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How to Train ChatGPT?

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Have you got a plan to utilize ChatGPT for very specific tasks relevant to your business?  You need to train ChatGPT to work for your company then! The question “How to train ChatGPT?” becomes very important in that case.  

Training ChatGPT to perform tasks specific to your organization is possible. You need high-quality training data, expert developers, robust software development processes, and reliable project management practices. Below, read the detailed steps to train ChatGPT with custom data. 

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1. Create a plan for training ChatGPT

We assume that you plan to integrate ChatGPT into the web or mobile apps of your organization. You have gathered and analyzed the business requirements. 

However, the project manager (PM) and architect have realized that just using the ChatGPT API won’t do for you. You have zeroed in on a custom-trained AI chatbot. 

We recommend you utilize the existing PM and architect to plan the tasks required to train the ChatGPT model. While paying attention to the entire process, they must focus on training data quality and hiring.  

2. Choose the right approach to train ChatGPT with your own data

Identify a suitable approach to train ChatGPT. If you want maximum customization options, then you should take the complete control of the effort. You need to develop a ChatGPT-powered custom AI chatbot from scratch. Furthermore, you need to train the ChatGPT model with your specific datasets. You need expert developers for this.

The other option involves using an AI chatbot development platform like Botsonic or Social Intents. These are no-code platforms. Developing conversational AI systems can be hard, and using no-code platforms can help. Your customization options can be limited though.


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3. Hire developers to train ChatGPT with custom data 

You need to hire artificial intelligence (AI) developers with Python skills. Developers need to know machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) too. You should utilize the testers and DevOps engineers already hired for the larger ChatGPT integration project.

A. Decide where to hire from  

Hiring freelancers might seem like a good idea. However, we don’t recommend freelancers for training ChatGPT. 

Freelancers work part-time on projects. You might find it hard to get work done by them. Freelance platforms don’t offer any project management support. If freelancers leave your project mid-way, then you need to find replacements.

Hire full-time developers from DevTeam.Space. Our developers are skilled, experienced, and motivated. They use our world-class development processes. We provide project management support too.

B. Evaluate job applicants

You chose a hiring platform and posted your job ad. Interview the applicants now. You can use our interview questions, e.g., Python interview questions

Ask questions that help you assess the relevant experience of candidates. Check how they delivered their past projects. Describe your project and ask them how they deliver it. 

C. Get developers to be productive quickly

The PM should onboard developers effectively. A good onboarding process should cover the following:

  • An explanation of the project requirements, technical solutions, and relevant documents;
  • Providing access;
  • An introduction to the existing team;
  • Explaining the schedule, milestones, and work approval processes;
  • Establishing a communication process.

4. Set up the environment to train and fine-tune ChatGPT

Do the following to set up the software environment to train ChatGPT:

  • Developers need to install Python from the official website first.
  • You get a setup file while installing Python. Execute it. 
  • Upgrade Pip, the standard package manager for Python. You can just use the terminal or command prompt on your computer to do so.  
  • Next, install the OpenAI library. You will use it as the large language model (LLM) to train ChatGPT. 
  • Subsequently, install GPT Index. You will use the GPT index to connect the LLM to your knowledge repositories.
  • You should now install the Python libraries required for this project. An example of PyPDF2, which parses PDF files. PyCryptodome is another example. You also need Gradio. This Python library helps you to create a simple user interface.  
  • Install a well-known code editor like Visual Studio Code.
  • Create an OpenAI account. You should create your profile. Use the “View API Keys” option. 
  • From the menu options on the OpenAI user dashboard, select the “Create new secret key” option. Copy the API key, and save it for future use. 
  • Secure your OpenAI API key. Remember that this secret key is for your account only. You can delete API keys and create them again. OpenAI allows you to create up to 5 API keys.   

5. Develop a script to execute the training process 

You need a script to train the ChatGPT model with new data. Develop a Python script since Python is very suitable for scripting. You need to include the Open AI key for your account in this script.

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Your Python script will read files from a directory. This script should process multiple files, and it will produce a JSON file. 

6. Collect your own data sets for training ChatGPT

You need to collect the relevant data sets for training a custom model of ChatGPT. The data sets can be of different natures, e.g.:

  • Social media posts;
  • Customer interactions via email;
  • Collections of user inputs into forms on your website;
  • Support tickets;
  • Customer support transcripts;
  • Set of local URLs relevant to the functionality of your proposed chat bot;
  • Knowledge base articles.

You should collect data of a diverse nature. E.g., the data sets should reflect the language patterns and language nuances used by your organization. Your training data must reflect the cultural references relevant to your environment too. However, the data sets must be relevant to your business and customers.

7. Organize external data to train ChatGPT

You have now collected vast sets of training data. Your team needs to organize data sets. E.g., decide early on a data repository. Store all your data sets in that same location. You will need to add multiple files, therefore, you should come up with a practical tracking mechanism. 

8. Carry out data pre-processing and cleaning

Your team ought to pre-process and clean the data sets now. This step includes the following tasks:

  • Eliminating duplicate data;
  • Rectifying data errors, e.g., spelling errors in text files;
  • Converting diverse data sets into one standard format;
  • Removing sensitive personal information;
  • Eliminating irrelevant data elements and items;
  • Identifying biases and removing them;
  • Reviewing the data sets after cleaning them.

You need to assess the suitability and relevance of the data set after pre-processing and cleaning them. Often, you require multiple iterations to get the desired data quality. 

9. Model training and fine-tuning ChatGPT

Once you prepare data, start training the ChatGPT model using your data sets. You can use a platform like Hugging Face for this. 

Your team should fine-tune the model. This means that you should train the model with a specific custom data set for a specific task. You might need to adjust various parameters. Alternatively, you might need to use specific optimization algorithms.   

10. Prompt engineering 

You might have analyzed your requirements, and you might have found specific questions asked frequently by users. Create prompts for these questions. Train ChatGPT using these specific prompts. This can customize the model to suit your requirements.

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11. An evaluation of the model after training and fine-tuning it   

You have trained and fine-tuned the model. Now, evaluate the ChatGPT model’s performance. E.g., can the model understand language nuances? Does the model generate responses with accurate information? Can it generate human-like responses?

Analyze the root cause of the performance issues. Respond appropriately, e.g., clean the data to improve the data quality. You might need a few iterations to get the desired performance. 

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1. Why should I train ChatGPT with custom data? 

The pre-trained language model of ChatGPT might not be able to meet your custom requirements. Do you need ChatGPT to use the customer-specific language and industry-specific language? Should ChatGPT respond to queries using your brand-specific language? Then, you need to train it with your own data. 

2. Have DevTeam.Space developers got enough experience in large language models like ChatGPT?  

DevTeam.Space programmers have extensive experience in large language models (LLMs). They know AI, ML, and NLP well. Furthermore, our world-class development processes adequately back them. They can help you to develop your own AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT. 

3. In addition to providing developers, how else can DevTeam.Space help with my conversational AI system development project?  

Our robust quality management processes help us to ship supportable and maintainable code, every time. You can minimize defects with the help of our focus on quality. We also provide complementary support from a dedicated tech account manager when you engage us.


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