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Any business that plans to reach new clients via the Internet really needs a website. Businesses need to design, develop, and launch their websites quickly in order to begin attracting new customers. Content Management Systems (CMSs) can help with this.

Popular CMS software products offer ease-of-use and rich development ecosystems, therefore, businesses can get their websites up and running quickly.

WordPress, the popular open-source CMS is a prominent example.

Indeed, many businesses prefer it to the competition. However, in order to create and launch feature-filled websites, they must look for excellent WordPress developers who have the skills to build-in the more complex features and functionalities.

WordPress development projects can have a large scope so WordPress developers need a wide range of skills. Hiring an expert WordPress developer can be hard. A good job description template makes it easier.

Businesses find WordPress an important tool in their arsenal when trying to design websites and support them. This open-source CMS was originally created for bloggers, however, it has gained high popularity in the web development space.

Experts recently found that WordPress powered 35% of the Internet back in 2020. They also report that WordPress accounts for 60% of the websites built using a CMS.

WordPress is user-friendly and has a rich ecosystem. Thousands of WordPress themes and plugins make the job of a web developer easier. Web design and development professionals When incorporating a WordPress blog, this platform also helps with“Search Engine Optimization” (SEO).

Finding a competent WordPress developer can often be challenging. You can use our WordPress developer job description template to create an effective job ad that will help you find one.

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WordPress Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

The first step in creating a WordPress developer job ad is to introduce your company. Provide a short but detailed account about your company. Make the introduction factual yet exciting. Explain the growth-oriented nature of your company.

Developers today look for exciting career prospects and they have plenty of choices, therefore, explain how you offer professional development opportunities.

Provide relevant details of the work environment and organizational culture in your company. Explain the compensation and benefits packages in your organization. Demonstrate a willingness to negotiate on your developer’s salary should the need arise. Finally, explain the skill development opportunities you offer.

You can add this information to the start of the following example template along with your specific details of your project requirements and developer needs:

WordPress Developer Job Description

We are a growth-oriented (give details) company looking for an expert WordPress developer who we hope will make a significant contribution to our project/business.

You will work on (give details) i.e developing new web applications as well as maintaining existing ones. Your knowledge and experience in web development and web design will be important in filling the skill gap within our current team.

You will work closely with our team of project managers, software architects, designers, developers, testers, and DevOps engineers. We require you to be a full-time (change where appropriate) WordPress developer with us since freelancers cannot do justice to this role.

Your work will not only make an important impact on our web development and maintenance projects, but it will help us to maintain and improve them over the long term to ensure their continued success.

We regularly review our software development processes, methods, tools, and practices. Such reviews drive our continuous performance improvement of all aspects of our development processes and methodologies.

You will take active parts in implementing such initiatives. Additionally, we are looking for someone who is fully involved in the process and is able to add innovative ideas as well as helping to flag issues that might cause roadblocks, etc.

Responsibilities of a WordPress Developer

You need a WordPress developer to take up the following responsibilities:
  • Studying and understanding the project business requirements;
  • Working with the software architect to understand the proposed website’s architecture;
  • Collaborating with the testing and DevOps teams in their efforts to build testing and deployment approaches;
  • Developing the technical specifications for web development projects, which includes choosing WordPress themes, plugins, and web design parameters;
  • Leading the effort to design websites using the chosen working theme and plugins;
  • Developing high-performance websites and web applications;
  • Working closely with the testing and DevOps teams for testing and deployment;
  • Maintaining newly developed and existing websites;
  • Enhancing existing websites and web applications to incorporate new features;
  • Communicating with all relevant project stakeholders, which includes status reporting;
  • Actively participating in process improvement initiatives.

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WordPress Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

You need a WordPress developer to take up the following responsibilities:

A WordPress Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Primary Skills of a WordPress Developer Including Front-end Developer Skills

    You need the following primary skills in a WordPress developer:
    • In-depth understanding of content management systems (CMSs);
    • Deep knowledge of WordPress including the technical aspects of the CMS;
    • Years of experience in WordPress development and front-end technologies;
    • Sufficient experience in web design and front-end development;
    • Strong concepts in designing user interfaces that retain the website visitors;
    • Robust experience of working as a PHP developer;
    • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript;
    • Familiarity with popular libraries like jQuery;
    • Solid understanding of SEO techniques;
    • Deep knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3;
    • In-depth understanding of WordPress themes work;
    • Good experience in popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce;
    • Robust experience in implementing functionality while delivering a responsive design;
    • Deep knowledge of JSON and XML;
    • Up-to-date knowledge of industry trends in web design;
    • Familiarity with popular page-builder tools and how they help to design websites;
    • Knowledge to create a working theme since you might often need a customized WordPress theme in your WordPress site;
    • Good experience in using debugging tools like Firebug and Chrome Inspector;
    • Familiarity with code versioning tools like Git and SVN.
  2. Back-end Development Skills That a WordPress Developer Needs

    You need a full-stack developer with WordPress and the following back-end development skills:
    • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms;
    • Deep knowledge of popular relational database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.;
    • Sound knowledge of popular document databases like MongoDB;
    • Years of experience in developing RESTful APIs;
    • Robust knowledge of identifying application security risks and mitigating them;
    • Sufficient experience in creating high-performance and scalable web applications.
  3. Software Engineering Skills That You Need in a WordPress Developer

    You need a smart WordPress developer who has the following software engineering skills plus any additional skills that are specific to your requirements:
    • Deep knowledge of software development lifecycle phases;
    • Sound familiarity with popular software development and project management methodologies like Agile;
    • The ability to code in line with user interface design parameters;
    • Years of experience in code review;
    • In-depth knowledge of software defect management and defect prevention;
    • Thorough knowledge of testing and debugging;
    • Robust conceptual and practical knowledge of DevOps processes, tools, and practices.
  4. Competencies That a WordPress Developer needs

    You need the following competencies in a WordPress developer:
    • Passion for excellence: You want to offer the best user experience to the users of your website, and WordPress developers need passion to deliver such excellence.
    • Commitment: You need a WordPress developer that demonstrates a firm commitment to the scope, budget, schedule, and quality objectives of your WordPress development project.
    • Teamwork: The WordPress developer you hire needs to collaborate with your larger team.
    • Communication skills: You need a WordPress developer that can communicate effectively with all relevant project stakeholders.
    • The ability to see the big picture: The WordPress developer you hire needs to understand the project requirements from the perspective of the users. This requires the ability to see the big picture when it comes to the development and long term goals of your application.

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