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How to Implement ChatGPT into Project Management Tools  

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Do you plan to implement ChatGPT for project management, and do you want to how to do so? You need to strategize, plan, and execute a software development project well to implement ChatGPT in project management tools. DevTeam.Space is just the right partner for you.

ChatGPT can indeed do a lot to assist project managers. The following are a few examples of how project managers (PMs) can use ChatGPT to their advantage:

  • PMs can use ChatGPT for research and information gathering.
  • ChatGPT can help PMs to create project plans.
  • Project managers can use ChatGPT for task assignments.
  • PMs can utilize ChatGPT to track the progress of their projects.
  • ChatGPT can facilitate communication and collaboration within project teams.
  • PMs can use information from ChatGPT for decision-making.
  • ChatGPT can make activities like providing formal training easier.
  • PMs can use the knowledge management ChatGPT capabilities.
  • ChatGPT can help PMs prepare project documentation.
  • The predictive analytics capabilities of ChatGPT can help PMs in various ways.

The time is ripe for you to utilize ChatGPT to make project management tasks easier for project managers. You are reading just the guide you need. Dive right in. 

1. Create a crack team to plan the project to implement ChatGPT for project management   

A project to implement ChatGPT in a PM tool will deliver long-term value, e.g., better execution of project management processes. Defining and planning such a project requires a crack team. 

You should have a competent PM leading this team. This team needs an experienced software architect and a capable business analyst. 

This crack project team does the following:

  • The BA should define the functional requirements after the due process.
  • You need non-functional requirements (NFRs) too, and the architect should define them. 
  • The architect should create technical solutions.
  • Apart from creating project plans, the PM should implement a requirement and solution review. 

2. Review examples of how ChatGPT is helping project managers  

Several popular project management tools offer integration with ChatGPT. You can review them to get ideas about project management ChatGPT capabilities. The following valuable tools are examples:

  • Asana;
  • Jira;
  • Smartsheet;
  • Trello.

3. Analyze and document requirements after assessing how ChatGPT can assist project managers   

Do the following as part of defining and finalizing requirements:

A. Gather, analyze, and document the requirements for the proposed project management software

Gather the business requirements for the PM software you plan to build. For example, the software system might cover the following areas:


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  • Task and resource management;
  • Allowing project managers to store relevant project data securely;
  • Creating project plans;
  • Helping project managers to share project data with the relevant stakeholders;
  • Creating project reports;
  • Project monitoring;
  • Identifying and mitigating potential risks;
  • Project status reporting;
  • Creating work breakdown structures;
  • Managing project timelines and schedules;
  • Facilitating communications.

B. Decide on the target platforms

Which platforms should project management teams use for accessing your new PM tool? Decide on this now. For example, you might want to target web, Android, and iOS. 

C. Define how will ChatGPT facilitate the project management processes in the proposed PM software

How can ChatGPT help with any of the above-mentioned business requirements of the proposed project management tool? You will now analyze and document that.

You can use ChatGPT for various purposes in the proposed PM tool, e.g.:

  • It can help PMs to manage resources better.
  • PMs can save time by using the automation capabilities of ChatGPT.
  • Creating documentation becomes easier with ChatGPT. Users can create documentation like project plans and project strategies quickly.
  • A PM tool using ChatGPT makes managing team members easier.
  • The PM tool can utilize ChatGPT for easier task assignments.
  • PMs can use ChtatGPT to track a project’s objectives like project timelines, budget, and schedule.
  • ChatGPT can help PMs to identify risks. PMs can assess potential risks with it. PM tools with ChatGPT integration helps PMs identify mitigation strategies for project risks. 
  • PMs can use ChatGPT to manage the professional development of team members. They can track and evaluate training programs using ChatGPT-enabled PM tools.
  • The predictive analytics capabilities of ChatGPT help PMs with making informed decisions to manage projects. They can use the insights gained from ChatGPT for strategy development.
  • ChatGPT helps PMs with their research process. They can gain new insights about project-related topics. With new and better information, PMs can propose solutions relevant to problems seen in multiple projects. 
  • PMs can use ChatGPT to effectively share project data with the relevant stakeholders.
  • PM tools utilizing ChatGPT help PMs drive process improvement initiatives. 

Identify your use cases and update the business requirements.

D. Document the non-functional requirements

The software architect should take the lead in documenting the NFRs. An NFR document should adequately cover the following requirements:

  • Performance;
  • Scalability;
  • Usability;
  • Security;
  • Testability;
  • Maintainability.

You can add other NFRs if applicable and the above isn’t an exhaustive list.

4. Decide on a technology stack for developing the proposed project management software

We recommend the following technology stack:

  • Use one of the JavaScript-based web frameworks like Angular or React for front-end web development.
  • Develop the back-end of the web app using Node.js.
  • Develop native mobile applications since they offer the best user experience, performance, and security. You should use Java for native Android development. Use Swift for native iOS development.
  • Use MySQL or PostgreSQL since you will need an SQL database. You can use MongoDB if you need a NoSQL database.
  • Develop RESTful APIs.

5. Decide on an approach to integrate ChatGPT

Choose between the available ChatGPT integration approaches:

A. Train ChatGPT, build an AI chatbot, and integrate the newly trained model

We recommend this approach since it offers the maximum customization options. You need to do the following:

  • Collect raw data for training the ChatGPT large language model (LLM).
  • Prepare the data sets for effective use in training the LLM. You need to format, clean, and pre-process the data for this.
  • Split data sets for training and testing the LLM.
  • Securely store the data sets prepared for training. 
  • Download the LLM and host it on your choice of cloud infrastructure.
  • Develop scripts for training by using a suitable programming language like Python.
  • Train the model and assess its performance. If required, train the LLM again.
  • Create a custom AI chatbot.
  • Integrate the self-hosted and trained ChatGPT LLM.
  • Test the bot, integrate it into the proposed apps, and test the entire system. 

You need expert AI/ML developers for this integration approach since it’s complex.

B. Other ChatGPT integration approaches  

We accord a lower priority to the following approaches since they offer little or no customization options.

B1. Develop a custom AI bot and integrate ChatGPT as it is

In this approach, you develop an AI chatbot from scratch. You integrate ChatGPT as it is. Subsequently, you integrate the chatbot into your app.

Since the AI chatbot development work stream is a custom software development effort, you can customize the chatbot. You don’t train ChatGPT with your data though. 

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This approach provides a medium level of customization options. Developing an AI chatbot is, at worst, a medium-complexity effort. You need mid-level developers. 

B2. Use a chatbot development platform and integrate ChatGPT as it is

Several chatbot development platforms allow you to integrate ChatGPT when you build a chatbot. An example is Botsonic. 

Such chatbot builder platforms are no-code platforms. You build an AI chatbot using one of them and integrate it into your app. 

No-code platforms typically offer no customization options. You need only junior developers for this constrained integration approach.

B3. Integrate the ChatGPT API

When you adopt this approach, you only integrate the OpenAI ChatGPT API. You can use the API endpoint. Alternatively, your developers can use a commonly available SDK. 

You only need junior developers for this ChatGPT integration approach. This approach offers no customization options though.

6. Plan the software development project 

You have defined requirements, project scope, and technical solutions. You chose a ChatGPT integration approach. The project planning exercise should follow, and it should cover the following:

  • The work stream to develop the project management software;
  • Training data for training the self-hosted ChatGPT model;
  • The work stream to integrate ChatGPT into the new software system;
  • Estimation;
  • Selecting one of the prominent project management methodologies like Agile
  • The choice of a framework like Scrum;
  • Manpower requirements and including skill requirements;
  • General project aspects like risk management, human resource management, etc.

7. Hire software developers  

Having planned the project, you now need to hire developers. Assuming your in-house software development team is preoccupied, hire people for the following roles:

  • UI designers;
  • Web developers;
  • Mobile developers;
  • AI/ML/NLP developers;
  • Testers;
  • DevOps engineers.

Take the following steps:

A. Choose where to hire developers from

You might have thought of hiring freelancers. The ability to negotiate a low hourly rate might seem like a good idea to you. You might also think that freelance platforms, with their large network, will make the hiring process easy. 

We believe that you will elevate your project risks by hiring freelancers. We say this due to the following reasons:

  • You will find it hard to assess the hands-on skills of freelancers.
  • Freelancers work part-time, and you might not get sufficient work done by them.
  • Managing freelancers can be hard. You get no project management support from freelance platforms.
  • Freelancer might leave the project mid-way. You will need to find replacements. 

You should hire developers from a trusted and reputed software development company like DevTeam.Space instead. You get the following advantages:

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  • We offer full-time developers. They work dedicated to your project.
  • Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that you get competent and motivated developers with the relevant expertise.
  • We offer a flexible engagement model. You can hire a team or individual developers. We can also deliver your project from the beginning to the end.
  • Our AI-powered agile processes support our developers. You get supportable and maintainable code, thanks to our world-class development process.
  • We offer project management support. 

B. Interview the developers

Now that you decided on a hiring platform and posted your job ad, you will receive applications. Interview the applicants. Take help from colleagues if needed. 

Review interview questions found online. You can use our interview questions like Python or SQL.   

Check whether the candidate has worked on any ChatGPT integration project earlier. Find out whether the developer has the relevant industry certifications. Ask how the developer had solved project problems.

Assess the AI/ML/NLP development experience of developers. Explain your project and ask how the developers will go about it. You should expect specific suggestions.

C. Help developers become productive

You have hired developers. You need them to become productive quickly. An effective onboarding helps, therefore, do the following:

  • Explain the project requirements and technical solutions.
  • Share the relevant project documents, e.g., functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Provide access.
  • Describe the work processes including work approval processes. 
  • Introduce the new team members to your existing team.
  • Establish a communication process.
  • Explain the project schedule, milestones, and iterations.

8. Develop the project management software system with ChatGPT integration 

You now need to take the following steps:

  • Design the user interface (UI) of the web app, mobile apps, and chatbot.
  • Develop the web and mobile apps.
  • Train the self-hosted ChatGPT model with your own data.
  • Develop the AI chatbot and integrate the newly trained self-hosted ChatGPT model.
  • Integrate the chatbot into the web and mobile apps.
  • Integrate other relevant APIs.
  • Review the code.
  • Test the apps.
  • Deploy the apps and manage the post-deployment support phase.

Submit a project with zero risk

Clearly, implementing ChatGPT in a project management tool takes high-quality planning and execution. You need competent developers for such a complex project. They need to work full-time on your project with a high motivation level. 

DevTeam.Space is just the partner for you. We can provide developers with relevant expertise. Our world-class development processes help you succeed. 

Do you want to know more? Fill out the DevTeam.Space product specifications form. A dedicated account manager will help you. 


1. I want to train ChatGPT with my organization’s data. How do I prepare data for this, furthermore, can DevTeam.Space help here?   

DevTeam.Space AI/ML/NLP developers have extensive knowledge of preparing data for training AI models like ChatGPT. We can help you. The steps are as follows:
Collect data from the applicable sources.
Analyze data and identify the important attributes.
Parse data from JSON and XML files.
Organize data.
Recognize patterns in data.
Identify trends in data sets.
Find missing or incorrect data elements.
Correct errors in data.
Eliminate biases from data. 
Correct the extreme values in data sets.
Adjust outliers in data.
Correct anomalies in the distribution of data.
Divide data sets. Earmark training data and testing data separately. 
Secure sensitive data.

2. If I hire a DevTeam.Space software development team, will it work cohesively?  

A DevTeam.Space software development team works as a cohesive unit. You get complementary support from a dedicated tech account manager when you hire developers from us. Our account manager guides the team and ensures effectiveness.  

3. Which capability of ChatGPT should I use for tracking project progress, furthermore, do DevTeam.Space developers know it?   

You should use the automation capability of ChatGPT for tracking project progress. DevTeam.Space developers have a deep understanding of project management ChatGPT capabilities. Our developers can help you achieve project success.


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