How to Make a Trivia Game App

How to Make a Trivia Game App?

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Are you wondering how to make a trivia game app?

According to Statista research, the global market for Trivia games will reach the value of 306.40 million US dollars in 2026. Moreover, the United States generated the highest revenue of 103.80 million US dollars in 2022.

The statistics indicate profitable opportunities for investors in the Trivia game market, especially with the younger generation’s interest in quiz games.

Make a Trivia Game App

A quiz or trivia game is a fun genre of game where players answer interesting questions on the topic of their choice. There are many trivia games on movies, TV shows, sports, geography, history, etc. 

You should take the following steps to make a Trivia game app either as a knowledge-based quiz game or a leisure game for entertainment.

Perform Market Research for your Trivia Game App Idea

We suggest you perform comprehensive market research on the trending trivia game apps. You should understand their pros and cons, the users’ demographics, current game market trends, etc. 

The market research industry alone is expected to be more than $90 billion in worth by 2025. The statistics show the importance of conducting thorough user market research before launching a software application.

You should polish your trivia game app idea according to your market research findings and focus on the features that will attract most of the target audience. Some key features of a trivia game include:

  • Interesting challenges for players;
  • User profiles;
  • Different levels of questions (easy, medium, hard, etc.);
  • Display of correct answers;
  • Leaderboard system;
  • Reward system for players;
  • Option to invite friends and earn points;
  • Integrated payment system for in-app purchases.

These are a few examples of trivia game app features. You can add more features as per your app idea. You would finalize the functional and non-functional requirements of your trivia game app in the form of a system requirements specifications document and present it to your development team.

Form a Game App Development Team

You would need a professional game developers team to make a trivia game app. You should hire the following roles in your game app development team:

  • A project manager manages the app development lifecycle process, decides the app development methodology, implements the project plan, assigns tasks to team members, etc.
  • A business analyst with experience in the gaming industry analyzes the current market trends and proposes solutions to improve your game app to meet the end-user requirements.
  • A UI/UX designer designs the frontend layout and user flow of the game application.
  • iOS developers build a mobile app for the iOS operating system.
  • Android developers develop Android applications.
  • Web developers code cross-platform game apps.
  • App testers test gaming mobile apps for errors and bugs.

Choose a Development Methodology

You need to select a project development and management methodology with the help of your project manager. Agile methods are commonly used for mobile app development projects. 


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As mobile games have frequently changing end-user requirements, an agile methodology called scrum would help your project manager effectively manage the development process. 83% of companies are already using scrum methodology in some form.

Scrum methodology divides the whole development process into multiple development iterations called sprints. Developers and testers deliver deployable app features at the end of each sprint.

User feedback is of prime importance in scrum development. Developers incorporate user feedback into the subsequent iterations, and the software product improves continuously as per target market expectations.

The scrum team is a small and cross-functional group of developers, testers, and a scrum master (project manager). The scrum team conducts daily and weekly meetings to track the project’s progress and ensure the timely delivery of app features. 55% of companies list increased productivity of their teams as the top reason for scrum adoption.

Our article on how to build a scrum team will help you form one for your game app development project.

Provision of App Development Infrastructure

Your development team would require a software development infrastructure that includes hosting servers, game development engines, networking tools, a memory storage system, debugging tools, etc. 

You can install these tools and resources on your premises or opt for cloud-based options. We suggest you go with cloud-based development and hosting resources. Cloud infrastructure is generating $178 billion per year in revenue and the cloud gaming market is expected to reach more than $6 billion by 2024.

Cloud computing offers many advantages, which include efficient access to the latest technologies, advanced security, easy scalability, effortless maintenance, low startup costs, etc. 77% of businesses report that cloud computing provides them with a competitive advantage in the market.

Cloud service providers host and maintain these computing and storage resources, and users pay for the services they avail. Businesses do not have to spend time or money on installation and maintenance and focus completely on business product development.

For example, Amazon Web Services offers you the following cloud services to build, run, and host your trivia game. 

  • You can use Game Nimble Studio to design a high-performance game;
  • GameLift Hosting solutions offer a low-latency game experience;
  • You can use custom-built security solutions like AWS Shield for managed DDoS protection and AWS Security Hub for your game’s cloud security management, etc.

You can read our article on the top cloud service providers for more information.

Design Your Trivia Game App

Your trivia game app should have an intuitive and engaging user interface. 

Your game designers should create a game layout in a logical order. They should also design responsive UI components like buttons, characters, etc., and their placement on the app screen. 52% of users state that they are unlikely to engage with a company that does not offer a responsive mobile UI design.

Your UI/UX designers can create storyboards and prototypes. Storyboards are visual game flow representations and show how each game screen will look. Prototypes are high-fidelity mockups of software applications and show the behavior and interaction of each app component.

Tools like Mixamo would help your game designers create trivia game designs. Mixamo has an intuitive interface to easily create UI components and animate game characters. Your designers can also utilize premade/pre-rigged animations and characters.

Build a Trivia Game App

Your game developers should make a trivia game app as per designs produced by the design team. The development technologies and tech stacks depend on the type of game app you decide to make. The two types of mobile apps include native and hybrid apps.

Native Mobile Apps

Native apps are built for a specific mobile operating system and give high performance according to mobile device hardware capabilities. The two mobile operating systems with the largest share in the mobile user market are Android and iOS.

Android Game App Development

Developers use Java and Kotlin programming languages to build apps for Android devices. 

Java is a platform-independent programming language with its own run-time environment. OpenJDK bundles with Android Studio, an Android development IDE, to make Android apps with Java. Your android developers should be familiar with both. 

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Kotlin is a more concise programming language, and Google supports it. It is quickly becoming a favorite development language for the Android platform.

Your developers can also use Eclipse IDE. Eclipse offers its own development environment to create Android apps using Java and Kotlin. Developers can customize the environment using a plug-in system.

Awesome Android libraries offer a range of libraries that your developers can use to enhance trivia game app functionality such as media, security, image processing, networking, etc.

iOS App Development 

Developers use Objective-C and Swift for iOS application development. However, Apple supports and recommends Swift programming language. 

Swift is a robust language developed by Apple. It is easy to learn, offers dynamic libraries to reduce memory usage, gives improved security with fewer code crashes, has community support, etc.

Your iOS developers can use tools the following tools to make a trivia app for iOS:

  •   Xcode offers an intuitive user interface and built-in developer tools including a compiler, debugger, etc;
  •  SpriteKit game engine helps create a high-performance 2D game using advanced animations and effects;
  •  Swift Toolbox offers a range of libraries for HTTP networking, media, animations, etc.;
  •  CocoaPods dependency manager helps to simplify and automate code dependency management, etc.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are cross-platform applications that run on every device. These are web apps put in a native container. Their performance is low compared to native apps built for specific mobile devices.

Your app developers can use programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Frameworks like Apache Cordova help accelerate the game app development process. 

  • It uses the common web development technologies that would make it an easier option for your developers to build an app for a text-based game like trivia.
  • Your developers can combine it with Phaser 3, a 2D game framework, and develop a game that not only runs on browsers but can also be published to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • An extensive collection of available plugins such as geolocation, file transfer, contacts, globalization, push notifications, etc., help developers easily enhance the functionality of a game app.

API Development and Integrations

Application programming interfaces or APIs add to the functionality and efficiency of a gaming application. Companies that adopted APIs are reported to have grown in market capitalization by 12% more than those which did not utilize APIs.

Your game application can have backend services like data storage, content management, etc. APIs offer easy integration with third-party or partner services and a rapid delivery model. Your developers can enhance the user experience without developing each app feature from the scratch. 

For example, your app developers would integrate Facebook and Twitter APIs for players to share their trivia game results on social media, PayPal API for payment gateway service, etc.

Your developers can also make app functionalities as APIs for easy external access and seamless internal communication and maintenance. Your developers should use tools like Swagger for API development, testing, and documentation.

Swagger offers the following features for API development:

  • Developers can use both top-down and bottom-up approaches for API design and development, i.e., they can design a RESTful API before code is written.
  • It allows the generation and synchronization of API documentation with the client and server.
  • It offers implementations in various technologies like Java, HTML5, etc.

Database Development

Your quiz game app would require a database to store and access game data. Game apps require a database with easy elastic scalability, low latency, and high performance. Your game database should be able to handle offline data, manage complex queries, handle object relations, etc.

Your developers should be able to create database models, write data access and manipulation queries, etc. They can use database technologies like SQLite for a trivia game mobile application. It offers the following advantages:

  • It is a suitable database choice for cases where data is predefined, as is the case of your trivia quizzes.
  • As it resides on a mobile device, it offers data access with fast speed and low complexity.
  • You can easily use it with cross-platform applications as it is a serverless database in a self-contained file.

Latest Technologies

Your game app developers should also be familiar with the advanced technologies of machine learning and augmented reality. 

Machine learning would help your development team to build a personalized game experience for app users. For instance, you can make a trivia game app that advances in difficulty levels gradually according to the user’s ability. 54% of app users want to see content personalized to their interests.

Amazon SageMaker can help your app developers build ML capabilities into your game app. It offers the following features and more:

  • Your developers can use the AutoML feature to automatically train a model in SageMaker pipelines.
  • It offers a dashboard to get a visual overview of all your machine learning models and track performance.
  • Your developers can also access ready-to-use common machine learning models that are optimized to run against large data.

Augmented reality helps augment the real environment with virtual objects to give an enhanced gaming experience to players as compared to the regular quiz game. 

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Your developers can use AWS Sumerian to incorporate AR into your game app. They can utilize built-in templates, assets, and sample projects for Android and iOS apps. Moreover, your developers can easily create or embed 3D scenes in browser-based applications.

Test your Game App

Next, your application testers would test your game app for errors. Your testers should conduct test routines to confirm your trivia game app meets all functional and non-functional requirements. 71% of app crashes result in app uninstallations by users. You certainly do not want to fall into this percentage.

Some of the app test procedures include usability testing, regression testing, functionality testing, security testing, performance testing, etc. Your testers can use tools like Appium to test your trivia game app. Appium offers the following features to testers:

  • It is a cross-platform testing platform which means you can use it to test both native and hybrid apps.
  • You can automate test routines to reduce your testing time and costs.
  • You can use Appium to test your app code on both mobile devices and emulators. This would enable you to test your game app on a range of devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.

Deploy Trivia App for Users

Now your app development team can deploy your game app for the users. Your developers should follow guidelines and policies to publish a game app on Android and iOS

Some good app deployment practices include the selection of the right tools, the use of a build or continuous integration server, the implementation of continuous delivery that focuses on rigorous testing, prioritization of automation of deployment tasks, etc.

Tools like GoCD and Bitrise can help your development team implement a DevOps-based app deployment pipeline. 61% of users stated in a survey that DevOps helped them produce high-quality software deliverables.

GoCD is an open-source platform that automates the continuous delivery of software and facilitates cloud-native deployments. Similarly, your developers can use Bitrise to automate the software development lifecycle. It focuses on mobile app development, testing, and delivery.

Feedback and Maintenance 

After the trivia game app deployment, you should focus on the collection of user feedback in the form of app store reviews, surveys on social media, in-app Net Promoter Score, etc. 

You should incorporate end users’ suggestions into the next development iterations and improvise app features according to the users’ reviews. 

You would also create an app maintenance plan to keep your game app active, error-free, and updated with the latest software and hardware updates.

Ready to Make a Trivia Game App?

The game app market is quite competitive. You need to offer features that engage users for longer and increase app user retention. You would need a competent team of app developers and project managers to build such an engaging game app.

We would advise you to partner with a software development agency with experience in game app development. Why not take a look at the developers’ community of DevTeam.Space? You can either outsource your complete game app development project to our developers or hire them according to your project team’s requirements.

All our developers are skilled in the latest technologies and vetted for their expertise. You can rest assured that top-quality talent works on your trivia game app idea.

You can easily partner with these app developers by sending us your initial project specifications. One of our account managers will get back to you to further discuss how we can help you.

FAQs on How to Make a Trivia Game App

1. How do I make a Trivia quiz app?

You would conduct market research for your trivia quiz app idea and finalize the app features according to the audience’s requirements and current market trends. You would require an experienced development team and provide them with the required app development infrastructure. Your app team would design, build, test, and publish your trivia quiz app.

2. Is there a free quiz maker?

There are multiple platforms that let you create a quiz. Quiz Maker is one example platform to create quizzes on different topics with an easy-to-use interface.

3. How do I create a trivia game?

Make sure that you have an engaging topic and interesting trivia questions with all the answers. You would provide a multiple-choice trivia question format with correct answers to quiz takers. You can either use a game maker to create a trivia game or build a custom quiz app with exciting features. DevTeamSpace can help you with custom game app development.


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