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The complex world of big data analysis wouldn’t be what it is today were it not for Apache Hadoop (HDFS or Hadoop for short). Its software framework is designed to facilitate the analytical process and storage of big data. Its well-designed structure has made it a favorite among companies where the need to analyze large chunks of data is a fundamental aspect of their business model. Due to the framework’s popularity as well as the increasing need for experts in big data, more and more software developers are making an effort to master Hadoop. However, the increase in software engineers with Hadoop skills makes it even more challenging for businesses to sift through applicants to secure the right professional.

At present, the future for Hadoop could never be more promising. According to market research conducted by Allied Market Research, the market value for Hadoop is expected to leap from its $26.74B value in 2019 to a whopping projected value of $340.35B by 2027. This forecast market value is a direct result of the increasing interest and use of Hadoop as a top big data Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. However, as more businesses continue to leverage the power of Hadoop, the challenge of sifting through applicants will become even more of a cumbersome task.

Model your Hadoop developer job description after our template to increase your chances to reel in a software engineer who not only has the skills in Hadoop you’re looking for, but the professionalism to integrate seamlessly into your company.

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Hadoop Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Start your Hadoop Developer job posting with a short introductory paragraph presenting your company to the candidate. Be sure to provide as much meaningful and relevant background information about your company as possible, namely the niche in which you operate, your target audience, as well as any significant milestones that your company is proud to have achieved. Position your company as an attractive place for your candidates to work. Speak positively about the work environment that your company promotes as well as the general working conditions that a candidate can expect. Don’t forget to make mention of any perks that your company offers, including any possible healthcare plan or compensation package that you may offer. Wrap up this section with a short sentence encouraging candidates to apply for the job as, if they don’t, they’ll be missing out on an opportunity to work with a company that’s as awesome as yours.

Job Description

Our SaaS company is searching for an epic Senior Hadoop developer with the expertise, commitment, passion, drive, energy, and spirit to spearhead a series of software projects that we are working on. To be more specific, in your capacity as our in-house big data developer, you will act as our main Hadoop administrator who will be responsible for overseeing all software development related to Hadoop applications. Your job responsibilities imply that you will form the cornerstone of our data warehouse unit as your insight and applied expertise will be crucial to our business’ ability to succeed. Since your job role is integral to our success, we have ensured that you have the support needed to accomplish your tasks. Your job title mandates that you form part of a three member team including one (1) Junior Hadoop developer, one (1) Chief Technology Programmer, and yourself. The Junior Hadoop developer will report to you and you, in turn, will report directly to the Chief Technology Officer.


  • Attend periodic meetings with project managers, stakeholders, and the Board of Directors to plan the way forward regarding product creation and management
  • Meet with development team and plan a logical and feasible schedule regarding completion of project tasks
  • Access the company’s Big Data infrastructure along with other members of the software development team
  • Craft frameworks dedicated to data processing
  • Find, extract, and isolate data clusters
  • Test scripts and participate in results analysis
  • Troubleshoot and fix application bugs
  • Ensure the protection of company data
  • Generate and monitor programs designed for data tracking
  • Guarantee seamless interaction between MapReduce and HDFS
  • Approve ETLs ensuring that they are scalable and can be maintained (if you need ETLs)

Skills Required

  • At least six (6) years of experience working as a full-time Hadoop Developer, Big Data Engineer, or a similar career path
  • Ample experience operating with SQL, Hive, Pig, HBase, and Apache Flume
  • Has worked with Oracle, Linux, Unix, Kafka, and YARN
  • Familiar with Oozie, Sqoop and Spark
  • ​Has done back-end development
  • In-depth knowledge of Java and Python (or other top programming languages)
  • Has written Pig Latin Scripts
  • Accomplished scheduler
  • Scripting and querying wizard
  • Good knowledge of high-performance machine learning software and big data applications
  • Experience in data science
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Data Analytics, or a relevant field
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Superb problem solving skills

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Hadoop Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

As a plus, we’ve decided to include a breakdown of some important elements that are found in our template that you should pay particular attention to when fashioning your own. Following these pointers will help you to craft the best job advertisement so you can get the Hadoop developer that you need.

A Hadoop Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Add in some personality to make the job advertisement sound exciting:

    While you should always include as much relevant information as possible, you need to ensure that the language that you use doesn’t bore the candidate. Try to insert as many active words and expressions in your job posting. By that, we mean that you should try to avoid the passive voice as much as possible. Also, use exciting adjectives that will evoke a positive reaction from the candidate viewing the application. This will not only improve the chances of them being excited about the advertised post but also will encourage them to take action and apply for the post.
  2. Speak to the skills and qualifications that are needed or recommended for the job:

    In as much as there is nothing wrong with stating the minimum requirements needed to be considered for the job, you may be selling yourself short. At times, candidates have experience and skills in areas that may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but are similar. What’s more, there are candidates who may have even more qualifications than the minimum requirement. Placing phrases that encourage them to apply if they have skills, experience, or certifications that are relevant to the post will diversify your candidate pool and enrich the hiring process.
  3. Be up-front about every expectation and responsibility that the software developer must accomplish:

    Recruiters strive their hardest to guarantee that there is cohesion between what the Hadoop developer should expect to accomplish for the position being advertised and what they actually say in the job advertisement. It is not uncommon for recruiters to forget to add an important detail regarding the responsibilities that the developer needs to undertake for the advertised position. Needless to say, any type of miscommunication can cause a series of problems during onboarding. Setting someone up for responsibilities that are then altered when they start the job is never recommended if you want a healthy work environment. Therefore, be sure to include every single responsibility, expectation, and necessity that the Hadoop developer needs to accomplish.
  4. Be sure to explain just how important this role is to your company:

    Anyone who applies for a job wants to know that their expertise, skills, time, and effort are all being valued accordingly. The best way to transmit that you value someone is to say so. Dn’t be afraid to overstate just how important the advertised role is for your company. Doing so will encourage top candidates to apply as they will be led to believe that your company will value them as professionals.
  5. Coincide with the brand image and voice that your company projects:

    While we have already touched on the importance of making your job advertisement exciting, everything has a limit. While you don’t want to issue a boring application, you also want to ensure that any type of communication you put out is a reflection of your company brand and voice. For example, if your work environment is rigid and fast-paced, that sort of environment needs to be reflected in the language you use in the job description. Similarly, if you promote a more relaxed environment, so too should the language used reflect that. Otherwise, you run the risk of sending mixed signals to candidates that can set them up for a disappointing experience when they are hired.
  6. State how the job role will fit into the overall organizational chart for the company:

    When posting a job advertisement, you need to give as much context as possible. After all, while you know your company inside-out, candidates who are applying for a job do not. It helps to explicitly state how the advertised role fits into the rest of the company’s teams. Show the candidate the relationship that they will have not only with team members within their direct department but also other departments within your company. That said, if they need to work directly with other teams, at least they will know in advance.
  7. Be direct about the compensation package being offered:

    Too often, companies are willing to issue job advertisements without specifying the type of benefits package that the candidate will receive in exchange for their time and effort. While you do not necessarily need to state a salary figure, indicating a salary threshold along with any additional perks and benefits that come with the job are highly recommended. This is a smart way to weed out unwanted applicants. The more you state how much you’re willing to offer for the right post, the less likely you will have applications from candidates who can’t fit the requirements.

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