What are some Top Healthcare SaaS Companies?

What are some Top Healthcare SaaS Companies?

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Wondering what are some of the top healthcare SaaS companies? In this article, we will discuss them and the solutions they offer to healthcare organizations.

Examples of successful healthcare SaaS Companies:

Check out the following examples of successful healthcare SaaS companies to get an idea of the market:

On-Demand Homecare

Organizations providing home healthcare services to healthcare providers, e.g. skilled nursing, home health aides, and personal assistant services can benefit from the solutions of this healthcare SaaS company. On-Demand Homecare Healthcare SaaS solution supports the following features:

  1. Billing and invoicing;
  2. Care plan management;
  3. Caregiver management;
  4. Client management;
  5. Field communication;
  6. Insurance management;
  7. Payroll management;
  8. Scheduling;
  9. Visit verification.


Meditab designed and delivers a healthcare SaaS solution called Intelligent Medical Software for medical professionals. It can be used in medical practices handling a large volume of prescription medicines. There are EHR, practice management, and billing solutions integrated into it.

The solution boasts an impressive array of features, as follows:

  1. Claims processing;
  2. e-Prescribing;
  3. EMR;
  4. Healthcare CRM;
  5. Long-term care;
  6. Medical billing;
  7. Medical Imaging;
  8. Medical lab;
  9. Medical scheduling;
  10. Patient Case management;
  11. Pharmacy;
  12. Telemedicine;

Insta Health Solutions

Insta Health Solutions provides a Hospital Management Software called Insta HMS. This is suitable for single and multi-center clinics, hospitals, and diagnostics laboratories. It has a wide range of features for healthcare companies, which are as follows:


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  1. EMR;
  2. Hospital management;
  3. Medical billing;
  4. Medical practice management.


This healthcare SaaS company claims a processing SaaS solution for healthcare companies. It has the following features:

  1. Billing;
  2. Payment;
  3. Claims management;
  4. Accounts receivable;
  5. Patient eligibility verification;
  6. Remittance and denial management;
  7. Reporting and analysis;
  8. Patient payment collection.


Icertis is a SaaS solution company for contract management. This SaaS healthcare technology has all the key contract management features.

Some of these include approval workflow, contract management, compliance management, supplier modules, customer modules, government contracts, document management, contract lifecycle management, digital signature, and more.

Cerner healthcare SaaS company

Cerner is a key player in the healthcare sector, it has a market cap of US $ 21 billion. Their SMART (Substitutable Medical Apps and Reusable Technology) is designed with the expectation that most of these apps will be provided to customers using the SaaS model.


McKesson is an established technology player in the healthcare sector, their cloud-based supply chain solution is designed to completely automate the healthcare supply chain.

Benefits of these Healthcare SaaS Comapnies for Healthcare industry.

Healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals can expect the following benefits from these healthcare SaaS solutions:

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  • Cost efficiency: Helathcare companies can improve deployment of electronic medical records (EMRS) and electronic health records (EHRs) using SaaS. This helps healthcare facilities comply with the ’American Recovery and Reinvestment Act‘ (ARRA), specifically in regards with the ‘Meaningful use’ aspect of the law.
  • Less upfront investment: Organization can gain access to IT solutions such as revenue cycle management solutions, population health management system, financial management, etc. without setting up their own IT infrastructure and development arms.
  • Meaningful use of their healthcare technology in developing their own strategic digital health solutions, while letting SaaS take care of the other functions.
  • Organizations have better interoperability and can share data easily between hospitals and insurance companies using these healthcare SaaS solutions.
  • Regional health information exchanges can get new healthcare software up and running quickly and don’t need to spend huge sums on setting up IT infrastructure or doing relevant medical research for the adopted procedures.
  • Seamless integration between healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and medical groups to provide various services like utilization management system, referral management process, health insurance, identity management solutions, etc.

However, organizations need to address the following challenges when adopting SaaS for their healthcare software:

  • Data security and privacy: Patient data is sensitive and requires strict protection, hence appropriate safeguards are required before storing the on the cloud.
  • Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry, and as a result, both healthcare organizations and SaaS vendors must comply fully with regulatory requirements.
  • The SaaS vendor must guarantee healthcare organizations regarding the suitability and safety of their solution.
  • Protecting patient data also requires appropriate controls on access, which is an area that requires the healthcare organization and the SaaS vendor to work together diligently to ensure patient satisfaction for using the health systems.

Planning to invest in healthcare SaaS companies?

The Healthcare SaaS market is expected to surpass $50 billion value by 2028, at a CAGR of 19.5%, according to a healthcare technology report. SaaS solutions provided by these companies are streamlining the medical processes making them more efficient and accurate.

If you as a healthcare business owner, are planning to engage with these healthcare SaaS companies for their services, you are likely going to get successful outcomes in terms of profit and market credibility.

However, healthcare development is a complex process with many industry regulations and policies to consider and use the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence to deliver a seamless user experience. SaaS integration into healthcare apps can be a complicated project requiring experienced professionals.

If you do not find such talent in your project team, partner with a reputed software development agency that lets you outsource software developers according to your project needs.

DevTeam.Space can also help you here with its field-expert software development community with experience in deploying multiple healthcare solutions in the competitive market.

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FAQs on Healthcare SaaS Companies

1. What is a healthcare SaaS company?

Healthcare SaaS companies provide services over the cloud that enhance the overall healthcare system. These services can be based on a subscription model or pay-per-use model.

2. Why is software important in healthcare industry?

A software solution can help the healthcare industry in many from like administrative tasks management, chronic disease management, patient monitoring, patient care management, clinical decision support to health professionals, population management, efficient communication between different parties including, patients, healthcare teams, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

3. Which type of database is used in healthcare industry?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a commonly used database by medical professionals in the healthcare sector.


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