Integrating AI into your web application

How to Integrate ChatGPT into Web App 

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Do you need to integrate ChatGPT into web app?

Integrating ChatGPT into a web application requires a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, data science, and web development.

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In order to integrate ChatGPT’s AI system into your website, you should take the following steps: 

1. Build a knowledgeable team to plan a project to integrate ChatGPT into your web app

Projects to incorporate ChatGPT integrations into websites can be complex. You need to plan such projects very carefully.

Please note that the following example is general in nature, you will need to establish the exact skills and numbers of developers required for your project after you complete your project requirements. These will be unique to your project.

We have based the following examples on a high-complexity project such as an enterprise-level website such as Amazon, etc. This is for the purpose of showing the main skills required for AI integration projects. If your project is smaller and less complex, you won’t need all these skills.

You will need to onboard an experienced team for project planning which will include:

  • Full-stack Web Developers;
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineers;
  • Machine Learning Engineers;
  • Security Engineers;
  • UI/UX Designers;
  • Frontend Developers;
  • Backend Developers;
  • QA Testers.

A project manager (PM) with knowledge and experience managing remote teams will be required to lead this team. If you don’t have one then you will need to either onboard one or only hire managed developers from a software company that offers this service.

The PM should know the following:


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Your team will also likely need a business analyst (BA) and software architect. The BA should collect, analyze, and document the functional requirements. Apart from creating technical solutions, the architect should finalize the non-functional requirements (NFRs). 

We will cover how to interview developers at the end of this article.

2. Finalize requirements for integrating ChatGPT into the web application 

Your BA should have already collected, analyzed, and documented the business requirements. The following are a few examples of functional requirements:

  • The website will allow users to generate human-like texts. 
  • Users will use the enhanced website for targeted content generation. 
  • The chat feature on the website will send human-like responses to end-users. 
  • The enhanced chat feature on the website will handle simple-to-medium customer queries. 

Your software architect needs to finalize the non-functional requirements like performance, scalability, usability, etc. The PM should implement a robust requirements management process. Once you have done this and built your team, you are ready to go.

3. Plan the project to integrate ChatGPT into your web app 

The PM needs to plan the project create integrate ChatGPT into a web app. A comprehensive project exercise should answer various questions, e.g.:

  • Which software development methodology should the team use? Should it use the agile methodology?
  • What are the dependencies between the project’s tasks?
  • What does the business environment for the project look like? What should the team do to manage stakeholders?
  • Which technology will the project team use? What are the components of the technical environment for the project?
  • What do the project schedule, milestones, and iterations look like?
  • How will the team mitigate risks and manage issues?
  • Which tools should the team for managing communications?
  • How’s the cost estimation for the project?
  • Which tool for the team use for cost management?
  • How will the team manage human resources and software quality?

Again, this is not an exhaustive list but rather a sample of the concerns your team will need to cover.

4. ChatGPT integration approach: ChatGPT API or Self Hosting?

You will need to decide whether you want to use OpenAI’s API to access ChatGPT or if you prefer to host and manage the model yourself.


Using the API is more straightforward and therefore less time-consuming. This approach will also require far less expertise than managing the model yourself, however, it is only really suitable for smaller, less complex projects.

This approach allows for a straightforward integration of the ChatGPT API into your website. You won’t have many customization options. This approach doesn’t need a big team of experienced developers.  

Natural Language Processing AI chatbot development platform

Another approach is to use an AI chatbot development platform like Chatfuel, Landbot, or Tars.

These platforms allow ChatGPT integration and mean you have only limited software development effort. Your customization options depend on the platform that you use, however, as with using the OpenAI API, your customization options are limited.

Host and Manage Model In-house

We assume that you need to incorporate customized requirements. Therefore, we recommend self-hosting, a ChatGPT integration approach that offers optimal customization options.  

This approach includes the following:

  • Creating a new AI chatbot with the desired functionality. 
  • Integrating ChatGPT into the new AI bot; 
  • Integrating the new bot into your web app. 

Self-hosting provides more control but will require a higher level of expertise, both in terms of the AI skills you will need to onboard and those of your DevOps engineers, developers, etc.

5. Set Up the Backend

If you choose to self-host, you’ll need a backend server to handle user requests and interact with the ChatGPT model. Your developers will need to choose and use a programming language (e.g., Python) and framework that supports HTTP requests and can run machine learning models.

6. Get OpenAI API Access (If applicable)

If you decide to use OpenAI’s API, you’ll need to sign up for an API key and make sure your developers are familiar with its API documentation. They will then be able to set about integrating the API into your existing web application.

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7. Deploy the Model (If self-hosting)

If you decide to host the model yourself, your backend developers will need to download the ChatGPT model from OpenAI and deploy it to your backend server.

8. Create Backend Endpoints

The next step will involve your developers setting up backend endpoints to receive user queries from the front end and pass them to the ChatGPT model for processing. The backend will also handle the responses from the model.

9. Implement Conversation History (Optional)

To maintain context during interactions, depending on your project requirements, you may want to implement a conversation history mechanism that stores past user inputs and model outputs.

10. Handle Rate Limiting (If using OpenAI API)

If your developers are using OpenAI’s API, be mindful of rate limits to avoid API restrictions and additional costs.

11. Design the Frontend Interface

For this step, you will need your UX/UI designers. They will need to create the user interface on the website where users can interact with ChatGPT. This usually involves designing the input box for user queries and the area to display the model’s responses.

It is likely that you will already have such a UI designer so you can simply set them to this task as it does not require any specialist knowledge in AI or ChatGPT to accomplish.

12. Frontend Interaction

Your developers will need to implement the JavaScript code to send user queries to the backend via API requests. Upon receiving responses, they will then be required to display on the frontend.

13. User Experience and Testing

Now that your integration is complete, your QA testers or developers will need to test the integration thoroughly to ensure smooth user interactions and address any issues that may arise.

Consider UX improvements, such as loading indicators and error handling.

14. Security and Privacy:

Ensure your developers pay close attention to security aspects, especially if the interactions involve sensitive information. They should also ensure that the data exchanged is encrypted and that you comply with privacy regulations.

This is precisely why you need developers with field expertise from within your own industry as they will already have developed similar solutions and know these back to front.

15. Optimization:

Depending on the usage and traffic, you may need to optimize the backend server and frontend code to handle concurrent user requests efficiently.

16. Monitoring and Maintenance:

Set up monitoring to keep track of the system’s performance and usage. Regularly maintain and update the backend and frontend components as needed. Also, post-launch, encourage user feedback to allow you to further improve the overall design and functionality of the product.

Note: Remember, if you’re using OpenAI’s API, be sure to follow their usage policies and terms of service. Self-hosting also requires understanding the model’s requirements and resource demands to ensure proper functioning.

How to Interview and hire developers

You should hire competent people for the following roles: 

  • Web UI (user interface) designers; 
  • Web developers with skills in the tech stack of your existing website;
  • AI/ML developers with Python skills;
  • Testers;
  • DevOps engineers.

Take the following steps: 

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A. Choose a hiring platform

While hiring freelancers might appeal to you, we don’t recommend this approach. Integrating ChatGPT into your website is a complex project. Freelancers work part-time on different projects simultaneously. You might find it hard to manage freelancers, and that can adversely impact a complex project.

Freelance platforms don’t provide project management support. Freelancers might leave a project mid-way, and you will need to find replacements. Also, you can never be really sure of their skill level until they are actually working on your project.

If you want to play it safe and negate all these risks then you should consider hiring field-expert developers from DevTeam.Space.

Our programmers have extensive knowledge in their technology specialty and are regularly retrained to ensure they are at the cutting edge of new developments. They are experienced, motivated, and trained in our world-class agile development processes. All of our developers and designers come with project management support in the form of our expert account managers who are all senior level developers themselves. 

B. Interview the software developers

You chose a hiring option. Subsequently, you posted your job ad. Now, interview the candidates. 

You can use our interview questions. A few examples are as follows:

You should evaluate the practical experience of developers. Check how they resolved technical challenges on earlier projects. You can explain your project requirements and ask how they will meet them.   

C. Onboard programmers

Now, the PM needs to onboard developers. The process should include the following: 

  • Describing the project requirements to developers;
  • Explaining the technical solutions;
  • Providing important documents to programmers;
  • Granting access;
  • Introducing the new team members to the existing team;
  • Describing the project schedule and milestones;
  • Establishing a communication process and accountability.   

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1. Do DevTeam.Space developers have experience in technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing? 

DevTeam.Space has competent programmers with extensive knowledge of AI, ML, and natural language processing. They have the relevant expertise of developing web apps that utilize these technologies. Our programmers are also adequately backed by our AI-powered agile processes. 

2. Apart from providing developers, how else can DevTeam.Space help me on my project to integrate ChatGPT into my web app? 

The world-class development processes of DevTeam.Space help you get a high-quality app. DevTeam.Space programmers ship supportable and maintainable code. You also get complimentary support from a dedicated tech account manager. 

3. Should I develop an AI chatbot with ChatGPT integration or integrate the ChatGPT API only?  

You certainly can integrate just the ChatGPT API into your web app. This approach of integrating ChatGPT provides no customization options though. When you create a custom AI bot with ChatGPT integration, you get the maximum customization options. Select an approach that suits you.

4. How can I use ChatGPT in my web app?

To integrate ChatGPT, you can make API calls to the designated API endpoint provided by OpenAI. By leveraging API usage, you can tap into its data analysis capabilities and access the potential to generate human-like text.

5. What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a valuable tool, powered by OpenAI’s language model. It can generate human-like text and is known for its chatbot capabilities, making it ideal for virtual assistants and generating blog posts.


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