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The Best Startup Accelerator Programs

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Are you interested in the best startup accelerator programs?

A research study has found that startups that participated in accelerator programs raised almost 171% more funds than similar startups that did not complete an accelerator program.

A startup accelerator program offers mentorship to budding entrepreneurs, helping them build fruitful connections with potential investors, not to forget funds to develop and retain their growing business. 

Given the benefits of joining the best startup accelerator program, many early-stage startups apply for such cohort programs. However, the leading startup accelerator programs select only 1% to 3% from thousands of applicants.

Developing an innovative software product requires a deep understanding of the latest technology trends, development frameworks, cloud computing infrastructure, API development/integrations, etc. 

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If you, as a business CTO or an entrepreneur, searching for the best startup accelerator program, the following list will give you enough information.

Best Startup Accelerators

While you would likely find several big names in the startup accelerator industry, some programs, despite being relatively new, are making it big in the competitive market. 

An important parameter to measure the success of an accelerator program is the exit rate. The exit rate depicts the percentage of startups that have successfully concluded the accelerator program through mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, etc. 


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Here is our list of the best startup accelerator programs with a good exit rate:

1. AngelPad

AnglePad is the leading seed-stage accelerator program based in NYC and San Francisco. The accelerator program was founded in 2010 with former Google employees as mentors. 

The accelerator program also provides seed money and networking opportunities at two 10-week courses in a year. The exit rate of AngelPad is around 33.61%.

  • AngelPad is ranked the number one US accelerator by MIT’s seed accelerator benchmark.
  • The companies that participated in the accelerator program raised over $2.2 billion in funding.
  • It has helped more than 150 companies with a successful launch.
  • The accelerator program helps startups with every business development stage, including finding the product market fit, identifying the target audience, developing the minimum viable product (MVP), etc.
  • The company invests $120,000 in each startup and also provides more than $300,000 in cloud credits from AWS, Google, etc., in return for 7% equity.
  • AnglePad accelerator covers several technology verticals, including SaaS, Healthcare, AI, etc.

Visit the AngelPad website for more information on their future cohorts.

2. StartX Stanford Accelerator Program

StartX, a Stanford accelerator, was founded in 2011 by Stanford graduate Cameron Teitelman. One of the best startup accelerator programs, StartX, works as a non-profit with a mission to give back to the Stanford institution. 

The startup accelerator takes zero equity from companies, and the exit rate of StartX stands at 24.74%. The total venture capital success rate stands at 92%.

  • The average of a StartX startup company is $13 million.
  • The company that joins the StartX community is three times more likely to reach $100 million.
  • One of every 28 companies becomes a $1 billion-plus unicorn in around 8 years.
  • StartX program hosts campus entrepreneurship events, delivers lectures on startup building, and attracts students as volunteers for entrepreneurial activities.
  • StartX accelerator program supports companies from various industries, including medical, hardware, consumer products, etc.
  • Successful startups accelerated by StartX include Lime, Protocol Labs, Patreon, etc.

Read more on Standford’s StartX accelerator programs here.

3. Microsoft Accelerator Programs

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a global accelerator program that has helped over 1,000 companies in over 14 companies. They place a special focus on cloud-based startups and offer mentorship, investment opportunities, networking possibilities, etc.

  • The program offers free OpenAI credits and up to $150,000 for Azure AI service.
  • Portfolio companies access Azure tools and tech to build innovative products, including up to $150K in Azure credits, GitHub, Microsoft 365, etc.
  • The accelerator programs offer one-on-one meetings with Microsoft experts.
  • Microsoft offers assistance in software product design, development, deployment, etc.
  • Companies get free access to Azure openAI service, including gpt-4 (via a waitlist), ChatGPT, and DALLE-2.
  • The program also offers free access to Microsoft tools and platforms.

Learn more about Microsoft startup accelerator programs on their website here.

4. Google for Developers Accelerator

Google offers several accelerator programs across various industries and geographies. The accelerator program aims to assist startups in solving a key technical challenge with Google experts. 

The companies that join Google Accelerator receive strategic support and feedback on product design, development, and growth. 

  • Startups get a three-month equity-free tailored and expert technical support.
  • The startup owners receive technical partnerships for software product market launches.
  • Google offers Google Cloud credits for leveraging cutting-edge Google tools and technologies for marketing, analytics, design, data, etc.
  • Most startups in the seed and series A stages apply for the Google Accelerator programs.
  • Startups joining Google Accelerators have raised over $25 billion from investors.
  • Google offers accelerator programs for different causes and objectives, e.g., Google for Startups Accelerators cater high potential startups, and Impact Challenge Accelerator focuses on various causes like Climate Change, AI for global causes, etc.

Learn more about Google Accelerator programs here.

5. Y Combinator

Y Combinator is one of the renowned startup accelerator programs founded in 2005. They have funded 4000 startups that have a combined valuation of $600 billion. Y Combinator invests $500,000 in every company and $125,000 against 7% equity.

Y Combinator assigns an experienced group partner who has mentored hundreds of YC companies. These mentors are accessible over email, on Slack, and in person.

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The YC accelerator program has supported many prominent brands, including Stripe, Airbnb, Reddit, Doordash, etc.

  • Y Combinator has supported entrepreneurs in every age group, even with zero revenue at the time of joining their accelerator program.
  • 39% of companies have raised a series A with Y Combinator.
  • 18% of Y Combinator companies are now valued at more than $100 million.
  • 4% of these startups are now billion-dollar companies.
  • YC companies have raised money at a 2.5 times higher valuation rate after joining their accelerator program.
  • 66% of these funded companies had Y Combinator as their first investor.
  • The platform offers an incredible investor network where YC founders can access the YC investor database with profiles and reviews of 5000-plus startup investors.
  • Founders who join the Y Combinator accelerator program also get access to 9000 YC alumni via a private network, Bookface.
  • The accelerator program also offers founders access to software companies, such as free credits or discounts worth more than $500,000.

Read more on the Y Combinator accelerator program here.

6. 500 Global

The 500 Global venture capital firm supports early and seed-stage startups. Their success stories include Udemy, Canva, and GitLab. The startup accelerator platform has a global network of software startups with 2,700 plus different accelerator programs in 45-plus countries.

They focus high tech fast-growing startups. The global accelerator program is tailored to suit every founder. It focuses on more than money, that is marketing, culture, product design, sales, and more. 

  • 150 plus profile companies connected with 500 Global are valued at more than $1 billion.
  • 50 plus companies accelerated by 500 Global are valued between $1 million and $1 billion.
  • The global platform gives excellent networking exposure to early-stage founders, including a thriving entrepreneurial community facing similar challenges.
best startup accelerators

Read more about the 500 Global accelerator program on their website here.

7. Starve Ups

Another name among the best startup accelerator programs, Starve Ups, is Oregon’s first startup accelerator. It is founded only by startup founders and their membership companies. 

Its end-to-end accelerators support early-stage startups in all three stages of the startup lifecycle, known as Survive, Strive, and Thrive, from startup inception to acquisition to scale.

  • Starve Ups programs support startups via hundreds of experienced founders who provide proven peer monitoring, established networking contacts of community leaders, corporate partners, etc., and funding sources.
  • Starve Ups startups have raised capital worth $582.5 million.
  • There are 35 exits in 22 years of accelerating startups with a shareholder value of $1.42 billion.
  • Starve Ups have accelerated 222 membership companies in 20 industries.
  • Startup founders get access to 357 peer mentors.
  • Starve Ups companies are 6 times more likely to stay in the business, 4 times more likely to secure a fund, 4 times more likely to exit, etc.
  • The platform takes zero equity or other charges with the expectation that startup founders will pay their mentorship forward.
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Read more about the Starve Ups accelerator program on their web page.

8. Launchpad LA

It is one of the best startup accelerator programs for startup teams in LA. Launchpad LA was founded in 2009 and is a four-month accelerator program that offers funding, office space, networking opportunities, etc.

Launchpad LA offers support in various aspects of startup development, including fundraising, business development, etc.

  • Launchpad LA program mainly focuses on technology.
  • The accelerator program offers $25,000 to $100,000 in exchange for 6% equity in addition to other perks.
  • It has funded 54 startups.
  • Companies that accelerated from the Launchpad LA program have created 125 jobs and raised $34 million in funding. 
  • The mentorship program has created 446 jobs and raised $106 million in funds.
best startup accelerator programs

You can apply for the next cohort at Launchpad LA here.

9. AlphaLab

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, AlphaLabs has helped enterprise tech startups evolve and scale via their 6 months long accelerator program. AlphaLab is a member of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) and one of the first ten global accelerator programs.

AlphaLab invests $100,000 in early-stage tech startups and offers tools and training to help refine their software product, acquire new customers, start fundraising, etc.

The AlphaLab program has accelerated software companies in several domains, including hardware, robotics, healthcare, etc. More than 150 portfolio companies, including Symmetric Health Solutions, Jetpack Workflow, Futurederm, etc., have joined AlphaLab and enjoyed success in the market.

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  • The AlphaLab companies have raised $700 million plus funds.
  • The accelerator program offers up to $50,000 as investment funds in return for 2% equity, including office space and other services.
  • There are 81 exits on completion of the accelerator program.
  • AlphaLab offers support related to sales, digital marketing, customer acquisition, fundraising resources, etc.

Apply for AplhaLab accelerator programs here.

10. Upwest Labs

Another Silicon Valley accelerator program, Upwest Labs, offers a hands-on approach to help seed-stage startups grow and scale into the later stages. 

Upwest Labs support a handful of companies with ongoing mentorship support and follow-on funding. Their accelerator program can offer up to $1 million in equity-free funding throughout your startup lifecycle. 

  • Upwest Labs accelerator program invests in pre-seed and seed funding.
  • The platform supports cross-domain startups, including cybersecurity, digital healthcare, SaaS, etc.
  • 90-plus companies are accelerated by Upwest Labs with more than $3 billion in funding.

Read more about the Upwest Labs startup accelerator program here.

Planning to Accelerate Your Startup?

While startup incubators or accelerator programs offer you the right mentorship and resources in the form of technology, tools, network, and venture capital, you need to have a competent team working on your software product idea. Your team should include expert program managers, developers, testers, etc.

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FAQs on the Best Startup Accelerator Programs

1. Are accelerator programs good for startups?

Yes, startup accelerators can be very beneficial for startups, especially in their early stages. These programs offer mentorship, focused support, networking opportunities, access to funds, etc. The growth-conducive environment helps startups refine their business model, access the right resources, and scale their product/service. Best startup accelerators include Plug and Play, Entrepreneurs roundtable accelerator, AngelPad, etc.

2. What makes a good startup accelerator program?

A structured startup accelerator program provides growing startups with all the assistance required to navigate competitive markets. Look for a startup accelerator program with experienced mentors, hands-on support, access to good investors, etc. Also, consider the real-world experience, location, etc., to opt for the best startup accelerator program.

3. How do I choose a startup accelerator program?

Determine your startup’s stage (ideation, early attraction, MVP development, etc.), look for relevant accelerator programs in your preferred location and industry, review their offered courses and benefits, and assess the mentorship quality, network, and funding resources, before joining the accelerator program.


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