• Telecommunications
  • Web

The client application uses Geofencing to attract the attention of potential buyers located within a given radius from the object, and thus increase sales for the business owner.

Geofencing is a service providing automatic detection and implementation of a planned action, and is able to detect a client‘s mobile device entering or leaving a pre-defined area.

Users create accounts in the application and when they enter a particular area, such as shopping centers, restaurants, casinos, etc., they receive advertising content messages on their smartphone (or tablet).

Our QA team was involved in the project to create a 100% test coverage with automated Selenium tests. During the development, more than 1200 tests were undertaken. This significantly increased the stability of releases. Moreover, the infrastructure for automatic build and application testing was created. The project used Jenkins, Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Linux server administration was also carried out.


  • Automated Testing
  • DevOps
  • QA

Tech Stack:

  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Linux
  • Maven
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • TestNG
  • TestRail
  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
  • XPath

Dev Team

    2 QA Engineers
    1 Project Manager, 1 Account Manager

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