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Considered as one of the most diverse software languages available in the world today, Python has grown to become a major in-demand language for businesses. Being an open-source software language with extensive support libraries, user-friendly data structures, and seamless integration possibilities with other languages, it remains a go-to option for software development. Due to its demand, it comes as no surprise that developers are striving to master Python, a fact which makes it even more challenging for recruiters. Now, anyone hiring a Python Developer needs a resource that will help them sift through the increasing number of software engineers in order to identify the best profile for the role.

The need for Python developers is at an all-time high. Not like this is surprising, after all. Python remains one of the most used languages in software development. In fact, stats shared by TIOBE Index in October 2020 indicate that Python ranks as the third most used software language found in the index, sitting comfortably behind C and Java. This solidifies the language’s popularity on a global scale while attesting to the need for developers to master this language. Due to its wide use and flexibility, companies throughout the world are all the more particular about weeding out poor software engineer profiles from the ones that are ideal for the job. However, figuring how the best way to secure these profiles can be challenging.

Take advantage of our Python Developer job description template to frame your next job advertisement so you can improve your chances of recruiting the best python developer for the job.

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Python Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Kick off your Python developer job posting by dedicating the opening sentences to a short intro about your company. Use this opportunity to position your company as an exciting place for your future candidates to work at. Be sure to include any important or relevant details that will hook the reader in, such as company perks, benefit plans, salary offers, and compensation plans. Don’t forget to include information about the type of work culture that you promote at your company as well as the general workplace feeling that you try to promote.

Job Description

Our company is currently scouting for a rockstar Python developer who possesses both the knowledge and spirit to tackle a series of software projects that we have lined up. In short, you will form the backbone of our software development team as the Senior Python Developer. Your presence, knowledge, and energy will be essential in our ability to create impactful and dynamic software applications. As the Senior Python Developer, you will be integrated into a three-member team, yourself included. This team comprises one (1) junior front-end web developer and one (1) Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The front-end developer will support you in the integration of user-facing elements. You will report to the CTO.


  • Prepare and write scalable code utilizing Python as the programming language
  • Liaise directly with the members of the development team to create software apps
  • Review applications and participate in testing and debugging
  • Develop components associated with back-end development
  • Facilitate the integration of data storage solutions
  • Merge front-end elements with back-end server-side configurations
  • Configure databases to improve the functionality of software applications
  • Create virtual tools that aid in recording online traffic
  • Build an epic user experience for our customers
  • Put together technical documentation that registers important software information

Skills Required

  • Previous experience as a full-time software developer
  • At least six (6) years of experience with Python programming or as a senior programmer/Python engineer
  • Ample experience working with front-end developers (bonus if you’ve done front-end development
  • Experience in the capacity as a full-stack developer
  • Knowledge of machine learning/automation technology
  • Strong understanding of SQL and databases
  • Has worked on data protection web hirings projects
  • Experience handling big data and doing server-side logic scripting
  • Knowledge of Java, Javascript, Laraval, HTML5, Ajax, jQuery, and the Angular JS Framework
  • Experience integrating back-end logic with front-end elements
  • Extensive experience working with open data sources web frameworks like Django and Zen
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Bachelor’s degree in Web Technologies, Computer Science, Data Science, Software Development, and Information Technologies
  • Stellar communication skills
  • Superb problem-solving abilities

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Python Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

To help you understand the elements that make up a solid Python Developer Job Description Template, we’ve included a breakdown of what your template ought to include.

A Python Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Articulate all of your company needs and expectations for the advertised role:

    While recruiters strive their hardest to ensure that they adequately communicate the specific needs of their company when circulating a job posting, oftentimes, they fall short. It is not unheard of for software engineers who have recently been hired to complain about the lack of coherency between the advertised post and the responsibilities that they are undertaking. On occasion, they end up having to assume more responsibilities than what the original advertisement stated. Poor communication is a major problem that can destroy the very fabric of a workplace by causing the hired staff member to feel used. Therefore, do your best to explicitly outline all the responsibilities and expectations that you have for a python developer.
  2. Address the candidate as a valuable member of your team:

    Recruiters dedicate most of their efforts to establishing the specific responsibilities of the post that they're advertising. In doing so, it’s easy to fall into the trap of not making the job offer attractive to the candidate. One way to do so is to overtly state the significance and importance that the advertised role has on the impact of the organization. Candidates love to feel that they are part of something exciting and that their role is significant in the organization’s ability to complete its goals. Therefore, by inserting important phrases that attest to the importance of the candidate’s position, you get an even stronger chance of securing the professional you need.
  3. Reflect the type of image and brand that your company projects:

    While your job description should not be dull and lifeless, it must always resonate with the voice of your company. If you are advertising a post for a corporate firm that has a formal image, then the type of language that you would use in your job description should reflect that. This is important as it sends a subliminal message to the candidate regarding the type of work culture that they can expect at your company. Conversely, by using lots of informal languages, you may give the impression that your business environment and culture is very relaxed and liberal.
  4. Make mention of the compensation plan being offered:

    Do not be afraid to state the compensation package that you are willing to offer upfront. In fact, by including the type of benefits that the selected candidate will enjoy, you add to the attractiveness of the application and, in turn, increase the possibilities of securing a software engineer that’s apt for the job.

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