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Fintech Companies to Invest In

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Investment in Fintech (Financial Technology) is growing rapidly. The top fintech companies to invest in are as follows:

1. Visa Inc.

The credit card giant is a key name among fintech companies too. Visa has the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program.

As a part of this program, Visa collaborates with other fintech companies closely. Many small businesses and startups in the fintech sector frequently come up with innovative products. Among different fintech spaces, Visa concentrates on digital banking and digital payment.

The company identifies innovative products developed by these tech companies. It gives them the platform that they need. The global user base of Visa provides the market that these fintech innovations need. Not surprisingly, Visa is one of the op fintech stocks.

2. MasterCard

The global credit card major has made a name for itself as one of the top fintech companies. The company has taken the following approach:

  • It has expedited fintech development through its Fintech Express program.
  • MasterCard assists its fintech partners to achieve scalable growth by sharing its technology and expertise.
  • The company offers MasterCard Engage, a global program that helps fintech companies find customers.
  • MasterCard offers the MasterCard Developers program, which enables its fintech partners to access its products and services via API.

This systematic approach comprehensively explains why MasterCard is among the best fintech stocks.

3. Intuit

Intuit is one of the top fintech companies that offer financial software. The company offers innovative products to cover quite a few important areas in the financial sector. These are as follows:

  • QuickBooks: It’s a well-established package of accounting software that targets medium and small businesses.
  • Mint: It’s a budgeting app to help you with financial management. You can connect your savings account, investment account, etc. in this app. The app helps you to understand and manage your finances.
  • Credit Karma: Intuit acquired Credit Karma in 2020. This app helps users to see their credit scores and reports. It provides tips to help consumers achieve their financial goals.

Intuit also offers TurboTax, a software package to file US income tax returns.


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4. Cash App

Cash App allows you to send money to a recipient via your mobile phone. Block Inc., formerly known as Square Inc., owns it. Users can use Cash App to spend money. They can use for direct deposit, furthermore, consumers can use Cash App for investing money.

Cash App helps users to file tax returns. It works on Android and iOS. Consumers can use Cash App to trade stocks, furthermore, they can trade Bitcoin.

Users can get a customizable visa debit card with their Cash App account, which is called “Cash Card”. Cash App offers instant discounts with Cash Card.

5. Affirm Holdings

Affirm is one of the important fintech stocks. The importance of the AFRM stock arises from the fact that the company’s services offer freedom to consumers. Consumers can better manage their payments for merchandise when they buy using Affirm.

The company covers leading merchants with high gross merchandise volume like Target, Neiman Marcus, Pottery Barn, Walmart, Amazon, Expedia, Lowe’s, etc. Consumers use the Affirm app at checkout. They can choose a payment schedule. The AutoPay option ensures that consumers don’t miss a payment. Affirm will soon launch a debit card.

6. Block (formerly Square Financial Services)

Square Inc. has changed its name to Block Inc. in December 2021. It’s one of the best fintech stocks, however, Block has a presence in other sectors too. It owns Cash App, a popular mobile payment app.

Block offers “Business Banking” a well-established banking solution for businesses of different sizes. Businesses can manage their payments, business banking accounts, and cash flow using this solution.

Block also builds hardware systems that enable businesses to sell easily. These are Square Terminal, Square Reader, Square Register, and Square Stand.

7. PayPal Holdings

PayPal is one of the best fintech stocks to buy. The company makes online payments easy for consumers. PayPal is present in all key geographies, e.g., North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

Users can send money online using PayPal. They can make payments online using either computers or mobile phones. Merchants can set up a merchant account, which enables them to receive payments securely.

Over the years, PayPal has acquired important players in the payment services space. Examples are Venmo, Braintree, and Xoom.

8. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, a well-known investment bank has invested significantly in fintech. It has invested in fintech startups across a wide range of financial services. These include digital banking, digital lending, online payment, online stock trading, Robo-advisors, cryptocurrency trading, online mortgaging, and digital credit cards.

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Goldman Sachs has invested in promising fintech startups in many parts of the world. It has also planned to acquire Green Sky, a buy-now-pay-later fintech startup.

Goldman Sachs isn’t only working with startups. It has partnered with Apple to launch the Apple Card, a new credit card.

9. Upstart Holdings Inc.

Upstart is a fintech company working in the consumer lending space. The company works with banks and credit unions to provide loans to consumers.

Upstart looks at the credit score, however, it doesn’t look at that only. It uses AI and ML to develop models for determining whether a consumer is creditworthy. The AI models of Upstart review education qualification and employment history to assess creditworthiness.

Upstart has partnered with several banks and credit unions. It has also raised significant funding.

10. Western Union

Western Union, the well-known company for global money transfer has also made a name for itself in the fintech space. The company recently won the FinTech Breakthrough Award for “Consumer Payments Innovation”.

Western Union is collaborating with Linxo, a leading French fintech. This enables the users of Linxo to execute local and cross-border payment transactions seamlessly.

Western Union plays a leading role in the global digital remittance market. All of these factors combine to make Western Union one of the best fintech stocks.

11. Klarna

Klarna is a Swedish fintech company. It’s a buy-now-pay-later company as well as a bank. The company has raised an impressive series of funding in recent years.

The company provides a smooth, safe, and flexible shopping experience to its users. It has 90 million active users. Klarna works with 250,000 merchants in 17 countries. The company provides different payment options like direct payment, pay-after-delivery, and pay-in-installments.

At the time of writing, Klarna is considering raising fresh funds. This could make Klarna the most valuable startup in Europe.

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12. Robinhood

Robinhood is a fintech stock that evokes a lot of interest. This stock-trading app has gained plenty of popularity. Robinhood is available on Android as well as iOS. It offers the following advantages:

  • Investors in the stock market can trade without having to pay a commission.
  • Robinhood is easy to use, which is an advantage for retail investors.
  • Retail investors can invest an amount of their choice.
  • Robinhood offers tools for portfolio and wealth management.
  • Robinhood enables real-time trade.

13. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It has consistently maintained a prominent position in the crypto trading space. The following advantages make coinbase one of the important fintech stocks:

  • New crypto traders find Coinbase easy to use.
  • Advanced crypto traders want special features in a crypto exchange, and Coinbase offers them.
  • Coinbase is a secure crypto exchange.
  • It supports all prominent cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinbase provides a crypto wallet.
  • The company provides a crypto payment gateway.

14. Alphabet

Alphabet is taking fintech seriously. Google Pay has achieved impressive success. Observers noted in 2020 itself that Google Pay had 100 million users. The pandemic encouraged people to use contactless modes of payment, therefore, the current user count of Google Pay will likely be much higher.

Alphabet isn’t focusing on only Google Pay. It is executing the following key projects in the fintech space:

  • Introducing a checking account;
  • Offering a Google debit card;
  • Developing an AI app for a paycheck protection program for loan processing.

15. Stash

Stash has become a well-known player in the financial services industry. It’s a personal finance app that’s available both on Android and iOS. Retail investors in the stock market can invest easily using this app.

Users subscribing to a Stash premium plan can get investment advice. Stash provides access to investment tools, banking products, and insurance products. Users can use Stash for trading cryptocurrencies. Stash uses robust security solutions.


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1. Which technologies come under the ambit of “Fintech”?

The technologies that come under the ambit of fintech are as follows: Web technologies, mobile technologies, artificial intelligence/machine learning, blockchain/cryptocurrencies, cloud computing, big data, and analytics.

Which financial services does fintech touch upon?

Fintech touches upon the following financial services: digital banking, mobile banking, cryptocurrency trading, decentralized finance (DeFi), mobile payment, crowdfunding, insurance, portfolio management, robo-advisors, stock trading, and algorithmic trading.

3. What are the main success factors for fintech companies?

The main success factors for fintech companies are as follows: talent, ecosystem, market, regulation, and funding.


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