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Top 10 Expert Meteor Developers to Hire in 2023

Vadim | Full Stack Developer


Vadim is a full-stack web developer with over 6 years of experience. He is an expert in Node.js and React.

  • AngularJs
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJs
  • JavaScript

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How to Interview and Hire Meteor Developers

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The creators of this open-source JavaScript web framework developed it using Node.JS. Since Node.JS and JavaScript enjoy significant popularity, many developers know and use them. One of the benefits of Meteor is that it is quite easy to learn for most developers.

The ease with which Meteor allows rapid prototyping and the development of cross-platform app development makes it very appealing. You can create Android, iOS, and web applications using Meteor. This makes it a cost-effective option for developing mobile applications and web development.

Quite a few JavaScript developers know Meteor. You might think that hiring Meteor programmers would be easy, however, this is far from the case.

In the first place, you need to choose the right hiring platform. The choice between freelance platforms, freelance platforms that focus on software development, and software development companies needs to be the right one. All have their benefits but some carry heavy risks.

Before we get into the hiring process, let’s start with the kinds of skills that you will need from your Meteor developer.

You need to find app developers with the required Meteor development skills, which are as follows:

Essential Meteor programming skills

You can think of Meteor as a combination of the following:

  • Node JS, for the server-side business logic.
  • Blaze/AngularJS/React.JS/Vue, for the front-end user interface (UI).
  • Cordova, for bridging web pages to mobile views.
  • MongoDB, for storing data.

Meteor is a full-stack framework like PHP MVC. Meteor Developers are essentially full-stack developers, therefore, they should have the MEAN stack development skills. Look for the following skills:

  • Node.JS;
  • JavaScript;
  • MongoDB;
  • Cross-platform frameworks like Cordova or Ionic;
  • AngularJS and React.JS;
  • HTML;
  • CSS.

You also need skills in popular RDBMSs like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Other skills to look when you hire Meteor JS developers

Apart from a great knowledge of programming languages, you need to look for the following additional skills and competencies when hiring a coder to create a Meteor app:

A. The knowledge and experience on how to secure web applications

You will rarely create an app that processes only aggregate and anonymized data like Google Analytics. Your app will likely process sensitive information, therefore, look for programmers that know how to create secure apps. They should know the following:

  • How to identify and mitigate key application security vulnerabilities like injection, broken authentication, etc.
  • How to use tools and techniques like multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, etc.

B. The experience of developing 1st party APIs

You will likely develop 1st party APIs so that the frontend of your app can access the back-end using a consistent framework. Look for a web developer that knows how to develop RESTful APIs. Such a software engineer should know the following:

  • How to use API development and documentation tools.
  • How to use databases like MySQL or MongoDB to create the backend.
  • Techniques like authentication tokens, encryption, etc. to secure APIs.
  • How to design API endpoints and effective rules for requests/responses.

C. The knowledge and experience of successful software development projects

A successful web developer with Meteor skills need the following additional skills and competencies:

  • The knowledge of using cloud platforms like AWS Elastic Beanstalk, i.e., the “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) offering from AWS;
  • The knowledge of coding scalable apps;
  • Familiarity with common development and source code management tools;
  • Expertise in the “Model-View-Controller” (MVC) design pattern;
  • The knowledge of coding in line with the architectural decisions in the project;
  • The experience of coding in alignment with the user interface (UI) design;
  • The capability to collaborate with testers, UI designers, and DevOps engineers.

How to find the best Meteor developers?

You now need to take the following steps to hire Meteor developers:

1. Decide what kind of platform to hire Meteor developers

You need to choose the right hiring platform for the successful execution of your application development project.

General-purpose freelance platforms can help you to hire Meteor developers. You might be able to hire them at a low rate too, however, hiring freelancers has risks.

Freelancers won’t work full-time in your project since they work on multiple projects. Most freelancer platforms don’t offer any management support or protection of your intellectual property.

Also, if you are executing the project in the United States, for example, then managing a freelancer based in India can be hard due to time zone differences.

Freelance platforms focused on software development have stringent screening processes that ensure only the top developers join their communities. While this ensures quality, you still need to contend with the risks of managing freelancers.

Dedicated software development companies like DevTeam.Space are the best option. Not only can we help you to hire full-time Meteor developers, but our transparent and simple development processes are designed to make your life as easy as possible while ensuring project success.

DevTeam.Space also implements physical, technical, and procedural safeguards such as NDAs to protect your sensitive information.

2. Interview the shortlisted candidates for your Meteor JS development project

After you choose your hiring platform, you need to interview the shortlisted candidates. You can interview them if you know Meteor sufficiently yourself. Alternatively, get help from a knowledgeable associate or get interview questions from the Internet.

Cover all the technical skills we have mentioned. Ask about the complex projects that the candidates have worked on. Find out from them how they have managed the complexities.

Explain your project requirements and ask how they would approach your project. You should expect specific suggestions and recommendations instead of high-level statements.

3. Provide detailed information about your app development project

You need to provide all relevant information about your project to the developer you hire. Provide relevant documentation like requirements, architectural decisions, technical solutions, test plans, etc. Introduce the new developer to your larger team. Explain the roles and responsibilities of the developer and establish a communication process.

Provide access to the technical environment of your project including your code repository. Explain the project plan and iterations. You need to explain the milestone approval process and payment T&Cs clearly.

Important suggestions for interviewing Meteor developers

The following interviewing tips will help you to find the top Meteor developers:

A. Obtain clarity over the app development scope for directing the hiring effort effectively

Are you developing web apps? Alternatively, do you plan to develop cross-platform mobile apps too? Check for the experience of developing mobile apps in that case. Obtain clarity over the project scope early. This helps you to channel your efforts smartly.

You need sufficiently experienced developers in a Meteor development team. Remember to build a team with a judicious mix of experienced and junior developers.

Meteor JS utilizes the strengths of JavaScript, which is one of the highly flexible programming languages. JavaScript is dynamically typed. This considerably contributes to its flexibility.

However, developers might make variable type-related errors when working with a dynamically typed language. A development team with the right mix of experience can avoid such errors.

C. Focus on productivity while developing custom Meteor JS solutions

Meteor JS can offer considerable productivity gains. However, you need developers that know the JavaScript ecosystem well to realize these benefits.

You could opt for flexible hiring models. E.g., you can hire some developers from freelance platforms and others from a software development company. However, you will find it hard to judge the skills of freelancers during interviews.

Instead, we recommend you hire developers from trustworthy software companies like DevTeam.Space. Our vetting process helps you to get only skilled, experienced, and motivated developers.

Examples of interview questions when hiring Meteor JS developers

Assess the relevant Meteor JS development experience of candidates. Ask questions that help you to do so. A few examples are as follows:

A. State the default file loading order in Meteor.

Answer: The default file loading order in Meteor is as follows:

HTML template files are loaded first.
Files inside any “lib/” directory are loaded subsequently.
After this, files with deeper paths are loaded.
Subsequently, files are loaded in alphabetical order of the entire path.
Finally, files beginning with “main.” are loaded.

B. List the special directories in Meteor.

Answer: The special directories in Meteor are as follows:


C. Write a code snippet to show the usage of MongoDB collections in Meteor.

Answer: The following code snippet shows how you can use MongoDB collections in Meteor:

TestCollection = new Mongo.Collection ('TestCollection');
var testData = {
  key1: "test 1",
  key2: "test 2"

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