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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become inseparable parts of our world. We spend lots of time on these platforms, something which generates a lot of revenue for companies using Facebook to leverage their products and services.

To do this, they need APIs to connect their platforms to Facebook. For this reason, Facebook provides powerful APIs. Businesses need the right talent to undertake this process. They need good Facebook API developers, however, given the demand for these engineers, hiring them can be hard.

Using the right job description template to create a standout job posting can help significantly.

Before creating a job post to attract Facebook API developers, you need to sit down and establish your precise project development requirements. There are many possible directions that your Facebook API development project might take depending on the services you plan to offer.

Establish your project requirements and then create a list of skills that you will need from your Facebook API developer. Not only will this help you to create an accurate job posting that attracts the right professionals, but you can also include your skill list in your post too.

Adapt the following Facebook API developer job description post for your specific needs.

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Facebook API Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Introduce your company in an exciting manner. This is the best start to a job ad. Today, developers look for growth opportunities as well as the highest salaries.

Explain how your company rewards growth. You need to convince a software engineer that working for your company will be a rewarding experience so also outline the project in a way that sets up a challenge.

Provide an overview of the organizational climate and work culture in your company. Explain the kind of professional development opportunities you provide. Elaborate on the initiatives in your company in terms of skill advancement, etc.

Explain your compensation including bonuses, and any additional incentives. Demonstrate a willingness to negotiate the salary when you find the right talent.

Facebook API Developer Job Description

We are a growing company (give details) that’s looking for a full-time Facebook API developer with in-depth skills and considerable experience. You will work on (give details) i.e. application development as well as maintenance projects.

We need your significant skills, experience, and competencies. Your contribution will be key to us meeting our strategic business objectives (give details).

In this role, you will work closely with our larger team. You will collaborate with our project managers, software architects, business analysts, developers, testers, and DevOps engineers. Along with development, your role will involve communicating with various stakeholders.

We routinely undertake process improvement initiatives. These cover our processes, methods, and tools. We seek a candidate who is insightful and can help us with our continuous improvement.

We will reward your investment in us by investing in your improvement, including training that ensures you are at the cutting edge of knowledge about your technology stack.

Responsibilities in Facebook API Developer Jobs

You need a Facebook API developer to fulfill the following responsibilities:
  • Working with business analysts to understand the project requirements;
  • Understanding the user interface design parameters from the UI designer;
  • Developing technical specifications for a new web app or mobile apps;
  • Coding new web app or mobile applications;
  • Working with testing and DevOps teams for smooth testing and deployment;
  • Enhancing and maintaining existing applications with new features;
  • Ability to identify and flag potential problems to prevent roadblocks.

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Facebook API Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

Look for the following skills and competencies. Include a modified version of this list in your job posting:

A Facebook API Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Primary Skills of a Facebook API Developer Including Front-end Development Skills

    You need a Facebook API developer with the following primary skills:
    • Deep knowledge of popular programming languages like JavaScript, PHP;
    • In-depth knowledge of various Facebook SDKs and how a Facebook page works;
    • Comprehensive knowledge of Facebook APIs like Graph API and Marketing API;
    • Sound knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3;
    • Familiarity with Ajax;
    • Experience in front-end development;
    • Deep knowledge of JSON and XML;
    • Sound knowledge of version control tools like Git.
    Depending on your project, you might need additional skills:
    • For Android app development, you need an Android developer with skills in Java or Kotlin;
    • For iOS app development, you need an iOS developer with Swift or Objective-C skills;
    • For machine learning programming, you need Python skills;
    • Deep knowledge of popular libraries like jQuery;
    • Sound knowledge of Microsoft technologies if your project needs it;
    • WordPress skills;
    • Skills in frameworks like Angular, React, etc.
  2. Back-end Development Skills That a Facebook API Developer Needs

    You need a full-stack developer with the following back-end development skills:
    • Robust Node.js skills;
    • In-depth knowledge of using cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS);
    • The experience of developing web services;
    • Comprehensive knowledge of SQL;
    • Deep knowledge of relational database management systems (RDBMSs) like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.;
    • Experience in document databases like MongoDB;
    • The skills to develop a REST API since RESTful APIs are important;
    • The ability to identify and mitigate application security vulnerabilities;
    • Experience in delivering non-functional requirements (NFRs) like availability, reliability, scalability, etc.
  3. Software Engineering Skills That You Need in a Facebook API Developer

    You need the following software engineering skills in a Facebook API developer:
    • Knowledge of software development lifecycle;
    • Familiarity with popular software development methodologies like Agile;
    • Code review skills;
    • Deep knowledge of software defect prevention;
    • Knowledge of software development best practices and coding guidelines;
    • In-depth knowledge of testing and DevOps processes, tools, and practices.
  4. Competencies That You Should Include in a Facebook API Developer Job Description

    Look for the following competencies when you hire a Facebook API developer:
    • Passion for excellence: You need to offer the best possible user experience to your customers. That can be hard. An eye for detail is important here, and the software developer who has a passion for excellence will go the extra mile to ensure your project is the best it can be.
    • Commitment: Your project will have its cost, quality, scope, and schedule objectives. You will need a software engineer that demonstrates a commitment to these objectives. It’s important to meet project objectives. This is where freelancers fall flat.
    • Communication skills: A Facebook API developer will need to communicate with many team members, etc. They might have to communicate with the product manager, project manager, architect, business analysts, project sponsor, etc. Sound communication is very important in this role.
    • Problem-solving skills: Every software development project faces challenges. You can expect your project to face challenges too, and you need a software developer that can address these challenges. This requires problem-solving skills. You need developers that demonstrate capabilities like brainstorming, generating ideas, triaging, etc.
    • Teamwork: You need a Facebook API developer that will work with your larger team. Success in this case requires teamwork. Developers you hire should be able to work collaboratively with your existing team. Take the example of a “Continuous Integration” (CI)/”Continuous Delivery” (CD) environment. Setting up such an environment requires collaboration between project managers, developers, architects, testers, and DevOps engineers.
    • The ability to see the big picture: You are probably undertaking a software development project as a part of the larger organizational objective. This could be a new product launch or an internal transformation. Developers need to understand the big picture, this will help them to deliver the right user experience.
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You will find Facebook API developers with Node.js skills very valuable in your web application development project. An application developer can use Node.js for backend development. Such a web developer can develop a scalable and performant app, and he/she gains productivity.

While you will largely use Facebook APIs, you might need to develop your APIs. This helps you to leverage your business capabilities. You need an app developer with considerable API development experience. A software engineer with this skill will be an asset to your app development team.

Graph API is an important part of the larger Facebook API capabilities. It will enable you to integrate graphical representation of information on Facebook into your web app or mobile application. You need a Facebook API developer with requisite experience in Graph API.

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