• Real estate

This platform for real estate businesses has several parts: it collects data from dozens of sites with scrapers, has a built-in messenger, and offers adjustable search options for real estate, people, and deals.

Our team worked on the map, search/filtering, and the messenger feature. The map provides the ability to search and narrow the selection with filters; view extended info for real estate objects, including owners and sales info; and an option to save the buildings to lists that can be shared among a team or company, or sent to a specific user via the built-in messenger, email or SMS. The main difficulty with our task was the optimization of SQL queries due to the large DB (several tables have over 6 million records each).


  • DevOps
  • Product Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Tech Stack:

  • Apache Kafka
  • AWS
  • AWS S3
  • EC2
  • Google maps
  • Heroku
  • javascript
  • Postgre SQL
  • Python
  • React.Js
  • Redux
  • SQL Alchemy

Dev Team

    5 Developers
    1 Project Manager, 1 Account Manager

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