(fka CodementorX) Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024 (fka CodementorX) Review: Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

No matter whether you are a small startup or a project manager in a large corporation, if you have ever tried to undertake a software development project then you will fully understand what a challenge it is finding and managing reliable app developers.

Since so much of a project’s success relies on the developers, making the most educated decision when it comes to hiring developers to build and support your online product is very important.

Naturally, you will be trying to find talented and reliable developers to create the best product for your company or clients., ValueCoders, X-Team, and DevTeam.Space are just some of the platforms where you can hire a developer or a development team. The real challenge lies in working out which platform is the best for your specific project requirements.

With so much at stake, the failure of the project could have huge consequences. This is why it is a great idea to do as much research as you can before starting the process.

To make it easier for you, let’s review, one of the alternatives to hire freelancers.

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What Kind of Developers Do You Need?

In order to make this article as valuable to you as possible, we will start by outlining the main kinds of developer requirements that specific product development examples will require.

After you have read this, you should be able to easily assess where (fka CodementorX) fits in terms of the service it offers.

Simple Projects

Starting with the simplest kind of project, a set of landing pages, for example.

This will only require a part-time software engineer to complete.

Generally speaking, this will be an individual who focuses on small-scale projects and has the required experience.

The overall process can be as simple as your company purchasing a set of landing pages and instructing your developer to implement them.

They will then undertake the necessary task of connecting the pages to the email forms and domain name, before setting up the server, etc. This is a very simple process and won’t take much time to do.

More Complex Projects

If your project is slightly more complex, a simple corporate WordPress-based website, for example, then you will need to hire a professional WordPress developer.

Once again, you can ask them to adapt a paid theme template from the site.

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After that, they will then write the backend, set up the server, and complete everything else so you can launch your site.

Very Complex Projects

For those of you who plan to create a more complex website, then you are going to require a team of in-house programmers, a complete dev team, or a dev shop.

This will allow you to build a custom-made website using, for example, AngularJS for the frontend and NodeJS for the backend.

Part of the process will likely involve the team setting up a company blog using WordPress to help you improve your site’s SEO to reach your customer base.

For any project on this scale, you will need a professional designer, frontend and backend developers, and a DevOps specialist.

Managing a team like this can be both difficult as well as risky. Therefore, the safest option is to hire a complete dev team that doesn`t require any management.

Mobile Projects

An even more complicated project than creating a custom-made website is building a mobile application.

This will require you to hire an experienced mobile development team, including a mobile experienced designer and web developers to handle your backend infrastructure and the server environment.

App developers nearly always try to build an iOS and Android version of their app along with a website.

Naturally, this will increase the complexity of the project and the team that you need to put together to build it.

Cloud-Based Projects

The most complex kind of common project development that companies undertake involves cloud services.

Some choose to develop a Java or .NET based software solution for their enterprise-level SaaS product.

Generally, this will incorporate numerous multiple micro-services and complex API integrations. Such projects often involve some kind of data engineering, artificial intelligence integration, or even blockchain-based solutions.

Such a project is very complex.

Therefore, you will need a team of top-level experts working for you.

It is vital that your team has all the required expertise and experience in fields such as cyber-security, containers, high-availability systems, and different server architectures, etc. It would be foolish to attempt such a project without the right team.

Not all projects will fit perfectly into the examples above. If yours doesn’t, don`t worry, just by reading this, you should now have a much clearer idea of what your specific requirements are.

What is (aka CodementorX)? (fka CodementorX) markets itself as an “on-demand mentorship marketplace for developers.”

It is a freelancer platform that offers help to companies and software developers both in terms of problem-solving, improving skills, and also helping client companies to find relevant software developers. The company claims to make “it easy for developers to instantly connect with experts via screen/code sharing, video, and chat.”

The company operates from two locations, Mountain View, California, and Taipei, Taiwan.

The services they offer:

  • Access to software development freelancers
  • 1:1 live help
  • Long-term mentorship
  • Code Reviews
  • Live Classes

Now you have a better understanding of what type of project you have and what (fka CodementorX) offers, let’s take a closer look at the platform`s pros and cons.

This will help you assess whether or not (fka CodementorX) actually fits your product requirements and will, therefore, help you make a more informed decision if it is a good idea to use them or not.

The Pros and Cons of (fka CodementorX)

Any software developer will tell you that a project’s success depends on more than just using great developers.

A successful project will require an experienced management team and a transparent development process that is able to cope with any roadblocks or problems, etc.

To decide whether (fka CodementorX) is the right choice for your project, let take a look at the pros and cons of using them.


Let’s begin by looking at the potential advantages of using (fka CodementorX):

A Huge Community (fka CodementorX) is a freelancing platform that claims to have more than 300,000+ developers, which includes 8000+ vetted experts.

The company claims to approve each one before connecting them with client companies or allowing them to operate on its platform.

Such a large number of developers might make client companies nervous about this claim, however, (fka CodementorX) stands by its claim to only have top developers on its platform.

Its Developers Are Experts and Peer-Approved Mentors

It claims that “our developers are peer-approved mentors, thought leaders, and influencers,” which when combined with them being a dedicated software development focused platform, makes them a good choice for companies where (fka CodementorX)`s model is appropriate.

Offers a Wide Range of Different Services (fka CodementorX) offers a range of other services that can be accessed by companies for an additional fee. For example, to improve the skills of their in-house programmers and even get their project`s code scrutinized for bugs and errors.

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While these positives might make (fka CodementorX) seem ideal, you should take some time to consider the drawbacks of using them:

A Freelance Platform

It is important to remember that (fka CodementorX) is a freelancer platform. This means that any developer that you hire is not on full-time employment with (fka CodementorX).

Hiring even vetted freelancers can be a risky affair. Freelancers are notorious for being less than reliable, especially for long-term projects. If a particular freelancer gets offered full-time work with a company, they’ll quickly jump at that opportunity and likely abandon their freelance projects.

Mainly Focused on Mentor and Code-Checking Services (fka CodementorX) actually focuses its main efforts on promoting its mentor and code-checking services.

If you visit their website, you will see that their freelancer development service is hardly mentioned. This implies a worrying lack of interest in providing quality freelancers for project development.

Lack of Data-Driven Agile Development Process

The platform lacks a data-driven agile development process. Instead, it relies on more general tools such as Skype and messenger chat.

Client-side project managers are therefore forced to rely on these outdated tools and have little to no information in regards to overall project progression or team performance.

So let’s look at when it’s most appropriate to use (CodementorX).

When to use (CodementorX) (fka CodementorX) allows companies to quickly scale up staff so that they can undertake project development that would have been impossible otherwise.

From the information that we have covered so far, seems more suited to companies wishing to onboard a few developers to supplement their existing team.

However, keep in mind that the project management responsibilities lie with the client company, so if you are not experienced in software development using remote developers, then is probably not the best solution.

Here are a few other areas where might interest companies:

If You Are Interested In Mentoring Services (fka CodementorX) offers a mentoring service where they will literally help to improve the programming skills of teams or individuals.

Many companies have internal programs where they use (fka CodementorX)`s freelance mentors to develop their in-house teams. In the long run, such a program helps save companies enormous amounts of time and money, and helps them to build better products.

If You Need A Code-Vetting Service

To this end, (fka CodementorX) also offers a code vetting service where teams of its freelancers actually scrutinize code for errors or bugs. This is a valuable service, particularly to companies who are relying on unknown freelancers to write code for them.

If You Need A Fast Service

Finally, we arrive at their freelance developers for hire service. The platform claims to have vetted the 300,000+ freelancers that it connects with clients. It aims to match freelancers to clients within 72 hours.

The main drawback of this approach is that the platform simply matches freelancers to clients and lets them get on with it. This can be a real headache for client managers, especially if freelancers are not performing as well as they should.

To sum up this section, it is worth keeping in mind that you will be hiring unmanaged freelancers from (fka CodementorX). If you choose to go down this route then you will need to make sure that you have an experienced project manager to oversee the process.

It is likely that you have now found that Arc.Dev doesn’t quite cut it in all the areas that you might like. That is where the popular (fka CodementorX) alternatives come in. (fka CodementorX) Alternatives: Comparison Chart

Ark (CodementorX) Upwork Gigster Scalable Path DevTeam.Space
Community Freelance developers All sort of freelancers Freelance developers Freelance developers Field-expert development teams
Main Focus Software consulting Development Development Development and support of complex software products
Dedicated Account Manager No No Yes Yes Yes
Data Driven Agile Process No No No No Yes
Daily project updates By request By request By request By request Automated bitesize updates with roadblock tracking
Weekly project updates No No Yes Yes Data-driven project performance reports

Thankfully, in today’s world, there are always plenty of other options.

There are lots of competitors to (fka CodementorX). In fact, the software development industry has never had so many companies to choose from. Lots of these companies have been around longer than (fka CodementorX) and so have more experience.

So that you can get the most informed idea about the best alternatives to (fka CodementorX), we will compare the platform to its closest competitors. Let’s start with Upwork. (fka CodementorX) vs Upwork

Upwork was created when the successful freelancer platform oDesk took over rival Elance. It is a very popular freelancer platform on account of it having over 1.5 million freelancers.

The takeover has not been all roses. Firstly, Upwork raised their freelancer fees from 10% to a painful 20%, a move that angered the vast majority of its freelancers.

Another important point is that with so many freelancers and no vetting process, Upwork is considered the wild west of freelancer platforms. Client companies must rely solely on the feedback scores given to freelancers by their clients as there are no management processes in place. (fka CodementorX), on the other hand, claims to vet all its freelancers and match clients to the most appropriate ones.

While (fka CodementorX) is a platform dedicated to software development, Upwork is a general-purpose freelancer platform that functions as a marketplace for freelancers of all skills and professions.

Both (fka CodementorX) and Upwork`s business models operate on the ’connect clients to freelancers and stand back` principle.

Simply put, this means that both platforms just connect development companies with freelancers, then let them get on with it with no managerial oversight. Any company using their freelancers has to assume full responsibility for the entire project management process.

While there is definitely a better chance of picking up a bargain freelancer on Upwork, the platform has no other advantages when compared to (fka CodementorX). (fka CodementorX) vs Gigster

Gigster is a software development focused freelance platform that aims to match client companies to its vetted freelancers within 72 hours. In this way, its basic business model is the same as (fka CodementorX).

The most obvious difference between the two platforms is that Gigster offers project management. Gigster attaches freelance project managers to teams of freelance developers.

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This way the project manager is able to take control of development to ease the burden on client companies. However, it must be noted that using a platform that utilizes the service of freelance project managers comes with its own dangers.

While Gigster teams will scrutinize their own code before releasing it to client companies, (fka CodementorX) does have the advantage of utilizing specialist code review teams (at an extra cost) to ensure that code is good. (fka CodementorX)`s mentor courses, something that is not offered by Gigster, give companies the chance to improve their in-house teams for future projects.

If your company is looking to multi-project development or to train your in-house teams, then this is a great service that will help enormously.

The cost of freelancers on (fka CodementorX) are generally a lot cheaper than those from Gigster. This is mainly due to the fact that Gigster`s service includes managerial oversight.

Overall, Gigster is the better option for companies who can afford the extra money. (fka CodementorX) is ideal for companies looking to add one or more extra freelancers to their existing team or to review code or train developers. (fka CodementorX) vs Scalable Path

Scalable Path promises to add the scalability that most companies need when undertaking new development projects. The company operates a very similar model to companies such as Gigster, in that it is a freelancer platform that offers managerial oversight.

Scalable Path is also more expensive than (fka CodementorX). However, thanks to it including project management as part of its service, it is a better option for those companies who are looking to build more complex projects or don’t have the experience in software development that is required.

Once a client company submits a proposal, Scalable Path will quickly match the project to the most relevant team. The company is quite small relative to (fka CodementorX) and Gigster. However, this has led to it receiving rave reviews so far as its customer service goes.

Quite how much scalability the company is able to offer is not known. This might mean that it is not the ideal choice for large enterprise companies that require large teams for complex projects.

Scalable Path is a good choice for small to medium-sized projects for those companies who don’t wish to handle the complex process of project development.

There is no charge for project termination which is a nice bonus should you choose to cancel the project or engage the services of another platform at any point.

However, Scalable Path still lacks a data-driven agile management process, and that brings us neatly onto DevTeamSpace. (fka CodementorX) vs Devteam.Space

You will have realized that none of the above solutions offers a comprehensive development solution for the vast range of projects being undertaken today. In order to build world-class projects, product owners need expert developers and expert engineering teams.

DevTeam.Space is an invite-only community of expert development teams supported by an AI-powered agile software development process. We offer product owners the chance to massively scale their teams with whatever expertise that they require.

This is because at DevTeam.Space, you`re matched with the most relevant field-expert development teams. The project management process is agile and data-driven. As a part of the process, you`re guided by a tech account manager and a tech project manager at no additional cost. During the project development process, you will receive daily bite-sized updates and weekly performance reports.

Check out DevTeam.Space’s customers` feedback here.


Learn more about the DevTeam.Space process here.

Since (fka CodementorX) operates a standoff approach with little in the way of managerial oversight, it doesn’t offer any kind of project reports to its clients.

Here’s why you should consider DevTeam.Space’s services:

Our AI-Powered Agile Development Process

Our AI-powered agile development process includes detailed daily, as well as weekly, reports for our clients. Simply by accessing your project dashboard, you can see reports about the ongoing sprint. This includes everything from project performance scores, team performance breakdowns, and project progress information. All this means that you will always be 100% aware of what is going on.

Scalable and Adaptable

The DevTeam.Space service is most helpful for businesses with complex long-term projects. Usually, these projects require building mobile and web apps, and so require serious architecture and security expertise as well as other experts being connected to the project on a per-request basis. These types of projects, depending on a client’s business stage, can easily be scaled from a team of 3 people to 100x of engineers.

Maximum Possible Quality

Such projects require a data-driven approach by design in order to ensure maximum possible quality, speed, roadblocks tracking, and cost-effective product development. These factors are the backbone of product development, and are as equally important to a growing internet startup as they are to a large-sized business.

By offering this complete package, DevTeam.Space takes away all the stress and time-consuming effort that goes with complex product development. This means that you can focus your time and efforts on developing your marketing strategy and on business growth.

Several of our past clients have called DevTeam.Space the AWS of software development. Want to find out why? Simply submit your project requirements to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Arc.Dev?

Arc.Dev was formerly CodementorX. It is a freelancer software development platform that pairs businesses with freelancers. The company claims that only 1.1% of freelancers pass its vetting process which it claims ensures the best quality developers.

In terms of the freelancer software development sites, fairs reasonably well. However, its hiring falls short when compared to the full-cycle software developer platforms such as DevTeam.Space.

Since the platform only links freelancers with businesses, is not as expensive as completely outsourcing your project to a dedicated software development company. However, is not the cheapest in regards to its peers.

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