills Required

  • At least seven (7) years of experience working as a full stack developer, blockchain engineer, or Java developer
  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience developing Blockchain technologies
  • Advanced proficiency in programming languages including Python, Javascript, Java, C++, Golang (Go)
  • Familiar with Ethereum blockchain and other cutting-edge cryptocurrency platforms
  • Ample experience working in back-end development, data structures, and algorithms
  • Extensive experience in blockchain management, web development, and data protection
  • Solid understanding of coding algorithms and devops
  • Has worked on bitcoin-related Blockchain projects
  • Peer-to-Peer networks
  • Has worked with Hyperledger Fabric, distributed ledger technology, SQL, Node.js
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineer, or a related field
  • Certificate in Agile methodology

Soft Skills Required

  • Superb analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fantastic problem-solving skills
  • Willing to work in teams
  • Understand startup culture
  • Exhibits leadership qualities
  • Understands how to prioritize and handle stress
  • Knows how to motivate team members
  • Has experience solving internal conflict within group members
  • Based in the United States, preferably in either Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York

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Blockchain Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

As a bonus, we’ve elected to provide a breakdown of some of the crucial elements of our template and share them with you. That way, when you are ready to create your own, you know the most crucial elements that you ought to pay attention to. In doing so, you’ll increase your chances of securing the professional that you need and take a step closer to your overall goal.

A Blockchain Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Make your job advertisement sound more exciting than it actually is:

    In as much as you want to add in as much important information as you possibly can, you don’t want to make your post boring and predictable. The best way to do that is to include as many active and emotive words as possible in your job posting. Be sure to avoid the passive voice as much as possible, substituting them with active verbs conjugated in the command tense. It also helps to use adjectives that denote excitement. This is important as it will help to generate excitement within the reader and, in turn, make them feel even more inspired and encouraged to want to apply for the job.
  2. Make explicit mention of any bonus skills needed for the job:

    While you may have a minimum number of requirements that you need candidates to meet, it’s always good to let applicants know that you also positively value other skills and qualifications that they may or may not be in possession of. Not only does that give you an opportunity to reel in a more diverse pool of talents from whom you can choose, it also shows them that you are a flexible employer who is open to people who have a rich background. Sometimes, while a candidate may not meet the minimum requirements that you’re looking for, they may be able to compensate for it with a background that you may find interesting. In any case, feel free to leave subtle hints indicating that you are open to positively valuing collaborations with partners who have more than the minimum.
  3. Be candid about every expectation and responsibility that the software engineer needs to fulfill during their time at your company:

    It’s a given that recruiters do their best to ensure that they include all information related to responsibilities and expectations that a candidate must accomplish for an advertised role. However, at times, it’s easy to miscommunicate a given responsibility or, worse, completely omit one. Not only does a breach in communication constitute a possible issue in aligning company expectations with what the hired staff member does, it can also cause internal problems if the candidate is hired. For example, if you hire a Blockchain Developer and begin imposing job requirements on them that were not specified in the initial job advertisement, then things can quickly turn sour.
  4. Be frank about how important this position is to your company as well as how much you value the hired candidate:

    Everyone loves to feel valued. The same is true within an organization. When someone is working for a company, they love knowing that their hard work, time, expertise, and effort that they invest in their job are seen and appreciated. Therefore, from as early as the job advertisement, you should be sure to state just how important the candidate’s role is in your organization. Don’t hesitate to say that you will be grateful for the help that they will provide in the given field since this will let candidates know that your job posting isn’t spammed and that you’re serious about hiring.
  5. Reflect the brand tone, image, and overall personality that your business projects:

    In as much as we have already discussed the importance of making your job advertisement lively, there are limits that you should adhere to. In this case, these limits refer specifically to your brand image, voice, and personality. While your job advertisement should be exciting, it shouldn’t step outside of the parameters set in your brand guidelines that dictate the tone and personality that your company should stick to. Failure to stick to these guidelines results in inconsistencies that can crop up when the candidate is hired. For example, if you have a corporate business with a rigid, fast-paced work environment, then the job posting you publish should not be written in a relaxed tone using informal language. Doing so can set up false expectations for the candidate regarding your work environment.
  6. Show the relationship between the job title and the departments within the team:

    Whenever you create a job advertisement, you should always write it bearing in mind what the person reading it would want to know. From the candidate’s perspective, it would be beneficial to know how their job position fits into the overall structure of the organization. That way, they can begin to understand their role even better in the company and, in turn, operate as a better cohesive unit. Therefore, don’t be afraid to state whether the privileges afforded to the hired professional in virtue of their position.
  7. Make mention of the compensation package that you are offering:

    It is not uncommon for businesses to avoid the topic of compensation when hiring a professional. While this is debatable, the reality is that doing so can leave a negative impression on a candidate. In short, it is recommendable to let the candidate know that you are willing to invest heavily in them so that they, in turn, can feel inspired to want to apply for the advertised position.

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