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For years now, Ruby on Rails has become one of the most used frameworks in software development. Its scalability, support, security, and cost-effectiveness have made it a go-to solution for businesses looking to create and maintain websites and applications. What’s more, it also happens to be a personal favorite among developers thanks to the fact that it’s one of the easier software frameworks to learn. However, the fact that there are more and more software engineers who have skills in Ruby on Rails makes it all the more challenging for businesses to onboard the right profile for the job. That said, once you have the right job advertisement template, weeding out the bad candidates from the good ones will become a whole lot easier.

Right now, Ruby on Rails is experiencing a surge in use like never seen before. Based on stats shared by Trends.BuiltWith, the framework has continued the trend seen in previous years of a steady upward increase in use, one which is expected to continue throughout the remaining quarters of 2020. This trend is directly linked to the fact that more and more businesses are beginning to see the benefits of this framework in software development. Consequently, more companies are looking to onboard software developers who have the skills in Ruby on Rails to take their projects to the next level. However, that doesn’t come without its challenges as filtering through candidates can be a bothersome task.

Take exclusive advantage of our Ruby on Rails job developer template to attract the best software candidates that’ll bring your software projects the success you need.

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Ruby On Rails Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Start your Ruby on Rails developer job advertisement with a banging introduction about your company. Give a bit of background information about your business, including important tidbits such as the target audience and any important milestones that your company has managed to achieve over the years. Be sure to leverage this introduction as a way to position your business as an attractive option for software engineers to work at. Make your company work culture and environment sound exciting to pique your candidates’ interest. Remember to be up-front about the compensation package, healthcare plan, perks, and salary offer that you’re putting on the table for this job. End your introduction urging candidates that they should apply for the post as, if not, they might just miss the best opportunity of their professional career.

Job Description

Our software company is on the lookout for a rockstar Senior Ruby on Rails software developer who has the energy, drive, passion, commitment, and knowledge to take on the software projects that we have lined up. In short, you will be the glue to our development team. Your skill, input, and presence will be instrumental in our ability to succeed. We cannot overstate how vital you will be to our team, so rest assured knowing that you will be valued in your company. As is stipulated in the job description, as the Senior Ruby on Rails software developer, you will form part of a four (4) member team. This team will comprise two (2) front-end developers, one (1) Chief Technology Officer, and yourself. In your capacity as the Senior Ruby on Rails software developer, you will be supported mainly by the front-end developers on your team when it comes to web development tasks. However, as the rails engineer, you will report directly to the Chief Technology Officer. On occasion, your job title may require to communicate with outsourced staff such as temporary programmers.


  • Participate in periodic and rapid meetings with stakeholders, project managers, and the Board of Directors to ensure cohesion between product design and creation
  • Supervise the preparation, creation, and implementation of Ruby code
  • Guarantee high-quality production and functionality of all coding written
  • Contribute actively in all phases/segments of the development and product lifecycle
  • Create a robust, secure, and scalable design
  • Conduct test-driven development practices for quality assurance in code syntax
  • Spearhead initiatives for new technologies acquisition and integration into the design
  • Troubleshoot and participate in the upkeep of existing web applications
  • Fix software bugs and glitches
  • Create smooth linkage between applications and server-side systems

Skills Required

  • Proven experience working in the software development niche as a backend web developer
  • Experience working with startups is a bonus
  • Minimum five (5) years of experience coding with Ruby on Rails
  • Ability to show working-knowledge of libraries such as Resque, jQuery, and RSpec
  • Ample experience working on web applications
  • Bonus if you've worked as a full-time full stack developer
  • Additional experience as a software engineer in other relevant software development projects
  • Working knowledge of RESTful, ORM, MVC, APIs, and Mocking
  • Experience with databases such as mySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Familiarity with the agile methodology
  • Knowledge of common programming languages such as Python
  • Mastery of HTML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, and CSS3
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field
  • Scrum Certificate is highly recommended

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Ruby On Rails Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

As a bonus, we’ve included a list of the most important things that you’ll find in the template above. These are crucial elements that you should pay attention to when creating your own job template.

A Ruby On Rails Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Inject some personality into the job advertisement:

    In as much as you need to get the message across, you cannot forget to spice it up a bit. Whatever you do, try your best to ensure that the job advertisement doesn’t read like another boring ad. If it’s boring for you, then surely it will be boring for the candidates who read. Try to insert some exciting verbs that evoke emotion in a reader. These include action verbs that urge the reader to take action and, consequently, oblige them to want to apply for the advertised post.
  2. Include some recommendations with regard to the skill set required:

    While it’s all well and good to overtly state the minimum requirements, you should also mention additional qualifications or experience that a candidate may have that you would value positively. This will help to encourage software engineers with expertise in Ruby coding to want to apply for the advertised position since, in all likelihood, they will have the experience stated in the bonus skills to believe that they are a perfect match for the job.
  3. State every expectation and need associated with the job being advertised:

    Although recruiters strive their best to ensure that the information that they include in the job advertisement touches on the needs of a business, at times, they may forget to add an important detail. At times, it may be something insignificant. However, on occasion, it may be something that may cause a serious breach in communication that can affect how the software candidate operates in your work environment when hired. If a software engineer feels that additional responsibilities are being given to them that were not in the initial job advertisement, they may feel slighted. Therefore, do your utmost to ensure that all the relevant information needed with regard to the job description is explicitly stated in the job advertisement.
  4. Make mention of the importance of the advertised position to your company:

    Anyone working in a company wants to feel that their skills and knowledge are being valued. Consequently, the best way to do so during the recruitment phase is to overstate in the job description that the candidate who will be hired for the position will assume an integral role within the company. By doing that, whichever candidate that comes across the job advertisement will be even more included to apply for the job simply because they believe that by working with you, they will feel valued.
  5. Reflect your company’s brand voice and image:

    Earlier, we stated the importance of livening up your job description. However, while you want to keep it exciting, you also want it to be a reflection of your brand and company identity. When you conduct interviews for this role, the first impression candidates will have of your work culture is from the tone and language used in your job description. As you can imagine, if you have a corporate firm that has a pretty strict, rigid work culture yet your job application uses a lot of informal and relaxed language, a candidate may be thrown off about what type of experience to expect when working with you.

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