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Java remains one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages among software engineers today. Businesses go for it because of its flexibility as a programming tool. It can run on lots of operating systems thanks to its built-in Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Since it is in such demand, most developers have to master it. As more and more companies continue using Java in their software applications, so too does the need to secure top java developers continue to be a top priority.

With the demand for Java at an all-time high, it comes as no surprise that hiring businesses are all looking to have a java developer job description template lined up. After all, the stats speak for themselves. Based on information collected by Statistica, trends as of early 2020 indicate that Java ranked among the most used programming languages in the world. Needless to say, the growing demand for Java has also spiked an increase in the number of Java developers. According to a report from Evans Data, the number of software engineers is expected to grow by 4.8 million professionals by 2024, a large number of whom will have to master Java as a programming language since businesses require it. Therefore, to prepare for the growing demand and to ensure that they secure the right programmer, businesses who are looking to recruit java specialists are getting their java developer job write-ups ready.

The Java developer job description template you’ll find below will assist you in preparing a job advertisement to secure the best professional for the job.

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Java Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Kick things off with a short intro about your business. Inject some personality into your company and really hook the candidate’s attention. Be sure to add any information that you think may entice a candidate to want to keep reading. That includes any perks or benefits that your company is offering the successful candidate. Also, make mention of something exciting about your company’s work culture as well as information related to the compensation offered.

Job Description

We are on the lookout for an epic senior java developer who has both the drive and experience required to undertake an exciting new software project our company is working on. At present, we are planning on launching a freelance website for the Spanish-speaking market. For this project, we will require an expert java developer to handle both the design, development, and management of the website as well as the running and implementation of tests to verify the functioning of the website. By doing so, you will play a significant role in not only guaranteeing optimum site functioning but also ensuring stellar web hirings via our user interface.

Your role as a senior java developer requires that you form part of a development team where your skills will be on full display. Your team members include two (2) front-end Java developers and one (1) backend developer. In said capacity, you will report directly to the Head of Technology.

Senior Java Developer Responsibilities

  • Guarantee overall functioning of the website
  • Design, implement, and maintain high-volume, low latency Java applications
  • Play a role in all parts of the software development lifecycle
  • Running software analysis and debugging tests
  • Quickly detect and fix coding errors to optimize functionality
  • Oversee the successful management of Java, J2EE application development (Java EE)
  • Play a role in the process of continued improvement of the software product
  • Hand in deliverables on time

Senior Java Developer Skills

  • Experience working directly with software project stakeholders
  • Full understanding of the phases of software project development and implementation
  • Experience working directly with project managers and/or a Head of Technology
  • Understand startup culture
  • Knowledge of Scrum & Agile methodology
  • Seven (7) years of experience with developing server-side Java-based websites
  • Excellent knowledge of debugging hacks
  • Experience working with Oracle
  • Proven knowledge of object-relational mapping (ORM)
  • Extensive experience in various Java developer roles (junior roles valued)
  • Experience with Python, SQL, relational databases, and designing microhirings
  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Development, Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, or a related field

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Java Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

Now that we’ve presented the template above, we will now take a closer look at some of the elements that we used to create this template. That way, you can use these tips to generate your own templates for other job postings that you may have.

A Java Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Covers all the needs and requirements of the hiring business for the position at hand:

    Often when hiring, recruiters make the mistake of issuing a job posting that doesn’t adequately communicate the specific needs of a business for a given position. Consequently, when a candidate responds to this job posting, at times, their expectations do not coincide with what the company is looking for since the job posting isn’t properly articulated. Therefore, when preparing a job description, you should do your best to explicitly state what is required for the post as well as what you expect from the candidate. That way, the chances of there being any miscommunication are miniscule.
  2. Makes mention of the importance of the java developer in your company:

    When issuing any job posting, it is crucial that you state the relevance of the java developer to the team. Like all other professionals, a software engineer likes to feel valued. That is especially true for a more senior position such as a senior java developer. By highlighting the significance of the role within the company as well as the need for a specific skill set, developers who come across your advertisement are bound to feel wanted and more likely to apply for the job.
  3. Explicitly states the compensation offered:

    If you want to attract the profiles you’re looking for, we recommend that you include the salary and perks that your company is offering. That way, no matter whether you post it on a job board or connect with candidates via a social media platform such as LinkedIn, the candidates who view your posting will know that your company is legit. In doing so, it sends a subliminal message to them that they need to bring their A-game to the work they do for you.

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