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A complete rebuild and further extension of the web and mobile custom shipping and delivery system to serve 28 countries.

Island Bargains provides shipping, warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, air freight, and ocean freight services to 28 countries across the Caribbean region.

IslandBargains software system had up to 30-second page loading delays and an outdated codebase on PHP and Java, with no frameworks. They needed a new product development partner to step in, identify the most critical issues, and fix them to continue the platform operation, and also to take over the management of the entire project on a long-term basis, helping to expand the business through business processes software automation, and introducing new customer-facing software solutions.

For the initial phase of engagement, we assigned a dedicated development team. We conducted a detailed code review to identify all the code performance and security problems that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Our development team also conducted load and performance testing, identified the code bottlenecks, and outlined a shortlist of critical issues and a long-term code improvement plan. We also introduced PHP and JS frameworks with support work, code improvements, and implementation of new features.

After the initial phase of engagement that lasted over a year, we assigned a mobile app development team. We built a new mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, enabling even more customers to engage with Island Bargains for shipment and goods delivery across the Caribbean.

In addition, our web development team has implemented a new Point of Sale (POS) system, integrated various services for better customer service, and helped link the software warehouse system with the new IoT product scanners, which drastically increased operations efficiency.

Island Bargains’ software platform and mobile products are on a solid and successful growth trajectory. We look forward to our fruitful collaboration in the future and to helping their business grow.

Island Bargains Website

Island Bargains Android App

Island Bargains iOS
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Development Team
2 Backend Developers, 1 Front-end developer, 1 Designer, 2 Mobile Developers, 1 QA engineer, 1 DevOps Engineer
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