What Can Be Done With JavaScript?


Since its inception by Brendan Eich, JavaScript has been getting used to build websites for decades. In fact, it‘s still used today. Websites built using JavaScript, in conjunction with advancements in web browser technology make it possible to build applications like Bing Maps or Gmail.

With JavaScript, developers can build responsive web applications that are fully interactive. For example, have you ever dragged and dropped the route on a Bing Map? That‘s JavaScript doing all that work behind the scenes.


Mobile devices are the most popular way to access the internet these days. Mobile developers are often faced with a decision though.

Which operating system should they target? Apple or Android? Native Apple apps are often written in Objective C or Java (different from JavaScript).

With JavaScript (and React Native), developers can target mobile devices across both the Apple and Android operating systems!


The web browser isn‘t traditionally saw as gaming platform but with the advent of HTML5, it‘s possible, more than ever, for developers to create browser based games.

For example, a computer science student created a graphically intensive 3D game Hex GL using JavaScript and HTML5. The game is a tribute to original console games such as Wipeout and F-Zero and runs entirely in your web browser!

Open source frameworks such as Phaser let developers write games in JavaScript without having to download anything at all!

Benefits of JavaScript

It’s easy

JavaScript is like quite a few other programming languages out there. It‘s easy to get started with, all you need is a text editor and your web-browser to run the code in, and with an abundance of online tutorials on sites like W3Schools, you can get up to speed quickly.

No need to install a dedicated server or development environment! This makes JavaScript is a great choice as your first software programming language.

It’s Simple

JavaScript supports both procedural and object-oriented software development so regardless of your programming background and approach, you can hit the ground running when building your web application.

JavaScript, like any other programming language, supports the basic constructs such as IF, THEN, ELSE and as such, is simple to get started with!

With 3rd party JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Angular, Facebooks “React” or VueJS, it‘s never been simpler to develop rich user interfaces that users find easy and intuitive to use.


One of the reasons JavaScript is a popular language is its flexibility. In most programming languages, you‘ll need to use variables at some point, in most programming languages, you determine the variable “type”.

Now, this might be a number or a string and stays that way until your code has executed. Variables in JavaScript however are dynamically type. This means that JavaScript doesn‘t really care if your variable starts off as a number and ends up being a string! Consequently, this also makes it a very powerful language.