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Top 10 Expert R Language Developers to Hire in 2021

Steve | WordPress Developer

Dev team: WordPress, 10 developers, map-pin Europe

  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • javascript
  • jQuery
  • Laravel
  • LESS
  • Node.Js
  • PHP
  • React
  • SCSS
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • + 10 more

5 years experience in development, 2 years as a front-end and WordPress developer. Specializes in responsive and cross-browser front-end development, animations, and routing. Basic design skills.

Anton | WordPress Developer

Dev team: WordPress, 10 developers, map-pin North America

  • MySQL
  • Opencart
  • PHP
  • postgresql
  • WordPress
  • Yii2
  • MySQL
  • Opencart
  • + 4 more

Anton is a team lead with more than 7 years of software development experience in PHP and Wordpress. He has a strong background in e-commerce and API integration.

Denis | Project Manager

Dev team: WordPress, 10 developers, map-pin Europe

  • Mind Mapping
  • PHP
  • Project Specification
  • Prototyping
  • WordPress
  • Mind Mapping
  • PHP
  • + 3 more

Denis has five years’ experience in software development as a project manager. He helps to set up the project, oversee the communication and the development process to keep the process within the budget and time estimations.

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R is a powerful programming language. Various organizations use it for a wide range of purposes like data analysis, data science, data visualization, statistical computing, machine learning, biostatistics, etc. Projects involving this open-source language can be complex.

DevTeam.Space generally recommends that you use a judicious mix of senior and mid-level R developers, depending on your requirements. To provide you with a more specific recommendation, we need to review your project requirements. Send us your project specifications and we can answer any questions you might have.

DevTeam.Space can provide you with R programmers that also know Python. DevTeam.Space developers have experience working on numerous projects involving capabilities like deep learning, data analytics, big data, data mining, statistical analysis, and statistical modeling. We have seen how R developers with robust Python skills can make a big difference in complex projects. We have developers that are expert in both R and Python.

DevTeam.Space provides both individual R programmers and field-expert R development teams. We recognize that many R programming projects are large and complex. In such cases, our clients require a cohesive development team instead of hiring individual developers. Our field-expert teams collaborate closely with you so that you don’t have to spend much of your time collating work done by individual developers.

Firstly, our expert R developers are experienced and vetted to ensure that only competent developers are in our community. This means that you won’t need to spend a lot of time to monitor their work. Secondly, DevTeam.Space assigns a dedicated account manager when you hire a developer from us. Our account manager provides project management support including developer management oversight. They will provide you with daily and weekly performance reports and do all the hard work for you.

How to Interview and Hire R Language Developers

R emerged in 1993. Despite all the years that have passed, it remains very popular.

In addition to being an open-source programming language, R also offers an integrated suite of software suitable for data manipulation, calculations, and graphical display. If you are a data scientist or statistician, then R is probably a familiar favorite already. You can also build interactive web apps with the help of Shiny, a popular R package.

You can use R for a wide range of solutions. The language lends itself well to various purposes like machine learning, data analysis, data science, data visualization, big data, statistical computing, data mining, econometrics, statistical analysis, and deep learning.

The TIOBE index consistently cites the popularity of R, moreover, the Stack Overflow developer surveys do too. Google utilizes R heavily in its large-scale data analytics and machine learning projects.

In the data science area, Scala has acquired a great reputation too. However, R delivers excellent performance in several areas and commands a greater following. Take the example of data visualization using Excel spreadsheets. You can use RStudio, a popular IDE for R. The user-friendliness of RStudio and the power of R can help you to achieve excellent analytics. If you are a data analyst, you can now shelve that spreadsheet.

While more and more developers are taking an interest in this language, the demand for these developers is growing too. Keep in mind that R has a steeper learning curve than other analytics-focused languages such as SAS. Therefore, you might find it hard to hire a competent R developer.

You will need to begin by choosing a hiring platform. We will touch upon this shortly.

After you decide on the hiring platform, you need to interview the candidates. We suggest that you look for the following skill sets:

1. R programming skills

You need developers with the following skills:

  • In-depth skills and experience in R;
  • Sufficient knowledge in at least one of the following languages: Python, C++, Java, Perl, and Ruby;
  • Adequate knowledge in computer science.

The above are fundamental skills requirements. Your project will likely involve several other aspects like ETL, creating a web app, etc. Therefore, successful R programmers should also know the following:

  • RStudio, the well-known IDE for R;
  • Well-known R machine learning packages like CARET;
  • Popular ETL tools like Apache Spark or Panoply for data processing;
  • How to integrate R with other popular web development languages like PHP;
  • Popular packages like OpenNLP that help with NLP and text mining;
  • How to use R for machine learning development;
  • How to use robust databases like Oracle for R programming;
  • Using R in popular software like Tableau;
  • How to create time series analysis using R;
  • Using R with Hadoop for big data analytics;
  • How to use R Shiny, the popular package to build interactive web apps;
  • Using the data mining capabilities of R in projects like social media data analysis;
  • How to use prominent R big data packages;
  • How to use the data visualization capabilities of R.

If you have unique requirements that specific R packages can serve, then you need to look for those skills too.

Note: Despite its strengths, R does have a few limitations. For example, this programming language has limitations concerning data management. To be an effective R programmer, one needs to know how to manage such limitations. To take yet another example, R offers a limited number of algorithms for decision trees. An effective R developer needs a good understanding of premium tools like SPSS that provide comprehensive decision-tree algorithms. This understanding will help them to get ideas to circumvent the algorithm-related limitations of R.

2. Other software development skills required for R development

An application developer working on the R language needs more skills, which are as follows:

A. The skills to code scalable applications

Developers need to understand scalability requirements and which performance metrics are most important to meet them. They should know which development frameworks and database solutions help one to create scalable applications. Programmers also need to know the best practices that enable them to develop scalable apps.

B. The knowledge and experience to secure applications

You will most likely process some form of sensitive information in your application. Given the focus on information security, users demand apps that protect sensitive data. Governments and regulators have come up with stringent data security and privacy regulations too.

You need programmers that know the following:

  • How to proactively identify and mitigate key application security vulnerabilities;
  • Using techniques and tools like multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, etc. to secure applications;
  • The importance of collaborating with testers and DevOps engineers to ensure security testing early enough in the life cycle.

C. The skills to develop 1st party APIs

APIs provide a consistent framework for the front-end of your app to access the back-end, therefore, you will likely want to create your own APIs. You need programmers that can develop RESTful APIs. They need to know the following:

  • How to use API development and documentation tools;
  • How to use cloud platforms to host APIs;
  • Using modern database solutions to build the back-end;
  • How to create effective rules for API requests and responses;
  • How to design API endpoint URLs smartly;
  • Using techniques like authentication tokens, encryption, etc. to secure APIs.

D. Knowing how to succeed in a software development project

You need developers with the competencies, skills, and experience to achieve success in software development. The R programmer you hire should know the following:

  • How to use popular cloud platforms like AWS;
  • Coding in alignment with the architectural decisions made in the project;
  • How to collaborate with testers and DevOps engineers, which is very important in establishing an effective CI/CD environment;
  • How to review code since code reviews can unearth defects earlier in the development lifecycle.

3. How to find the best R developer?

Now you know the skills and competencies that you need, it’s time for you to set in motion the hiring process. Take the following steps:

1. Decide what kind of platform to hire R developers

You need to choose the right hiring platform. This goes a long way to ensure that you hire competent people.

General purpose freelance platforms can easily connect you to R developers. You might be able to bargain a favorable hourly rate, however, remember that working with freelancers can be risky.

Freelancers need a stable income, therefore, they take on multiple projects. R programming can be complex, and working with part-time freelancers can be hard with complex projects.

Software development-focused freelancer platforms are a much better place to get an R programmer. Thanks to their stringent screening processes, they only hire the good developers. However, such sites don’t offer any management support. You are left to deal with all the risks associated with freelancer developers.

Software development companies such as DeTeam.Space can help you to hire a full-time R developer.

We have a simple and transparent contracting process where we do all the work for you. All of our developers are full-time members of our community and have been vetted to ensure that they are the best at what they do. We also implement physical, technical, and procedural safeguards such as NDAs to protect your intellectual property.

2. Interview the shortlisted candidates to find top R developers

Now that you have decided which hiring platform to use, you need to interview the candidates.

If you are an expert in the R programming language, you can conduct interviews. Otherwise, you need to get interview questions from Stack Overflow or similar websites. You could also ask a business associate with expertise in R to conduct the interviews.

Take sufficient time and cover all the skills we have mentioned. Review the portfolios of the candidates and ask them about the complex projects that they have worked on. Ask how they have handled the various complexities in these projects.

Explain your project requirements to candidates and ask them how they would approach your project. You should expect specific recommendations.

3. Provide all relevant information about your app development project

Developers need relevant information to succeed in your project. Provide all the relevant documentation like requirements, technical solutions, etc. Introduce the R developer you hire to your larger team. Set up a process for communications.

Provide the required access to the technical environment of your project. Show your code repository to the R programmer you hire. Explain the sprints in your project and describe how you will review milestones. Set accountability about deliverables and explain the roles and responsibilities. Explain the payment T&Cs. You are now ready to start them working.

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