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If you have ever attempted a software development project then you will have undoubtedly experienced the challenge of finding and managing reliable software and app developers, no matter whether they were frontend or backend engineers.

No one wants to risk all this valuable time and money on a project that is doomed to fail. Therefore, doing lots of research to find the best software development platform from which to source your developers or development teams is the first big step to ensuring a successful project.

There are loads of platforms where you can hire a developer or a development team. Some of the best examples include Toptal,, XB Software, and DevTeam.Space. The real challenge lies in learning which platform is best for your project needs.

To make it easier for you, let’s review ValueCoders, one of the alternatives to hire freelancers.

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What Kind of Developers Do You Need?

We will begin by outlining the common project requirements when it comes to the main types of software products being developed today. After you have read this section, you will be able to see how ValueCoders fits your needs in terms of the service package that they offer.

  1. The most simple kind of project, i.e a set of landing pages, can be handled by a part-time engineer. This will be an individual who is focused on small projects and has the relevant experience to complete your project. The process generally involves your company purchasing a landing page template and asking them to implement it for you. Part of this process will involve them connecting the landing pages to the email forms and your domain name, as well as setting up the server, etc.
  2. The next level in terms of complexity is creating a product such as a simple corporate WordPress based website. If you choose to do this then you will need a professional WordPress developer. This person will most likely use one of the predesigned templates to create the site before then writing the backend, setting up the server and completing all the other required steps to launch and support your website.
  3. For those of you who wish to launch a more serious website, you will need to hire a complete dev team, or employ a dev shop, or alternatively onboard individual specialists who you will manage by yourself. Such teams, if managed properly, will be able to help you build a custom website. A typical approach to create an eCommerce marketplace, for example, would be to use NodeJS for the backend and AngularJS for the frontend. Your team will use WordPress to create a company blog to enhance your SEO marketing. For this kind of project, you will absolutely need a top professional designer, frontend and backend developers, and a DevOps specialist. Even if you have managed this kind of project development before, building a team by yourself is quite risky.
  4. The next step up is where things get serious. Developing a mobile application is very challenging. For this level of complexity, you will need to hire a complete mobile development team, a mobile experienced designer, and web developers to handle your backend infrastructure and the server environment. Should you choose to create mobile apps for both iOS and Android, as well as a website, then this will increase the complexity of the team you require even more.
  5. The most complex type of everyday project development is creating a Java or .NET based software solution for an enterprise-level SaaS product. This will usually have multiple microservices and complex API integrations. Such a project may also involve some level of data engineering, artificial intelligence integration, or a blockchain based solution, etc. For such a complex project, a team of top-level experts working together as an efficient team is vital. They will need to have all the relevant expertise and experience in fields like cyber-security, high-availability systems, and different server architectures, etc. Only the top developers working together in well-managed teams succeed in undertaking such complex products successfully.

Naturally, not all projects fit perfectly into the examples above. Yours may not either. These are, however, the main kinds of examples that are designed to serve as guidelines to give you an idea of where your project might fit. Now you understand more about your project, let’s take a look at Valuecoders.

What is ValueCoders? is a software development company based in India. The company’s main focus is on software development and providing offshore developers to its clients.

This Indian software development company has 13 years of experience in the industry and a team of 450+ staff and developers. It is one of the leading software development outsourcing companies in India.

ValueCoders offer the following software development services:

  • Mobile app development using languages such as PHP;
  • Web development;
  • UI/UX design for web and mobile;
  • eCommerce design and development;
  • Testing;
  • Blockchain application development;
  • AR/VR app development.

The company also provides the following additional services:

  • Consulting and system integration;
  • Application maintenance.

Their clientele includes small, medium, and enterprise sized businesses. They have worked with clients from the advertising & marketing, automotive, healthcare and medical information, and real estate industries, as well as others.

If you want to hire an offshore development team then they offer teams with experience in Java, React Native, Ruby on Rails, and Python. They claim to have experience in everything from mobile development to creating blockchain solutions.

Now you know what ValueCoders offer, let’s examine their pros and cons. This will help you decide if they are a good choice for your project.

The Pros and Cons of ValueCoders

Many companies have found ValueCoders’ software development expertise and industry experience attractive enough to source engineers from them.

It is worth noting that ValueCoders also claim to use Agile and other project management processes, something which many clients find advantageous.

However, modern software development doesn’t simply depend on software development expertise alone. Project management is a huge part of what it takes to successfully create a top product. Unless the platform you use offers this, you will need to understand these processes so that you can manage the project on your own.

While ValueCoders claim that they have Agile and other project management skills, testimonials on their website and on review sites don’t give much in the way of details about exactly what their processes are and which tools they utilize.

Some clients mentioned that managing their projects was easy when using ValueCoders development teams. While that is certainly a good sign, it is important to note that most of these clients were only undertaking relatively straightforward web application projects.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of engaging ValueCoders:

  1. ValueCoders can provide you with a full development team or individual freelancers. So far as hiring a complete team goes, this saves time as it means that you don’t have to hire developers individually. It also means that they will manage a large part of the development process for you, meaning that you have more time to focus on other areas of the product launch.
  2. If you are looking to bring in a product at the lowest possible price, then ValueCoders is a good option as it is relatively cheap. They charge less than $25 per hour because most of their developers are from India. If you hire developers from other countries, you will likely spend more.
  3. The team at ValueCoders is reported to be excellent at communication. This is a vital component of any product development, particularly if you are trusting a company with control over development.


I will now take you through a few potential disadvantages you may face should you use ValueCoders:

  1. You will find ValueCoders’ individual developers suitable if you have the relevant in-house skills to manage them by yourself. However, if you don’t have the expertise and manpower resources to allocate and manage them, you will have problems.
  2. The platform’s lack of project managers also renders their claim to have an agile-driven management approach somewhat pointless. While clients will be able to see some data relating to their ongoing project, these tools can be useless if they don’t know the best way to act on problems, etc. Not knowing how to boost the productivity of underperforming developers, for example, makes the data being provided by these tools pointless.
  3. According to customer feedback on the GoodFirms review site, a massive 80% of the projects undertaken by ValueCoders are for small-sized businesses. This is a worrying thing for medium to large sized businesses as it means that the platform will lack experience in developing more complex projects.
  4. ValueCoders is not based in the US so is not liable to many of the laws here. This could have implications when it comes to intellectual property theft, etc. So be sure to read up on this so you know where you stand legally before engaging their services.

So now we know the pros and cons of ValueCoders, let’s take a look at when it is appropriate to use their services.

When to engage ValueCoders

ValueCoders can provide you with a skilled development team, or alternatively, you can use them to help you find developers. This allows you to scale your team so that you have the resources to undertake the project.

After you have established your requirements, determined your architecture, developed the technical requirements, and built your project plan, you will need to engage a company like ValueCoders to help you build a project development team.

ValueCoders seem most suited to building small scale software projects and apps for small-sized companies. While they claim to have the skills to create more sophisticated blockchain products, overall they give the impression of being most suited to creating websites and basic apps.

Check out the information below:

After you complete your project, you may decide to continue with your ValueCoders freelancers for a period of post-implementation maintenance to fix any problems or bugs etc. Alternatively, you may have the resources to support your project with your existing in-house team and thereby end your contract with ValueCoders.

You should now be aware of exactly what kind of service ValueCoders provide and whether their service model is compatible with your specific project requirements.

Before you go any further, you should consider the alternatives to ValueCoders so you can see how they shape up.

ValueCoders Alternatives: Comparison Chart

ValueCoders Upwork X-Team XB Software DevTeam.Space
Community Freelance developers and project development All sort of freelancers Freelance developers Freelance developers Field-expert development teams
Main Focus Development Software Development Development Development and support of complex software products
Dedicated Account Manager No No No No Yes
Data-Driven Agile Process No No No No Yes
Daily project updates No No No By request Automated bitesize updates with roadblock tracking
Weekly project updates No No No Yes Data-driven project performance reports

There is a lot of choice when it comes to software development service providers.

To highlight what else is out there, we will examine the ValueCoders competitors by comparing how they shape up to the platform. We will start by looking at how Upwork fares against ValueCoders.

ValueCoders vs Upwork

Upwork is a well-known freelance platform. Formerly known as oDesk, it changed its name to Upwork after it merged with Elance.

Since then the organization has gone through a significant transformation. Upwork is now a marketplace for a vast range of freelancers and operates a model that is referred to as the ‘standoff approach’. This means that the platform simply connects clients to freelancers and lets them get on with it.

It is worth noting that Upwork offers nothing in the way of project management or management tools. Clients handle the whole process, including the vetting of freelancers.

You are entirely responsible for screening applications from freelancers, interviewing them, and selecting the ones you think are most relevant.

After you hire a freelancer, you must manage them through the platform (as per Upwork’s terms and conditions) which means you are not able to use powerful communication tools such as Slack to streamline the development process.

The fact that Upwork is such a big general skill freelance platform makes it unsuitable for most types of developments. Unless you are planning to simply add a freelancer to your existing team, and have the experience to identify good developers, then Upwork is not suitable.

Since Upwork allows developers with all kinds of experience levels to join, there is no guarantee of quality. Hence, you may well find an entry-level programmer bidding for your complex project. This not only wastes your time but highlights the fact that you really have no idea who you are hiring.

While you may find a bargain developer or two on Upwork, remember that you need to manage the entire project yourself. Also, using less experienced developers for complex projects can often pose unexpected problems.

Finally, morale among the freelancers using Upwork has been low since the platform doubled its freelancer fees from 10% to 20%. Many top developers consider this to be too high and chose to avoid the platform for this reason.

So to sum up, while Upwork might help you to find the odd bargain developer or two, the platform’s model is not suitable for most development requirements. ValueCoders is a much better option.

ValueCoders vs X-team

Australian company X-team was founded back in 2006. The company provides freelancer teams to their clients who require mobile or web development. However, as with Upwork, client companies still need to manage their projects.

A key difference between this platform and ValueCoders is that X-team doesn’t provide software consulting, application maintenance, or product testing services. X-team simply connects developers to their clients and lets them manage them.

ValueCoders doesn’t specify on their website what steps they take in terms of upskilling or cross-skilling their developers. However, X-team specifies that they incentivize their developers in skill development, which helps them not only improve the quality of their freelancers but also build morale and loyalty to the company.

ValueCoders state that they have Agile and other project management expertise. If true, this makes them more attractive than X-Team which has no such expertise or tools.

Like ValueCoders, X-team also has account managers. However, these are not project managers. Their role is to manage clients rather than project specifics. These individuals will keep you happy but will not help you achieve your goal of creating a great sotware product.

If you are only looking to hire short-term web or mobile app developers, you might benefit from the service X-team offers. However, if you are undertaking a complex project and need end-to-end project delivery, X-team isn’t really what you are looking for.

ValueCoders vs XB Software

Headquartered in Minsk, Belarus, XB Software has been providing software development services for 10 years.

XB Software focuses on developing custom software and mobile apps. They also provide software testing and developer augmentation services. Their model is very similar to ValueCoders but with one clear exception.

The platform claims to have specific expertise in management and administration software, enterprise resource planning (ERP), eLearning software, video chat apps, and social media apps.

If your project falls under one of these umbrellas, then you might benefit more from XB Software’s expertise as you will more likely get more experienced development teams.

XB Software has another advantage in the form of their support tools, for e.g. Webix JavaScript UI library, EnjoyCSS, XB Chat etc. Should any of these tools help your project development then you might prefer XB Software.

Finally, XB Software claims to have developed projects in 65 countries, so you might also benefit from their experience working in a multinational environment. Other than these points, there is very little difference between the two platforms.

ValueCoders vs Devteam.Space

Trying to find a comprehensive platform where you can access high-quality software developers for mobile app development is no easy task. DevTeam.Space is the solution to this problem.

While ValueCoders do offer a wide range of services and support, they are still lacking in several areas.

DevTeam.Space is a data-driven agile software development platform that is designed to work with everything from the smallest to the largest software development projects.

If you are planning to build a web application with smart contracts, a chatbot, blockchain, IoT, big data etc., for iOS or as an Android app, or require developers with specific skills in frameworks such as Drupal, Magento, Mysql, Reactjs, etc., we have all the developers you need under one roof.

At DevTeam.Space, you’re matched with the most relevant field-expert development teams. The project management process is agile and data-driven. As a part of the process, you’re guided with a tech account manager and a tech project manager at no additional cost. During the project development process, you receive daily bite-sized updates and weekly performance reports.

Check out DevTeam.Space’s customers‘ feedback here.

Learn more about the DevTeam.Space process here

This gives DevTeam.Space an enormous advantage over ValueCoders, which aims to provide developers and unmanaged development teams to clients.

Since DevTeam.Space employs experienced managers on a full-time basis, they are able to confidently take charge of any sized project and use our well defined data-driven agile development processes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The DevTeam.Space service is most helpful for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have tailored our process to allow clients to easily scale up and down from a team of 1 to 100s of engineers.

Trying to undertake such projects using unmanaged freelancers from ValueCoders would be a stressful and time-consuming effort even for an experienced project manager.

Such projects require a data-driven approach by design in order to keep up with the quality, speed, roadblocks tracking, and financial part of the product development. It’s equally important for a growing Internet startup or an established business.

And that’s where the DevTeam.Space data-driven agile process, top-rated developers, and account managers’ guidance deliver on the promise and can help you build and scale multi-million dollar online products.

By offering this complete package, the DevTeam.Space takes away all the stress and time-consuming effort that goes with a complex product development. So you can focus on marketing and business growth.

To see if DevTeam.Space can help you simply post your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

ValueCoders is an Indian freelance software development company. It aims to connect businesses with freelancers to allow them to scale their existing teams.

ValueCoders interview the developers that apply to work through the platform. However, the company is not transparent as to what its interview process is and makes no reference to having vetted its freelancers on its website.

ValueCoders offer a wide range of frontend and backend development skills. These include all the major programming languages as well as big data analytics and blockchain skills.

DevTeam.Space is a vetted community of expert dev teams supported by an AI-powered agile process.

Companies like Samsung, Airbus, NEC, and startups rely on us to build great online products. We can help you too, by enabling you to hire and effortlessly manage expert developers.