Best Patient Management Apps

Best Patient Management Apps 

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Are you interested in knowing the best patient management apps?

Patient management software applications help healthcare professionals and caregivers manage patient information and healthcare workflows.

The range of features in a patient management app allows doctors to track patient health data, monitor medication progress and communicate with other healthcare staff. 

The comprehensive use cases of patient management apps in the healthcare sector contribute to the growing market of patient engagement software applications which is expected to reach $70.3 billion by 2030.

If you want to invest in the growing market, then patient management app development is a viable option. In this article, we list the best patient management apps to give you an idea of what to expect and develop for the users of medical management apps.

Best Patient Management Apps

The top patient management apps available in the market for patients and healthcare providers include the following:


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It is a patient engagement platform that offers multiple features based on expert knowledge and the latest technology. It provides healthcare solutions, such as 

  • Digital drug companion that motivates patients to carry on with their medication process via personalized reminders, guidance, etc.;
  • Patient Support solution that offers Care Connector Suite to connect patients with care teams, bidirectional email/text channels, digital document exchange, copay cards, etc.;
  • Caregiver support solution uses just-in-time-intervention (JITI) technology that offers real-time insights into patient behavior, data synchronization, etc.

Medisafe offers multiple such features to help patients stay on their health journey. The app is available for download on Apple and Android.

Epic MyCharts

MyCharts application by Epic offers several features and resources to manage their health. It provides several telemedicine features, including the following:

  • Users can use the patient portal to save all the information related to their health, such as test results, prescriptions, medical bills, etc., in one place;
  • Users can also share their medical records instantly with other healthcare professionals;
  • The patient scheduling feature helps confirm appointments for doctor visits, complete pre-visit tasks such as filling out forms from home, finding the nearest emergency room, etc.;
  • App users can remotely connect with doctors on an audio or video call. There is an option to send a message, get an online diagnosis, or schedule a follow-up appointment if needed.

The website shows a complete list of patient health management features. MyCharts app is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud Toolbox

The patient management solution is a product of Oracle Cerner. It is a comprehensive solution for doctors and clinicians as it integrates Oracle Cerner EMR to access vast medical data. Some features include:

  • Subject Viewer to view patient data for clinical decision support, see patient outcomes, etc., all in one place;
  • Insights via configurable visual dashboards that help to quickly analyze patient data from multiple sources like electronic health records, wearable devices, implanted devices, patients surveys, lab results, etc.;
  • Precision OCR uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to import unstructured data such as clinical notes and faxes and converts them to meaningful medical information;
  • Genomics Knowledge Base helps medical researchers streamline the analysis and annotation of their research and patient data. Users can easily query and annotate data using a vast repository of medical information available via public and private resources.

LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud Toolbox is available for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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The app helps users organize their health information and access vital healthcare services. The free app offers multiple features, such as:

  • The app provides automatic reminders to users for medication, upcoming blood tests, etc.;
  • Users can scan medicine bottles and get a detailed medication list to share with their doctors;
  • It offers a feature to get your medications delivered to your home;
  • It comes with a separate platform Careflow that automates pharmacy workflows from prescription synchronization to communication with customers;
  • The app also offers discounts on services when users scan their insurance cards.

Users can enter their mobile numbers on their website and get a link to download the Carezone app for free.


The app features a list of qualified healthcare providers and claims your next medical consultation is just one click away. The app offers a range of features to make healthcare accessible all over the United States. Some app features include:

  • Users can manage health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc., by having consultations with specialized doctors available on HealthTap;
  • There are child doctors available to help with children’s common health issues such as colds, flu, allergies, skin rashes, etc.;
  • Users can make an appointment to have medical guidance related to mental health and behavioral issues;
  • HealthTap also offers professional guidance regarding physical wellness, skincare, health screenings, etc.;
  • Users can use the travel medicine feature for vaccinations, pre-travel counseling, etc.;
  • The urgent care option helps users quickly connect with doctors 24/7. 

You can get the complete description of features offered by HealthTap on their website. The app is available for iOS, Android, and every other device.

Ready to Build a Patient Management App?

Patient management apps help caregivers and patients, and various use cases make them popular in the healthcare industry. If you plan on developing an innovative patient engagement or clinic management software application, you need expert software designers and developers to undertake the healthcare app development project

DevTeam.Space can help you via a field-expert software developers community. All our developers are skilled in the latest technologies and have expert domain knowledge. They could help you develop a feature-rich and industry-compliant healthcare application.

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FAQs on Patient Management Apps

1. What is the best patient management software?

There are several patient management solutions in the market helping patients and clinicians organize and process medical information. Some commonly used medical practice management software include EpicCare EMR, CollaborateMD, PatientPop, eClinicalWorks, etc.

2. What software do most hospitals use to manage patients?

Most hospitals use feature-rich and secure apps for patient care like PolicyManager, iFax, AllScripts, etc.

3. What is a patient-facing app?

A patient-facing app is a patient management system that connects patients at home to caregivers in medical centers. Patient-facing apps integrate into health monitoring devices and deliver real-time crucial patient data to healthcare providers. These patient management systems also offer instant patient communication with a healthcare provider in a medical office. These apps also provide features to schedule appointments online, perform patient registration, in-app medical billing, claims management, etc.


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