Some Popular Facial Recognition Software

What Are Some Popular Facial Recognition Software?

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This blog discusses some popular facial recognition software available today.

Amazon Rekognition

It is one of the most popular facial recognition software available based on computer vision technology. Amazon has the advantage of having a large dataset available. This greatly improves the accuracy of its facial recognition system. 

Amazon Rekognition tool enables businesses to label data according to their custom needs. This makes face detection software more effective for particular business needs.

Apart from identity verification for ensuring controlled access and safety at premises, Amazon rekognition software can provide content moderation through its large tested database. This content moderation helps to flag inappropriate text while labeling an extensive collection of facial recognition data.

The pricing model for Amazon Rekognition depends on the used services. The free tier service is available for a year where a business can implement free image processing for 5000 images a month for their facial recognition systems. The costs start to increase when a business increases its Amazon storage.

The Amazon Rekognition service is considered good for businesses that do not have much expertise in machine learning development, especially face recognition algorithms.

Moreover, they are suitable for a business that has enough capital to invest in cloud storage and facial recognition services for the long term.


This advanced face recognition software can help with image and video analysis and object recognition. Betaface offers three services including, facial recognition software development kit (SDKs), hosted web services, and custom software development services.


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Betaface helps with elaborate facial recognition using biometric techniques for detecting facial features. It can also help in detecting skin tone, ethnicity, hairstyles, etc.

Betaface offers a free API that helps process 500 images a day. After that, they start changing an amount. Moreover, Betaface offers monthly subscriptions with additional costs.

The face recognition software is usually considered appropriate for businesses that have some technical staff including, software developers available as the betaface requires some integration in your business applications.


BioID, a biometric-as-a-service, allows users to access face recognition software over a cloud through APIs. The three products offered by BioID include:

Web Service:

The software-as-a-service can be used on-premises or on the cloud.

Liveness Detection:

This live facial recognition feature detects users in a real-time environment through the movement of the body, voice recognition, facial expression, etc. In this way, BioID can be used to prevent theft and fraud in online situations.

Image Identification:

The feature called photo verify helps to identify photos and verify them using liveness detection and facial recognition features. 

BioID is a good option for businesses where identity verification and e-signatures are an essential part of the process. Examples include car rental companies, online examination websites, financial institutions, etc.

Moreover, BioID provides comprehensive API documentation that allows businesses to easily integrate its FRS services with their products and applications.

BioID provides a pay-per-use pricing model. 

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Cognitec has an open-source face recognition architecture that customers can customize and scale according to their requirements. Six main face recognition services offered by Cognitec include:

VideoScan ES Live:

This is a face recognition service to provide automated video analysis while live streaming. Cognitec provides enhanced features for video-based facial recognition like an option to count the number of individuals, generate statistics on demographics, etc.

VideoScan ES:

It is a subscription-based video scan service for enterprises. Cognitec provides cloud-based services to businesses for selecting camera equipment and managing them through the Cognitec partner. Enterprise also has an option to manage their video scanning equipment on their premises. 

DBScan ID:

 Face recognition solution for biometric verification and identification.

DBScan LE:

 This biometric verification and identification solution is specially designed for law enforcement services.

Entry Control:

This face recognition software can be integrated with hardware components to create electronic gates for entry control on borders.

Cognitec customer base ranges from law enforcement, security services, border control, to commercial software products for real-time facial recognition. Cognitec provides online customer support, consultancy services, on-site support, and software user training.

The minimum price for usage is 0.01 US dollars for one user for one-time use and increases according to the facial recognition usage.

Cognitec can provide effective and scalable face recognition services to organizations for security and control use cases with reasonable setup costs.

DeepVision AI

DeepVision AI facial recognition services can be used for marketing and security purposes. An efficient ID verification service by DeepVision can collect video data in an area and identify people based on age, gender, ethnicity, etc. This data can help advertisers to locate target customers and create personalized ads. 

Similarly, the DeepVision service can be used to implement security checks. Id verification can be used to recognize individuals by law enforcement agencies. DeepVision makes data analysis easier by providing a real-time analytics dashboard that can be customized according to the user’s needs.

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The customers of DeepVision AI include retailers, smart city planners, and marketing agencies.

DeepVision AI charges $0.008 per 10 face recognition requests. These can include face gender and age recognition, vehicle recognition, visual search, incident detection, etc. 


Facial recognition technology is helping businesses across a range of industries including, healthcare, fintech, security, entertainment, etc. Businesses are taking good advantage of face recognition technology through controlled access to premises, enhanced on-site surveillance, improved software applications’ security features, etc.

You can also make use of facial recognition technology for your business. However, you will require a skilled team of software developers for this purpose. You can read our blog on how to make face recognition software for more details.

If you are still looking for experienced software developers for building a face recognition service using the latest technologies, DevTeam.Space can help you.

You can easily get in touch with DevTeam.Space via this quick form describing the initial requirements for your facial recognition software project. One of our technical managers will get in touch with you to further answer your questions. 

Top FAQs on Facial Recognition Software

1. What is facial recognition software?

Facial recognition software uses the latest artificial intelligence technology domains like machine learning, cognitive learning, etc. to detect facial features in the image or video data. Facial recognition software works for identity verification, emotion recognition, etc. using elaborate facial recognition algorithms.

2. What are common use cases of facial recognition software?

Face recognition technology is commonly used for access control to a facility, age-based face recognition, gender recognition, vehicle identification, visual searches, software applications’ security, Identity verification, etc.

3. What are some best facial recognition software?

Some best facial recognition software include Amazon rekognition, DeepVision AI, Cognitec, Face++, FaceFirst, etc.


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