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Examples of Medical AI chatbots

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In this blog, we are discussing some medical AI chatbots helping healthcare providers and patients, alike, through monitoring health conditions, providing personalized patient care, real-time medical communication, etc.

Prominent healthcare chatbots providing effective medical assistance include:

Your MD:

This medical AI chatbot is available as a web and mobile app. Your MD provides users with reliable medical information that helps them to keep fit. An important feature offered by this medical AI chatbot is of symptom checker. 

Patients can easily assess their health condition by asking questions, taking health quizzes, etc. Your MD uses a large repository of medical information to provide credible medical information to the users. 

Moreover, the medical chatbot is available for free to answer users’ health queries. One negative point noted is that Your MD is not much efficient in understanding human language effectively. This can sometimes lead to an inefficient user experience.

Babylon Health:

Babylon Health offers 24/7 healthcare consultation services to patients with medical professionals remotely. 

This medical AI chatbot is available on iOS and Google App stores. Patients can easily use the app by filling out a form with their health conditions and medical history. Patients are then referred to the doctors through video and text messages. 

Babylon Health chatbot also offers initial diagnosis services by cross-referencing patients’ symptoms with the information in the medical database. It can also offer an appropriate medical solution to users.

This healthcare chatbot is a good solution to ease healthcare providers’ workload as it greatly reduces the number of people coming into hospitals for initial medical checkups. 


Ask Nestle’s NINA is an AI-powered virtual nutritionist. It is developed in India and helps parents curate personalized meal plans for their children. Users can add specific health conditions and nutritional requirements. 

The chatbot helps with setting food reminders and keeping track of food intake. It also provides innovative recipes to help fussy eaters.

NINA can be accessed using Google Assistant and the website. The digital bot is designed for the Indian audience and requires more contextualization to cater to the global users.


This medical chatbot, specifically, helps patients who are fighting against cancer. OneRemission helps cancer patients and survivors by providing them all the information they need including, diets, exercises, post-cancer treatments, etc. 

All this medical information is provided and integrated by the medical experts and hence saves patients from constant reliance on their doctors. For example, a cancer patient can search benefits and risks of taking a certain food.

Moreover, OneRemission also provides a 24/7 feature of connecting with an oncologist for asking more complex medical-related questions, improving patient experience.


Sensely is a platform to develop medical chatbots with enhanced capabilities. The platform helps businesses, especially healthcare organizations, to create custom chatbot solutions according to their specific needs. The customer base ranges from healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry to insurance companies. 

Using Sensely, businesses can easily bridge the gap between less precise chatbots and human language processing. According to their website, Sensely chatbot can intelligently guide users to insurance services and healthcare resources. 

For example, for a symptom assessment, a user will fill in their health condition like, how they are feeling, including any other health-related issues. 

The Sensely chatbot will analyze these conditions and match them with the saved medical information. It also asks relevant questions like is the symptom mild or severe. Finally, it suggests a diagnosis after which the patient can seek professional treatment.

Businesses can use Sensely to enhance their multiple customer interaction and patient engagement processes like underwriting, claim processing, symptom diagnosis, mental health assistance, improved customer services, etc. 

Ada Health:

Ada Health chatbot aims to provide a more relevant response to the patients’ queries. It tries to improve the service by comparing a user’s condition with other users’ information. In this way, Ada Health just not saves a repository of medical information to cross-reference patients’ information but also updates its analysis using real-time and relevant health cases. 

Ada Health, with 11 million users and 24 million completed medical assessments, is helping healthcare providers and doctors to improve the quality of digital healthcare. 

According to Danel Nathrath, CEO at Ada Health, “Ada will also become much more of an ongoing health companion, helping patients and doctors to intelligently monitor health data over the long term to enable predictive and proactive care”.


According to Market Research Future, the medical chatbot market will reach 543.65 million US dollars by 2026 and revolutionize healthcare immensely. The scope of medical chatbots is continuously increasing in healthcare by making the process easier for both patients and healthcare professionals. 

Read more on how healthcare is leveraging AI in our blog here.

You can also benefit from medical chatbot services in your business processes. While building a custom medical chatbot is an intensive AI development project, integrating a third-party chatbot into your business product is relatively easier. 

However, for effective chatbot development, you will need a specialized team of software developers who are skilled in machine learning technology and tools. 

Some common chatbot development skills include proficiency in programming languages such as Python, conversational AI domains such as natural language processing and cognitive learning, development frameworks and services like Amazon Rekognition, IBM Watson, etc.

If you are looking for expert software developers, DevTeam.Space can help you. Write to use your initial medical chatbot development requirements via this quick form. One of our technical managers will get back to you to answer your questions and to connect you with software developers experienced in machine learning development.

Top FAQs on Medical AI Chatbots

1. How can medical AI chatbots help in the healthcare sector?

The use cases of medical AI chatbots in healthcare are many, from handling initial diagnosis based on recorded symptoms, providing 24/7 digital medical care to patients remotely, helping in taking emergency calls and dispatching required medical assistance immediately, etc.

2. How do conversational chatbots are providing healthcare services in hospitals?

Medical AI chatbots are helping doctors in hospitals in multiple ways like assistance in administrative tasks, connecting patients with relevant doctors, scheduling appointments with patients and sending reminders, running medical check-ups for initial diagnosis, etc. They also help in achieving patient satisfaction by providing remote medical assistance round the clock, especially for mental health issues. 

3. How can I develop a medical AI chatbot?

Top skills required to develop an efficient medical AI chatbot include in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence domains like machine learning, natural language processing, cognitive learning, proficiency in AI chatbot development tools like Microsoft Azure Bot Service,, etc. The best cost-effective route is to connect with skilled software engineers with experience in deploying market-competitive AI solutions, like DevTeam.Space to save your resources.


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